ROME: False Religion at the service of Eliminating the Elderly

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A whistle-blower has brought to the attention of FromRome.Info the horrific news that the Saint Egidio Community — already notorious for the promotion of false religion, false ecumenism and the most outrageous neo-modernism and neo-modernistic iconography — has partnered with the Italian Government of Lazio and the Non-Profit Lazio Crea (Lazio Creates) to promote the DeathVaxx campaign of the elderly, by distributing flyers door to door in mailboxes of the city.

The Satanic deception is being delivered under the slogan, “Viva gli Anziani!” (Long live the Elderly). It specifically asks the recipients to make sure all the elderly get their winter-flu shot & Covid-19 DeathBooster.

This campaign follows the complaints in Italian Parliament that the national government no longer can afford the pensions and medical care offered to 40% of Italy’s population, who are elderly.

Some residents have reported being cajoled and terrorized with false medical information insisting that Viruses exist and that SarsCov2 is deadly, and that the DeathVaxxes and DeathBoosters are harmless, safe and effective.

Innumerable reports for the last 14 months, from all over the world, disprove each of these claims in ample detail, as has reported daily.

Below is the copy of the flyer:

USA: George Neumayr confronts Bishop Knestout about appointing sex-offender as Pastor

Bishop Knestout was recently elected by the Bishops of the United States, to head the Committee for the Protection of Young People, but recently appointed a man who was arrested for having sex in a car with another adult man, in a public place, as pastor of a parish, without informing the families there.

And, of course, Knestout is in full communion with Bergoglio, who has neither sanctioned him nor dismissed him from the priesthood.

Villasana: The Apostolic See has impeded itself

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

José Alberto Villasana Munguía is one of the first journalists in the world, to discuss the facts that Benedict XVI never abdicated. In his article, from yesterday, he explains how Pope Benedict XVI defended the papacy by turning off his Petrine Ministry and declaring an impeded see.

Here is an English Translation of the Article — My commentary will follow after it:

Benedict XVI is the last Pope of this era of the Church. When he dies, a group of bishops faithful to him (and to the Gospel, the authentic Magisterium and Tradition), will choose a successor among themselves, perhaps from the Orthodox churches, without the need to resort to the conclave of invalid cardinals appointed by Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

In a surprising twist, on October 6, 2022, the Holy Father Benedict XVI let it be known, in an enigmatic message, that the Apostolic See is impeded. That is to say, there is no valid Pope in it due to an obstruction.

The occasion was the personal message that he sent to the Fellows gathered by the Pope Benedict XVI Foundation for the presentation of a book by Piergiorgio Odifreddi, entitled “In cammino alla ricerca della Verità. Lettere e colloqui con Benedetto XVI” (Rizzoli, 2022; Spanish translation: “On the way to the search for Truth. Letters and Colloquiums with Benedict XVI”).

Pope Benedict XVI asked Archbishop Georg Gänswein, his personal secretary, to be dressed as a priest, not as an Archbishop, and without the pectoral cross. Pope Benedict told him: “Don’t make an official greeting, greet them personally on my behalf and tell everyone that I have not deserved this illustrious list of presenters.” Archbishop Gänswein told him: “Holy Father, if I say this you will not believe me, but I will obey.” Pope Benedict continued: “You either believe or you don’t believe, if you don’t believe, read, either Jeremiah or Isaiah. I will not say in which verse or in which chapter, but there is the answer.”

After reading both major prophets one understands the situation to which the Pope was referring, which is in Jeremiah 36, 5 where it reads: Then Jeremiah ordered Baruc: “I AM IMPEDED and I cannot enter the temple of the Lord. You, then, will go to read, the roll that you have written under my dictation.”

Indeed, Jeremiah could not enter Jerusalem to read in the temple to the scribes and Pharisees what God had dictated to him, since he was imprisoned by the king. Therefore he sends his secretary Baruch to read the parchment with the message of God.

