FROMROME.INFO — Live from the Vatican — The Passing of Pope Benedict XVI

This report will be in English.

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10 thoughts on “FROMROME.INFO — Live from the Vatican — The Passing of Pope Benedict XVI”

      1. Clearly, the internet demons will seek every way to try and prevent you from proclaiming the truth……that the immortal soul of the one true Pope has gone to its eternal reward. And therefore the See of Peter is now vacant.

        Thankyou so much, Brother Alexis, for your tireless work over the past few years in support of the Holy Father whose magnificent and profound papacy will undoubtedly become of huge historical interest and significance.

        It is also providential that Pope Benedict XVI’s death occurs on the Feast of St Sylvester 1st whose two decades of papacy early in the 4th century marked a period of peace after three hundred years of persecution, and included the Council of Nicaea [325] which condemned for ever the Arian heresy.

        Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine: et lux perpetua luceat eis.

        DEO gratias.

  1. Well done brother! In this time of extreme sadness and mourning you are a source of comfort and solace by your apostolate. Keeping all of us in communion with Pope Benedict and our beloved pontiff in my prayers. May God Himself comfort us and lead us and May His servant Pope Benedict Rest In Peace. Amen.

  2. Thank you for your ministry. I have watched since 2020. The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church founded by Jesus. I cling to this promise. The burden is so sad, so painful. So much to consider, re-think, and pray about. Peace to all. Prayers from Maryland in the US.

  3. Very good, you are fulfilling the vocational promise that attracted in 2020! Profound, sensitive and noble words of appreciation for the life and vocation of Papa Benedetto, well done. Rome is your stage IMO.

  4. It hurts my heart to think that the wolves he asked us to pray to keep him safe from will now be presiding over Our Dear Holy Father Benedict’s funeral. It truly makes me ill, as ill as I felt on that horrible day first seeing Bergoglio on that loggia pretending to be something he is not. Benedict XVI was surrounded by so much evil and I am deeply saddened he is gone from us but deeply grateful he is now safe in the loving arms of our Lord and Blessed Mother.

  5. A number of Catholic sources have been reporting that Benedict XVI’s funeral will take place on Thursday 5th January @ 9.30am…….maybe just maybe the Vatican mafia-cabal realised they would be violating their own liturgical rules by holding the funeral on the great feast of Epiphany?!

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  7. Grateful for your “on the ground” report. The sounds, lights, people going by, commotion and movement around you merely added to the sense of immediacy and gritty realism, and truly made me feel as if I too were standing in the historic square right there with you. Your heartfelt words regarding Pope Benedict XVI were very insightful. Thank you for your timely reporting.

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