Benedetto XVI ha salvato la Chiesa — Frà Bugnolo intervista Andea Cionci

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4 thoughts on “Benedetto XVI ha salvato la Chiesa — Frà Bugnolo intervista Andea Cionci”

  1. Since Pope Benedict had kidney failure why wasn’t
    he on dialysis????
    Now that the R C Church Is with out a real pope
    what is Francis’s function as a pretender????

    1. @Margaret. Corr

      To mislead the Catholics into worshipping Satan.
      This is the only goal of an antipope, nothing else.

      1. Yes, Margaret. At this point it does not take a Canon Law genius to figure out the basics. This was a coup d’état. Pope Benedict was pressured. He had enough time to see that if he was assassinated the rebels would elect a successor of their own and the munus would have passed to a bad man. He devised a way to keep the munus while letting his enemies think they have captured the Papacy. But they were merely in Sede Impedita with someone playing kabuki dressed as a pope. I bet there are a bunch of good loyal bishops who will elect a pope “in the catacombs” so to speak. It may have happened already. Soon everything will be exposed (Luke 8:17) and this miserable episode will pile eternal shame on the conspirators. We are in Sede Vacante and Pope Benedict won. His enemies will have to face the Terrible Judge. Poor fools! They have conquered the world only to lose their souls.

  2. Evil-Pope Francis will continue to destroy the Church in every way possible he can until his last breath. 

    He was on a wheelchair at Benedict XVI’s requiem mass which means he is not able to walk and stand up that much any longer. So he must do everything he can to achieve the plans of his god, Satan Lucifer the devil, and his masters and handlers of Freemasons and communists. He must destroy the most important pillars of the Catholic Church and reduce her to rubble by the time he draws his last breath.

    These free eBooks illustrate the origins of the Freemasons and communists. False-Pope Francis is both a communist and a Freemason. Thousands of priests and bishops and cardinals were impostors and pretender priests before him and the Church continues to be infested by them. Francis is there to deliver the final blow in the destruction of the Church for the One-World Church that will worship Satan Lucifer the devil as the god on earth. (God forbid.)

    The Plot Against the Church (Free eBook)
    and (FREE eBook)

    AA-1025 The Memoirs of An Anti-Apostle (FREE eBook)

    Evil-Francis controls the Catholic Media and he will cancel any priest who speaks out against him and against the New World Order and its MSM Pied Pipers.

    Whoever controls MSM controls the world!
    Who owns the media

    For the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, it is imperative that Christians must wake up and see and accept that Jesus was not a Jew, either by race or by ancestry! “Judeo-Christian” is the biggest LIE on the planet earth that is enslaving Christians and humanity!!

    Christians should not be naive

    Christians must not be ignorant with plethora of information

    The Rothschilds are Sabbbatean Frankists.

    ‘The Occult Has Always Been An Integral Part Of Judaism’.
    (See links in comments section)

    An ‘Integral’ Part Of Jewish Identity And A Deeply Held ‘Religious Conviction’.

    ALl Catholics must stop attending false-Pope Francis’s audiences and masses in Rome. But unfortunately they are being misled and deceived by the Catholic Media controlled-resistance Pied Pipers such as those mentioned in this video.

    “Frankism, Judaism & Catholicism: The need for transparency in Catholic Media” (About Taylor Marshall, Michael Matt, Eric Sammons of 1 Peter 5, et al)

    and many more at Ordo Militaris Radio TV

    This video by Bro. Bugnolo boldly sums up the corruption in the Vatican and in priestly organizations and the Tradies.
    “Fr. Pavone has run into the Ecclesiastical Mafia — But what is that?”

    ITALY: Bannon successfully defends against fraud case in Trisulti Monastery lease

    Dr. Jane Ruby interviews Br. Bugnolo on the Death of Pope Benedict XVI

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