For Pope Benedict, Jeremiah was the katejon (obstacle, retainer, of the apostasy of the Holy City of Jerusalem in the Old Testament). Thus, when referring to Jeremiah and Baruch, in his message delivered by the archbishop, Benedict XVI definitively declares himself the defender of the faith but is prevented from proclaiming the message.

This is very important because the illegality of the “resignation of Pope BXVI” and the transgressions of the Universi Dominici Gregis Constitution, which in 2013 produced an antipope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, led some canonists to speak of a “vacant” See (that is, , Headless Church), as has already happened several times in history. In reality, what Pope Benedict XVI is telling us now is that we are, rather, not before a vacant See, but before an impeded See or, to be more precise, a self-impeded See because an external situation forced him to abandon the active exercise of the Petrine ministry.

For this reason, he clearly established in the Decree of his Resignation, on February 27, 2013, that he was not renouncing the Petrine ministry, the position of being the Vicar of Christ and successor of Saint Peter, but only the active ministry of the Bishop of Rome. There cannot be two Popes with the munus petrinus.

In addition, it is evident that the vacant See does not occur, since the Code of Canon Law No. 412 indicates that it only exists when a bishop suffers “captivity, relegation, exile or incapacity”. None of these causes were those that forced BXVI to self-exile. On the other hand, in a personal letter sent to Cardinal Brandmuller, Pope BXVI accepts that the status of Pope “Emeritus” does not exist in Canon Law: according to previous Papal Decrees he should have become cardinal again (as in the case of the resignation of Pope Gregory XII who once again became Cardinal Angelo Correr, or the resignation of Pope Celestine V, who once again became the monk Pietro Murone).

He says that the status of “Emeritus” was invented and did not observe what is established in the decrees that establish how resignation should be, putting aside all papal prerogatives (continuing to be dressed in white, calling himself Pope, with the nickname His Holiness, with the name Benedict XVI, with the fisherman’s ring and remaining in the Vatican) “as the only way to keep myself absolutely inaccessible to the media.” When the Holy Father Benedict XVI dies, then there will be a vacancy, and the Church will not But, since Bergoglio is an antipope “without any power” (according to No. 76 of the aforementioned Constitution), all the cardinals appointed by him are also invalid (there is no longer two thirds plus one to elect a Pope valid), and a small group of bishops faithful to Pope Benedict XVI, to the Gospel, to Tradition and to the authentic Magisterium will have to elect a true Pope, a successor to Benedict XVI, in order to put an end to what at that time was I know vacancies. There will no longer be another conclave as we now know it.

In themselves, as we see in the history of the Church, cardinals are not necessary for an election. The figure of cardinal was created in the fourth century so that the bishops and priests who lived in Rome would help the Pope in his different tasks. But at the beginning of Christianity they were not the “electors”. It was enough for a group of bishops to meet, even sometimes just a triumvirate of an archbishop, a bishop and a priest of doctrinal and moral prestige, and among those three they elected the Pope.

And during the two thousand years of the Church various Popes have been elected without the consensus of all the bishops or cardinals. The case of Pope Honorius II stands out. He surrounded himself with a group of eight bishops of doctrinal and moral prestige whom he appointed electors. When Honorius passed away, the bishops chose Innocent II. The opposing faction, which was the majority, chose Cardinal Pierleoni as Anacleto II, who turned out to be, despite that, an antipope. The schism required several years to resolve.

Finally, we have to illuminate this situation with the case of Saint Athanasius. The vast majority currently consider Jorge Mario Bergoglio as a valid Pope, they pray for him at Mass, although few read him. But faith is not a matter of statistics, numbers or a democratic majority. At the beginning of the fourth century, practically all the bishops, including the Pope, had fallen into the Arian heresy that supported the idea of a very elevated Christ assumed by God, but not true God. Only Saint Athanasius held otherwise, for which he was rejected, tortured, imprisoned, and exiled. But thanks to him, thanks to a single bishop, the faith of the Church was saved, which was finally accepted at the Council of Nicaea in 325.

Today the same thing happens with Pope Benedict XVI.

+ + +


Because Villasana is such an important journalist in Mexico, and because this article contains a number of errors, I consider it necessary to respond with a commentary.

