ABC Nightly News interviews Br. Bugnolo On the Death of Pope Benedict XVI

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18 thoughts on “ABC Nightly News interviews Br. Bugnolo On the Death of Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. On the plus side – ABC gave you about 10 seconds of their 4-minute report…….which is 10 seconds more than any Catholic media, so far!

    On the negative/laughable side – Fr Jimmy “sodomite” Martin, notorious Jesuit, appears as an ABC “News contributor”……and fake-president Joe Biden is referred to as “a devout Catholic”!!

    “Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle…….etc.”

    1. Better 10 seconds of Truth with Bro. Bugnolo plus MSM’s free advertising! leads to his

      … than only sodomite- Fr.Jimmy and pedophile-Joe the thief of the US election false-‘devout Catholic’ Biden monopolizing the deceitful MSM news!

      BRAVO! Bro. Bugnolo! Bravo!

      ALL CATHOLICS MUST WATCH the Ordo Militaris Radio TV series especially:

      “Frankism, Judaism & Catholicism: The need for transparency in Catholic Media”

      “Fr. Pavone has run into the Ecclesiastical Mafia — But what is that?”

      and many more at Ordo Militaris Radio TV

      ITALY: Bannon successfully defends against fraud case in Trisulti Monastery lease

    2. Be are protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray and thrust into hell satin and all his evil minions who roam the world seeking the ruin of Souls! Amen

  2. Nice. It is only 10s of truth that the news can tolerate.

    Congratulations Bro. Bugnolo!

  3. Hahaha, did they know who you are? As if they even spoke to you. I imagine you said something about him having still been the Pope until the end?

      1. Where are you in time on the video please, ? I can’t tolerate hearing the mention of that other man without losing it

      2. Actually a question … can you be excommunicated from the body of the church for saying that man isn’t Pope which is True he isn’t , isn’t it impossible when the chair is vacant ? And who do faithful priests name in the canon now ?

  4. What a shame, those 5 seconds were the only thing you were approved for at the ABC headquarters run by CiA. The rest of your interviewed was PROBABLY cut and censored.

  5. Cardinal George Pell remembers Pope Benedict XVI auf EWTN
    bei 3:50 ….. but he was Pope..whats the role of the Pope …. not to entertain the unbelievers … etc.. hoffentlich wird er dafür nicht nochmals eingesperrt …. aber leider wurde er nicht zum Munus petrinum von EWTN befragt.

  6. Nice to see you on ABC even if only for a short time! Hopefully the news will use you as a Roman Catholic source in the future when needed!

  7. Beware as in January takes place the annual meeting of the satanists, Illuminati, globalist vermin at the ‘world economic forum (what arrogance) in Davos.

    If you want to see the list of criminals attending this year, just pick it up on their website. It’s mind blowing, from the UN to the EU, to the IMF and WHO, they are all there.

    And of course all the ‘young global leaders’ infiltrated in almost every (mock) government of the planet.

    They, like their puppet bergoglio, are of course worshiping the devil and will, like him talk about their eternal wet dream of a ‘one world government’, Satan’s oldest dream.

    There are not two ways to deal with evil.
    We don’t listen to evil, we don’t comprise with evil, we don’;t even talk to evil.


    There is no other occasion where all the satanists, Freemasons, pedophiles (guterres, decroo, rutte, bettel), secret societies linked to Lucifer gather together in the same place.


    This is where we must eliminate as many of these murderers as we possibly can. They must perish by the sword, by fire, by the knife and the bullet.

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