If the Anti-Pope is not named during a Mass in Suffrage of Pope Benedict….

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Since Saturday things have changed in the Catholic Church. Now priests can and should say the Mass in suffrage of the Roman Pontiff, during which, instead of naming the Pope, one names the deceased Roman Pontiff.

At such masses, regardless of which priests offer, if they do not name Pope Francis, Catholics can licitly receive the Sacrament, because the priest has withdrawn from public schism.

And according to the rubrics, they should not name Francis, at such masses.

The priest may personally still think Francis is the Pope, but by omitting his name in the Canon, he publicly asserts the contrary. And that is sufficient in the sight of God to exculpate any Catholic from attending his mass.

I say this regarding priests who are not heretics, idolators and in regard to those who have publicly criticized the Antipope for these things.

Those priests who wanted to stop naming Francis in the canon, but were afraid to do that, can now use this present circumstance to do that. In fact, they can continue to do so for the rest of the illegitimate pontificate of Bergoglio.

If however, there are priests in your region who named Pope Benedict XVI as pope in recent days, weeks, years, continue to attend their masses, because it would be a scandal to do otherwise, and because in the next 21 days, we should gather together even more in prayer for Pope Benedict XVI with the best of clergy and laity, since their prayers are more effective in the sight of God.

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8 thoughts on “If the Anti-Pope is not named during a Mass in Suffrage of Pope Benedict….”

  1. How do we know which Pope our Trad priest prays for? I’m certainly not Novus Ordo. Poor Protestant Catholics…being led astray! Vat II GARBAGE MASS!

    1. In the TLM mass, if the mass is in suffrage of the Roman Pontiff, a thing that the Priest will announced, you can assume he is not naming Francis, because there is no allowance for that in the prayers.

    2. “Vat II GARBAGE MASS!” I’m only 28 and until 2 years ago never knew any other Mass. Now I only go to Latin Mass. Your description of Vatican II Mass is 100% correct.

  2. To be sure: If the priest may (operative word) personally still think Francis is the Pope, we can receive the Sacrament if Francis’s name is removed from the Canon?

    Also, I went to Confession on Saturday to a Novus Ordo priest who I was quite certain would be open to my talking to him about the Munus and Ministerium issue, and not to my surprise at all, he was well-informed, and judging by the way he was talking to me, it seemed that he was leaning toward: “Francis is an Anti-Pope” stance. However, he did reference either a document or a book (written by an SSPX priest) that would supposedly excuse the faithful from having to figure out if a “Pope” is actually an Anti-Pope. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what his reference was because so much was said in the confessional and I didn’t write down the information. Given what I’ve told you, is my confession likely licit?

    [An aside: I do think the we have a responsibility to always seek the truth, and if the truth can be found in black and white, we have an obligation and duty toward our Lord to follow the truth presented to us.]

    1. If he did not say you were in mortal sin for holding that B16 was the pope and Bergoglio an antipope, then he should be presumed to have had the power to forgive your sins.

  3. some clergy had the gall to put their right hand in just below their hearts while doing the homilies.

    It just shows how many clergy would have been banished by Pope Benedict XVI.

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