First, the Latin word, “munus”, is neuter, and thus the correct phrase is “munus petrinum” not “munus petrinus”. (cf. “munus” here in the Persus Latin Dictionary).

Second, before the death of Honorius II, Pope Honorius promulgated a special constitution, reserving the election of his successor to a committee of bishops. This was a special law which ceased to have any force immediately after the election of his successor. Thus it established no precedent and cannot be invoked for the election of Benedict XVI’s successor.

However, hypothetically, it could be — and I have some indication that may be the case — that the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has arranged that his successor be elected by a specially select committee. But until this is made known, it is pure speculation, though it could be done by the same or similar means that Honorius II did it. But if he does not, then not. In any case, no one should presume that the Holy Father will die before the anti-pope, or that no Cardinal Elector will return to him.

Third, the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI did not resign on Feb. 27, 2013. He did announce that he was to resign the ministry on Feb. 28, however. But on that date he did not. Though from that day onward he has effectively, that is, de facto, stopped exercising his petrine ministry, at least publicly.

I have explained why, here.

Finally, fourth, during the Arian crisis the Holy Father did not become an Arian, though at the Council of Sirmium, one pope was forcibly required to sign a semi-arian creed, which he promptly, upon release, repudiated.

AUSTRALIA: Counter-Terrorism Units monitoring anti-Scamdemic Religiously motivated Extremism

Simple Arguments to use on Social Media in the cause of Pope Benedict XVI


Dr. McCoullough: DeathVaxxed still producing mRNA after 90 days, are transmission threat

Editor’s Note: If this is true — and one should entertain doubt, because the voices which say this can happen all insist that Viruses are a thing and can infect you — then the question comes to (1) degredation-time, that is, how long the mRNA can last outside of the human body before it sufficiently degrades to not be a threat, and (2) what kinds of tissues are susceptible to transmission.

See that the AP took pains to deny in 2021, the very thing which Dr. McCoullough is now affirming, it is much to be doubted that mRNA does not “shed”. This is a known phenomenon in parasites in molds, so why not now among humans? However, since no one has ever demonstrated that spouses cause one another to genetically transform, there is a lot of questions that need to be asked and a lot of greater precision in what exactly is being discussed, when one speaks of mRNA transmission being a threat.

By Special Request: Things needed to offer Mass at the Hermitage

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

So many of us cannot find a mass in communion with Pope Benedict XVI. But the Lord does not forget to send us graces when we assist even in spirit or by support of those Masses wherever they are said. For those of you who want great graces from the Lord, there is nothing which touches the Sacred Heart more than donating items for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, whereby He can glorify the Father again by the Offering of His Sacrifice and can come to souls to show them the tender love and mercy He alone has for them.

The principal apostolate which I conduct where I reside in Italy, is at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, where I organize a place where Catholic clergy, religious and laypeople can find refuge from persecution, especially cancelled priests, seminarians and religious. The most important part of this work of mercy is hosting and organizing the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, the true and only Vicar of Christ on Earth. So far, the Hermitage has hosted 3 cancelled priests, 1 cancelled seminarian, and I give advice to several others by phone and email. In the coming year, I have already scheduled visits from another cancelled priest and a cancelled seminarian.

In addition, here at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, it always happens, that some of the faithful who come to a Mass in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, are not prepared to receive the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist. So they go to confession after Mass and then ask to receive. For this reason, out of respect to Our Lord, there is needed a temporary Tabernacle where the priest can leave the Sacrament in a ciborium.

I recently found a new wooden Tabernacle for sale. If anyone can help me raise the funds to purchase it, it costs 270 Euro.

Also, the cancelled priests who visit the Hermitage for refuge and counsel, often do not have liturgical vestments or chalices to celebrate here. Yes, several priests have come in the past and these had their own things, but not all. And I know that in the coming year will come other priests who do not have these things, so I want to be prepared.

The Hermitage also does not have these. So if anyone would like to help me acquire such necessaries, I have included some images below with the prices for each.

