Resquiescat in Pace: Pope Benedict XVI

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today at 9:34 A. M., the Roman Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI passed to his eternal reward. He was 95 years old, and the oldest Roman Pontiff in the history of the Catholic Church. Since February 2013 he had been involved in the most intense legal dispute with the Roman Curia, who sidelined him, and misrepresented his retirement as an abdication. Silenced and manipulated for nearly 10 years, he was forbidden to leave the Vatican or receive news from the outside world. But till the end he maintained that he never resigned the Petrine Munus, and retained the only legitimate claim to the Papal Office.

LET US PRAY FOR THE REPOSE OF THE SOUL OF HIS HOLINESS POPE BENEDICT XVI, THE ONLY TRUE VICAR OF CHRIST. THE CHURCH OF ROME IS NOW IN SEDE VACANTE, and there is much mourning and sadness. Please respect that, and spend each day praying with all the Catholics of Rome for the Holy Father.

FromRome.Info will be reporting live from Rome in a few hours, as we retell the life, works and battles of Pope Benedict XVI and explain the canonical consequences of his death.

Our reporting in the next month will include live reports from Rome on a nearly daily basis with interviews of experts. This will require that FromRome.Info increase its expenses, and I would beg your support, as FromRome.Info will be the only news service in the English language bringing you the unvarnised truth about what is transpiring. If you can assist me in this non-profit apostolate, I would be much grateful.

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36 thoughts on “Resquiescat in Pace: Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. I Love You Holy Father Benedict XVI. I shall miss you with all my heart. It will never be the same without you.

  2. I never thought I would live to see the End Times.

    This is really harrowing times, now we are on Sede Vacante.
    Bergoglians beware! You are now complicit of the sin of being murderers of a pope!

  3. Brother, any guidelines on the event of a Sede Vacante?
    Please post an article as to warn the faithful from going to the church of the antipope and murderer.

  4. Indeed. I love you Pope Benedict XVI and am heartbroken at your passing. Please pray for, me, my family and the rest if the faithful. Given how you fought for Christ while on earth, your intercession will surely be powerful now that you are in heaven.

  5. Right after a Saint dies is the time many miracles come from his intercession. Please ask for his intercession to bless and protect the Church he shepherded on earth ,and to intercede for us to have a peaceful and authentic transfer of power.

  6. Wieczne odpoczywanie racz Mu dać, Panie, a światłość wiekuista niechaj Mu świeci. Niech odpoczywa w pokoju wiecznym. Amen.

  7. The MSM is already installing the narrative perfectly exemplified by this title:

    “Joseph Ratzinger, such was his secular name, occupied the throne of Peter for 8 years, before stepping aside and facilitating a necessary renovation.”

    What a load of crock! BENEDICT XVI WAS POPE ALL THE TIME AND HE WAS FORCED BY MAFIOSO CARDINALS BENT ON HIJACKING THE CATHOLIC CHURCH! There is no “necessary renovation” but a process of corruption and infiltration that will be ended when Christ Himself comes to rescue His Church from the hands of crooks!

    Rest in peace, Benedict XVI, Pope and Martyr.

  8. The last saint Pope Benedict declared a Doctor of the Church was St Hildegard of Bingen, who wrote about “signs of the days leading up to the antichrist”
    Today, Benedict himself dies on the last day of Anno Domini 2022, a sign of the ending of the age/era .

    Today’s Mass reading is apposite: 1 John 2:18-21 — St John’s warning about the coming of the Antichrist.

    1. Hi Petrichor

      I have tried checking the readings in my 1962 missal for the feast day of St Sylvester and cannot find them. Is this in the novos Ordo missal? Or am I making a mistake?

  9. True Catholics must now be stronger than ever before, in our lifetimes. We must truly become “soldiers” mentally and physically, due to the hoard of vultures in the Vatican and the vulture-masters wanting the … evaporation of Catholicism.

