The Pope is dead; what does that mean now?

This interview will be aired after 6 PM, Rome Time.

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4 thoughts on “The Pope is dead; what does that mean now?”

  1. Brother Bugnolo.

    Did Pope Benedict leave a will that was to be openned upon his death? Something that I speculate could more explicitly communicate to the world his declaration of Impeded See. I remember vaguely some rumours about this some years ago.

  2. BRAVO AJ! You are a true Crusader for the video is mightier than the sword! ! Ordo Militaris Radio TV is mightier than the MSM!

    Great interview on Benedict XVI. KUDOS, Bro. Bugnolo! WOW! Right at the Vatican and no one interrupted the view of St. Peter’s Basilica on the foreground. You both are the rare truth-tellers in Catholic Media!

    Keep up the good work which famous pretender-Catholics well-paid Masonic Pied Pipers cannot do despite their pseudo-Christian facade

    May Archangel Michael protect you AJ and Bro. Bugnolo! Deus Vult!

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