2 thoughts on “Morte Benedetto: dalla sede impedita alla sede vacante. Papa Francesco non esiste”

  1. GREAT! The message should be continually repeated ..since it’s the only TRUTH in journalism!! The main stream, ‘una cum’ media is ‘bombarding’ the airwaves and the papers with the false narrative, that Pope Benedict “abdicate”, “abandoned” the Chair to leave it open purposely for the modernists liberals infiltrators to place Bergoglio and continue with the destruction. This is certainly NOT what PopeBenedict intended to do. His main intention was to REVEAL THE EVIL that had persecuted Him since he had become POPE. If the fake-vaxx has not cooked people’s brains…they will soon understand the greatness of Pope Benedict’s sidestepping, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to again show the True Church from PachaCircus! CODICE RATZINGER – THE RATZINGER CODE, by Andrea Cionci will become an indispensable ‘study’ guide….in the not so-far future!

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