To Donate:

Therefore, if you would like to help me purchase these things for use at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, consider a donation below. All monies raised will be used exclusively for this purpose.

I DO NOT ASK YOU TO PURCHASE THESE THINGS AND SHIP THEM TO ME, because since too many trolls visit FromRome.Info I do not want to risk divulging my address to someone who might pass it over to the enemies of Pope Benedict XVI. Also, the images above are to give you the idea of the most inexpensive quality items that can be acquired without waiting months for delivery. If more funds are raised, I can acquire better quality items.

At the hermitage, there is currently no alb, chausables, stoles, cincture nor amices. Nor chalice or ciborium (piside), nor chalice linens, nor cruets, nor tabernacle. If for the love of Jesus Christ, you can help me purchase such things, I will be most grateful. And I will remember you at every communion here, where we say 10 Hail Marys after every Mass, for the Benefactors of the Hermitage.

+ + +

So Far these items have been ordered:

  • Tabernacle
  • Purple Stole, for Priest, when he hears confessions
  • Glass Cruets for Water & Wine
  • Green, White, Purple & Red Chausables
  • 3 Linen Sets for Chalice, to offer Mass
  • Ciborium (Piside) for Reserving the Most Blessed Sacrament
  • Pope Benedict XVI Pall for Chalice

TOTAL SPENT = $ 1800 USD aprox.

TOTAL DONATED as of Dec. 25th to Dec. 30, 18:00 hours Greenwich Time: $1800.


Thank you for your generous and swift responding charity!

And May the Lord Who surpasses all goodness, reward you with His Mercy, Blessings and Grace!

Breitbart is on the take from the WEF

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Frank Walker of has called this rightly, when he ran a link to the below article, with the leader on Dec. 25, 2022: “Breitbart floats garbage story …”

It is known that during the Scamdemic, that huge sums of money were paid by governments to news agencies to promote the narrative and the deathvaxxes. Most likely this money was contractually required by their agreements with BigPharma.

That Breitbart is running this story, now, shows that someone is testing the waters to see if this “opposition” news source has any power to promote the same scam twice.

From now on, however, I strongly counsel everyone to STRIKE OUT Brietbart from your list of reliable media, forever. They must considered a WEF agent and servant in everything they do and are allowed to print. This is totally contrary to the interests of the founder.

Michael E. Jones: ADL and the Thought Control of Social Media

Editor’s Note: I think Jones’ analysis is superficial. It’s not the ADL but who back them, the Rothschilds. He also errs by seeking a savior in this world, and thus has moved to a pro Russian, pro Iranian position, when he should be simply pro-Christ, which he is not, because he refuses to investigate Rothschild control Russia and Iran.

His knowledge of Twitter is also superficial. Because accounts like @MilitarisCath which oppose globalism are as censored as before. There was only 3 weeks of very limited freedom, but censorship has returned against those accounts. But since he does not advocate complete Catholic approach, he takes no notice.

And thus, in summary, he does not realize that what is going on at Twitter is a limited hangout with the sole purpose of restoring the value of the stock and the effectiveness of the cloaked control systems on thought, while training Musks AI in how to dupe disaffected denizens of the matrix, into thinking the system is on their side.

Under Pope Benedict XVI, the Congregation of Bishops was doing everything to obstruct His will to clean up the clergy

Case in point:

 Such a letter would be forwarded by Cardinal Bertone, Secretary of State, to the Congregation for Bishops. As can be seen from the article, they maneuvered the investigation to get the perp off the hook back then. However, this article contains a serious error, since Msgr. Jean Marie Bonfils was NOT the Bishop of Nice in 2008. He was retired as of March 28, 2005.

