4 thoughts on “The Passing of Pope Benedict XVI – Jan. 1 In Sede Vacante”

    1. I will turn my camera towards the dome, when I am at the Vatican this morning, so you can judge for yourself.

  1. This from Sr. M Gabriel, of the Presentation Sisters, Manchester, UK:
    “One of his students told us that Professor Ratzinger told them a lovely story . On the day of his ordination , a skylark flew into the church and perched over the altar. As he was just ordained , the skylark sang as if to say , ‘God is pleased with you’. His dying words were, ‘Jesus love you’. “

  2. Thankyou Brother Alexis for another excellent report.

    You are absolutely right that we must be the Church Militant against any of our friends in Christ who have succumbed to the Bergoglian anti-church propaganda. Indeed, some of my local church friends are already castigating me for robust critiques of Bergoglio and for not adhering to the widespread episcopal/priestly surrender to his false church. My task is to charitably but firmly get them to “remove their blinkers”!!

    As you so often say, the Church must operate in accordance with Canon Law, of which numbers 332 & 333 are fundamental to the current scenario.

    I find it laughable that I am also being accused of being a ‘sedevacantist’…….which of course is precisely correct in relation to Benedict XVI !!
    Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem.

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