Nearly 100,000 paid respects to the Roman Pontiff, Benedict XVI
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2 thoughts on “Nearly 100,000 paid respects to the Roman Pontiff, Benedict XVI”

  1. Here in the UK my Ordinariate Pastor said that he and other Ordinariate priests longed to go to Rome even if they couldn’t get into St Peter’s Basilica for the funeral of Pope Benedict; but because of the time of year, could not leave their liturgical duties in their parishes.
    From the pulpit last Sunday he encouraged everyone who still has a TV to watch and pray along with the funeral in Rome.

  2. This is great news, and a strong repudiation of POpe Francis and his associates. I read in the NYT yesterday that the Vatican had expected only at most 25,000 to pay their respects to the late, great, Pope Benedict XVI for all of Monday, and that theyexpect only 50-60,000 for his funeral on Thursday. I very much hope that they have the shock of their lives on Thursday, when the Piazza di San Pietro is packed with hundreds of thousands, flowing out even into the streets beyond.
    They always say that no one brought out the crowds in Rome like John Paul II. But I saw a recent photo of the late,great Pope Pius XII ( 1954 photo), which surpassed anything JPII ever saw in St.Peter’s. Benedict XVI came close a few times.

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