Protection and control of the worst Pedo offenders continues in the Bergoglian Pontifical at the highest level, because they helped Bergoglio get into power:

Click the image below to read more:

ROME: Vicariate issues Statement on Rupnick case


(citation in whole or part when accompanied by full attribution, hereby granted to all)

+ + +

Press Release

“Rupnik Case” : Public Declaration by the Cardinal Vicar of Rome, Angelo de Donatis

The Diocese of Rome, faithful to Her mission of presiding in charity, comforted by the discernment of Her Supreme Shepherd, feels that is obliged to pronounce on a case, already widely known, regarding the journalistic accusations against a cleric, Father Mark Ivan Rupnik, S. J., a member of the Company of Jesus, a Religious Institute of Pontifical Right, who has been faulted for grave abuses of various kinds, over a period of time, to the damage of diverse persons, beginning at the start of the 90’s, in Slovenia and in Italy.

The present pronouncement of the Vicariate of Rome is intended to be respectful of the competencies and decisions of the legitimate superiors of Father Rupnick, as well as all the decisions at every moment which regard his case, above all in recent months, in particular by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith.  In fact, the cleric has had relations of a pastoral character, with the Diocese, at several levels, but is not in a position of hierarchical subordination to the Cardinal Vicar as regards disciplinary and eventual penal matters.

Fr. Rupnik has until now proffered numerous and precious services of a ministerial character to the Church of Rome: among which many, which mark his daily collaboration, which began nearly many years ago, there stand out his activity as a preacher of retreats and exercises, above all to the Clergy of Rome, and his works of artistic activity which brought him, among other things, to decorate even the Chapel of the Major Seminary of Rome.

The entire Diocese, in the face of these disconcerting communications, above all those in the media, which are disorienting the People of God, is living the present hours with worry and dismay, conscious of the extreme delicacy of the situation, which – as merits repeating – has been amply addressed in the tribunals which are entire outside of the competence of the Cardinal Vicar, and which are run autonomously by the legitimate Superiors of Father Rupnick, as was communicated on Dec. 16 in Protocol. DIR-SOLI 22 006, and signed by the Delegate of the DIR, Fr. Johan Verschuren S. J..

The Diocese of Rome, which was not aware until now of the problems which arose, cannot enter into the merit of the determinations taken by others, but assures, even in the name of Her Bishop, ever necessary support for a favorable positive outcome of the case, which heal against the wounds of the persons involved and of the body of the Church, so as to bring to bear as much as possible full light and truth about what has happened: that truth which alone makes us free (John 8:32).

It is the duty of the Church to apply the criteria of truth, which are those of God, with which He watches over us and shall judge us.  She has two inalienable mandates which  are at the same time also duties: to be near to those who suffer and to put into practice the criteria of truth and justice derived from the Gospel.  In the case which currently afflicts Her it is good that one proceed according to the certain road: we ministers of Christ cannot fail to be charitable and the guarantors of the Laity, by transforming on the fly an accusation into a crime.  The judges which we see spreading to many with vehemence, do not seem to manifest the Gospel criterion of truth, nor the criterion upon which every state of rights us based; that one must not depart from the letter of the law (a verbis legis non est recedendum).

The Church which is at Rome in this moment judges that it is primary and fundamental that there be welcomed with profound respect the suffering and grief of all the persons involved in this matter, above all in this liturgical season of the year which calls us all to recognize in Christ the Savior the One who alone is capable to heal the wounds of man’s heart.

In particular, the Diocese of Rome promises every cooperation necessary to the Company of Jesus and to the Superiors assigned to dealing with the Decree of Protocol DIR-SOLI 22/005 of Dec. 16, singed by the Delegte of the DIR, Fr. John Verschueren S. J., according to the terms of canon law.  This will require in truth, among other things, a series of disciplinary measures in respect of the diocesan canonical offices – those which are alone subject to the Cardinal Vicar – in regard to those positions presently held by Fr. Rupnik, in particular those as Rector of the Church of St. Philip Neri on the Esquiline, and Member of the Diocesan Commission for Sacred Art and Cultural Heritage.

The Diocese of Rome is otherwise conscious of having the duty to reflect and eventually take disciplinary measures in regard to the multi-year activity conducted by Father Rupnik and by his Collaborators even within the territory of our Diocese: this regards the famous “Centro Aletti”, begun in the first years of the ‘90s, then developed and enlarged under the activity of the Company of Jesus and finally transformed, on June 5, 2019 (cf. Protocol Decree n. 349/19) into a Public Association of the Faithful in the Diocese of Rome, of which the present Director is Dr. Maria Campatelli.

