FromRome.Info’s News from Rome: Dec. 30, 2022 A. D. — Pope Benedict’s Health improves

In this video, I mention the outrageous lies relaunched by Ansa, here:

And the documentary published last year, “A Message in a bottle”, which refutes that lie on point, here.

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10 thoughts on “FromRome.Info’s News from Rome: Dec. 30, 2022 A. D. — Pope Benedict’s Health improves”

    Dear Br. Alexis, I begin to doubt pretty much everything mass media and even doctors are telling, because one can smell a financiary interest behind all these.
    I have recently come from an oculist dr and he highly recommends me wearing distance glasses -some expensive ones of course though I can see far reasoably enough. (1left 1right dioptries)
    I know this is off topic, but dear Brother Alexis, please be so kind , as an antropologist , to let me know if it is true that wearing glasses when it is not absolutely necesary does atrophy the eye muscles and does harm to the eye on the long run.
    Kind regards and a Hayy New year. Avanti con Maria!

    1. My eye doctor said that one should practice looking without eye glasses each day, because may of these problems which do not involve irregularities with the lense of the eye, have to do with malformations of the eyeball or lack of exercise with the eyes. I remember that as a young man I had the habit of closing my eyes and placing a slight pressure on them with my hands, and of all in my family, I needed glasses last of all. It was only when I lost weight and lost the fat which held the eye balls in proper spherical form that I needed them.

  2. Since the kiss of Judas, the truth and the false have never been so close one to each other.

  3. I found Bergoglio’s quick and enthusiastic aggrandisement of this illness quite a turn-off. With Pope Benedict celebrating Mass the very next day, this was either an amazing miracle, or, he can’t have been that ill to start with! But Bergoglio can’t resist milking the situation as much as possible, even morosely asking us with a gloomy face to ask God to ‘sustain him until the end.’ How he is longing for that ‘end! Of course all we BiPpers prayed instead for the restoration of his health, and we continue to do so, naturally.

    Why did Bergoglio admonish Ab. Gaenswein for going off on his holiday? Because Ab Ganswein’s confidence in Pope Benedict’s continued health, so much so that he carried on with his holiday plans, lays the lie to Bergoglio’s claim that Pope Benedict is dying! It shows Bergoglio up for exaggerating! And you are not allowed to show Bergoglio up!

    Did Bergoglio rush enthusiastically to Pope Benedict’s bedside? I suspect he did, I’m afraid for the wrong reasons.

    Viva Papa Benedetto! Long live Pope Benedict!

  4. I am new to reading your website, and take confort in realization that your reporting about our great Pope Benedict XVI and his health is probably the most authentic and truthful–not reports from CNN etc. who already broadcast a “mini” premature obit on Wednesday. It was a grave report, like what came from Pope Francis’ mouth.
    My Grandmother who was born in Kyoto in 1940 but who came to USA in 1962 with my Granddad and speaks almost perfect English said today how happy she was that Pope Benedict appears to be doing better. Then she said something that I thought of, but didn’t say because I don’t want to jinx the health of Pope Benedict. She said, knowing that Bergoglio isn’t that well himself, “Wouldn’t it be strange in the middle of all this over Pope Benedict XVI, if suddenly Pope Francis were to die first.” I know it is probably a sin to hope for that, but it would be very strange if it did. An earthquake in Rome.

    1. There will be an real Earthquake in Rome, after so many small quakes in the surroundings. Probably the one that will finish to rip the Colosseum, in settember 2023 or 2024.

      1. I hope no real earthquake. Our family has been to Rome and blessed to see JPII afew months before he died (September, 2004), and saw many sites, Roman Forum, Colosseum, Assisi. World tragedy of anything happened to Rome. We went to Greece too and saw ancient temples. I ask the tour guide why so much everything is just rubble. She said over centuries, they had many earthquakes there too.
        I read how many people are praying for Pope Benedict XVI ‘s recovery, or at least stable. Surprised how much he seems to be loved in Italy, great outpouring of sadness, and prayers. Pope Francis is so much different, and his agenda so much not Catholic. I wonder what the Romans think of him. I read that in Italy, he is not liked. Very interesting if true.

  5. Many thanks for this update, Brother Alexis.

    Your mention of Cdl Vincent Nichols [head of the Bishops Conference of England & Wales] and Edward Pentin [Vatican journalist, part of the EWTN network] confirms that both are ‘wedded’ to the Bergoglian anti-church……whether they like it or not……and have not the courage & fortitude to ignore the heretical antipope and proclaim clearly in public that the Pope IS Benedict XVI. I simply do not believe that they are ignorant of the facts……

    Pax vobiscum.

    PS: Cdl Nichols is waiting to be “put out to pasture” having reached the age of 75 in November 2020……as you can imagine, there is much speculation here in the country once worthy to be known as “Mary’s Dowry” regarding his successor!

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