Live from the Vatican, January 1, 2013 A. D. — First Morning of Sede Vacante

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6 thoughts on “Live from the Vatican, January 1, 2013 A. D. — First Morning of Sede Vacante”

  1. The vision of Don Bosco has taken place.
    The vision also promised that the next vicar of Christ will later take upon the victory of Our Lady!

    1. Thank you Br. Bugnolo for this report and Happy New Year to you.
      ( p.s. —- the date above should read 2023, not 2013)

    2. @loose Can you expand or present a link for starting research on this Don Bosco vision? Thank you.

  2. Thankyou Brother Alexis for this detailed update, and for your clear & precise explanations of everything that is relevant to the now vacant See of Peter.

    I am sure that we all hope & pray for one or more Cardinals to “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!” as that will indeed commence the collapse of the nefarious Bergoglian antichurch and all its obedient puppet-adherents. And maybe just maybe some of the lay-led Catholic media will also, finally, ‘Wake Up!’ – even if it means “biting the hand[s] that feed them” – after almost a decade of servile obedience to the masonic/globalist “Pope Francis” narrative which has so overpowered the vast majority of Catholics both cleric and lay.

    Pax tecum.

  3. Thank you much for the English language transmissions from the Vatican. These informative reports are much more in depth than the small clips on network broadcasts. They always label Benedict XVI as “emeritus” or abdicated Pope. Your transmission today explains how this is inaccurate. I went to church every day Pope Benedict XVI was sick, praying for his peaceful passing, because at 95 I did not expect him to make recovery. Now he hopefully is in Heaven, his earned reward. I read his last words in German were “Jesus I love You”. That is something a saint would say!
    I listened with interest the report you stated that some cardinals are beginning to perhaps say things, which if acted upon would be magnificent courage for the faith. I hope they do somehow surprise the established order in the Vatican and cause it justified uneasiness. I hope they move against the current agenda in power.
    As a young Catholic of 28, maybe this sounds odd, but I never saw/ grew up with the true Catholic Faith until Pope Benedict XVI and his example and teachings, and I thank him for that very much.

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