8 thoughts on “Pope Benedict’s mortal remains lie in wake”

    1. Since he wore white robes for the last ten years,and kept his Papal name,it’s strange to dress him as a Cardinal,when he did not revert to bring a Cardinal .

    2. They will pay dearly for the humiliations inflicted to Benedict.

      Just wait and see. Those who did that will rot like waste on the ground or in some common grave. The foul are lining up to feast on their flesh.

  1. It seems He does not have his white cassock under the alb. And they did not put Him on the red shoes. (sublime form of disrespect !)

    1. I wanted to add something more: they dnied Him symbols of papal authority: He has no crosier and no palium. (Please compare the above to the photos of burial of JP II)

  2. I saw on a site that Pope Benedict is dressed here same as was John Paul II.
    I have one question regarding the public viewing of Pope Benedict’s body in St. Peters. I read he won’t be processed to St. Peter’s like JPII was, but it will be private arrival of the body. Why? Benedict XVI was the Pope, just as much as JPII was. Why no public procession of the body. Maybe this will change if faithful demand it.
    My opinion is that a public procession of the body of the great Pope Benedict into St. Peter’s will (in the minds of the dissident Bergoglians in Vatican), take away emphasis on Pope Francis as Pope and give question to his legitimacy.
    A simple, private arrival of Pope Benedict’s body to St.Peters lessens his importance. This is a disgrace. I hope the Romans know the tricks the Bergoglians are trying to pull, and stop their attempts to de-legitimise Pope Benedict.
    I read small article about Roman people, who now think that Pope Francis not only is actually sick, but that he will quit soon too.

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