We entrust everything to the mercy of the Lord and to the prudent discernment of the one who is called to take decisions over such co-involved persons.

Angelo Cardinal De Donatis
Vicar General of His Holiness
For the diocese of Rome

Dec. 23, 2022

+ + +

The above appears to be the response of the Diocese of Rome to the recent lurid interview by Italian Media of one of Rupnik’s victims. Her story of victimization over nearly a decade, is described in this article, below. This material should NOT be shown to children.

Complicit Clergy begin new series to expose infiltrators: Diocese of Richmond, VA, USA

Editor’s Note: This program contains mountains of hard evidence, facts, names, which anyone who wants to know what is really going on in the Church, will want to know. I highly recommend it, therefore.

Take-Aways: Fr. Altman says that Bergoglio should be laicized for his pardon of McCarrick. But while they call him Bergoglio, they recognize him as the Pope.

CRITIQUE: Neumayr opens with a ridiculous critique saying that a priest who was involved in a perverse sodomitic tryst in a public place in a parked car, should be condemned because it was near children! He further promotes the utter absurdity that homosexuality is a compulsion, and thus not a free will decision, which is the common canonical claim of those who are defending perps! I will assume he does not realize what he is doing. He beings the program in medias re, and fails to provide historical context at the beginning, so if you do not know what he has been up to recently it maybe difficult to follow at the start.

The laymen here are not aware of the simple facts of the ecclesiastical mafia, as I have detailed here.

However, the participants here are all known “Francis is the pope” men, so I will go out on a limb an predict that they will attempt to deflect criticism from Bergoglio, who is the Rothschild puppet in control of the Vatican. Thus I believe this series is a moderate limited hangout operation, that is, attempting to recover control of Catholics who have lost trust in the Church and corral them back into fealty to the NWO through a controlled opposition group. — Neumayr explicitly names Church Militant, Matt Gaspers as his “friends”. The producer, Jame Maughan, an ex-Wall Street Trader, has too many connections to all the bad actors in NYC and DC to be credible. The WEF bought our Church, now they want to clean it up a bit to make it a better instrument of control. I think that is the game, here. And I hope and pray that I am wrong.

But I do recommend watching the series, nevertheless, so long as one keeps a critical mind about it, and constantly seeks to recognize patterns of narrative presentation, to discern what they are willing to say and not say, do and not do, as that will give insight about what facts they do talk about and which ones they do not.

RUSSIAN FEDERATION: Massive Run on Banks now in progress

Wishing one and all, a Blessed, Holy, Merry Christmas, filled with Gratitude for the Child of Bethlehem!

To all the readers of FromRome.Info,

Friend or Foe,

I wish you the blessings of the peace and grace of the Child of Bethlehem,
Eternal Truth, Who became incarnate for our salvation,
so that whether we embrace Him with love,
or crucify Him with denial,
He might accomplish the Expiation of all sin,
and lead by the tenderness or extremes of shocking humility,
inveterately sinful mankind, one by one,
back to the true adoration, worship and obedience
to God the Father!

— Br. Alexis Bugnolo
Editor & Publisher


While the celebration of Christmas began in Heaven and Earth that very first night, and was commemorated by the Holy Family every day, and passed by Our Lady on to Holy Mother Church, which has celebrated it for some 2000 years, it was St. Francis of Assisi, the founder of the Franciscans, who was so moved to remember that Holy Day, on account of his total devotion to Our Lord, that he made that memory come alive by arranging at Greccio, Italy, on Chirstmas, 1223 A. D., the Nativity Scene, using an image of the child Jesus, and real live stock and manger, similar to the way that Catholics in the East commemorated the entombment of Our Lord on Holy Saturday with an icon of Christ in the tomb.

This is why we call a Nativity Scene a “Creche”, from “Greccio”.