  10. Anima ejus et animae omnium fidelium defunctorum, per misericordiam Dei requiescant in pace.

    The See of Peter is vacant.
    Pope Benedict XVI will have a legitimate successor.
    The heretical antipope Bergoglio and all his obedient puppet-servants will be defeated……

    1. Election is hidden under the Lavender Mafia’s eyes. This is sure.
      The lavender mafia is busy claiming the ownership of Vatican and its cardinals.

  11. So much that’s true has died in recent years… true science, true journalism, true government. And now the true Pope has died, and he rests in God’s arms.

    Deus est Veritas.

  12. Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Ghost, receive the soul of your servant Benedict XVI into Paradise. We pray for his soul.

  13. True and faithful servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we mourn your death and your leadership, as we are sheep without a shepherd. We love you and pray for you. Please pray for us. Rest In Peace Pope Benedict

  14. Now we have no legitimate Pope, and the Chair of Peter is occupied by a servant of Antichrist. So what happens next?

  15. The mystery of iniquity continues to unfold and the removal of the final restraint (B16’s living presence) seems likely to embolden the final assault of the enemies of Christ. That it occurs on the eve of 2023 – 322 in gematria – is likely to be exploited to the full by Kabbalists of all affiliations. Our Lady’s ultimate victory is assured, we are ready Deus Vult!

    1. And yet, to have died on the eve of the great feast day of the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God is surely auspicious

  16. My question is where was AB Jorge Ganswein?
    Was he purposely sent on holiday? I really can’t imagine him leaving at such an important time. Maybe he he returned in time. Does anyone know?

    Now we are praying for the soul of Pope Benedict XVI and for his succesor, PETRVS ROMANVS.
    May the Holy Spirit and Our Lady guide us, especially the Catholic Remnant of Rome !

  18. “The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church.” Matthew 16, 13-19. One verse above the passage that was opened today, at random, in prayer. Thank God. Thank you, Blessed Virgin. Thank you Benedict XVI, our Pope.

  19. THE 600’s YEAR “THESIS”

    . renunciation, demission, abdication is given as a same thing
    . why the reference to Gregori XII and not (at least) to Celestine V?–pedro-celestino-v–papa–pietro-del-murrone-.html

    IN PORTOGHESE,03519c72924bf0d6d65f69fcd6c9cc38tafn5z58.html

    Et alia.


    et alia

    (ATTENTION! 18 DECEMBER 2022: «Benoît, qui vit dans un monastère sur le territoire du Vatican, a été le premier pontife à abdiquer en 600 ans»)
    (ATTENTION! 26 July 2022: «La décision inédite en 600 ans prise par le pape Benoît XVI»)

    et alia

    (“come” Gregorio XII e Celestino V)
    (ATTENTION! 11 february 2021: «Otto (8) casi analoghi».
    (ATTENTION! 11 february 2013)
    (ATTENTION! 12 July 2022 «Benedetto XVI nel 2013 è stato il primo Papa in 600 anni a rinunciare»

    et alia

  20. He left today so he won’t compete with Our Lady’s feastday tomorrow.

    One of the greatest accomplishments of Benedict XVI was to punish Fr. Marcial Maciel to a “reserved life of prayer and penance” — making him a priest in name only. He prevented Maciel from being venerated as a potential saint in the Basilica of Guadalupe which he prepared for his future sainthood. There are so many false saints since Vatican II. Benedict XVI also got rid of many pedophile priests. He was going to weed out the impostors at the Vatican and in the Church, so they had to get rid of him.

    The Catholic Church is infiltrated and infested with fake converts who are impostor-Catholics to destroy the Church from within.
    The Plot Against the Church (Free eBook) (FREE eBook)

    AA-1025 The Memoirs of An Anti-Apostle (FREE eBook)

    1. Scott Hahn as a Protestant through and through. Even as a convert. No wonder he bent to Bergoglio.

      1. The infiltration has many faces. Fr. Peyton’s ministry the Rosary Crusade was an honest and pure Catholic ministry that raised millions. That awakened the avarice of many that came after. Look around: ministries that achieve nothing but pay big salaries to their executives. The IRS does not bother them at all. How curious!

  21. Pope Benedict XVI celebrating with the Triune God, Mama Mary and the angels and saints in heaven for The Feast Day of the Mother of God.

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