Gaenswein signs book deal to profit off the death of Pope Benedict XVI

Editor’s Note: This is the most unseemly news yet to appear. You can imagine what effect it will have on his testimony. Since he put it in a book which is being sold commercially, there is now a forensic doubt that his testimony does not have motives of profit.

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6 thoughts on “Gaenswein signs book deal to profit off the death of Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. I suppose we will know more once the book is published based on what is in it. But it could be a way for Ganswein to generate some income that would allow him to live if he were to come out against Bergoglio.

  2. In my personal experience, few people make a major decision (like publishing a book) for only one reason.
    Ganswwein may or may not be looking to fund his retirement; however last night I read from another source that he wished to set the record straight about some of the politics behind B16’s “declaratio”, and his tone suggested that he knew the book might be controversial, to his own detriment.

    It is uncharitable as well as hasty to condemn Ganswein as money-grubbing before you have read the book.
    As with Pope Benedict himself, we have no idea what pressures Ganswein himself may have been under as “interlocutor” between Bergoglio and Benedict.
    I have the impression that Ganswein’s book is ready to publish as soon as the publishing contract is concluded, as he has obviously been working on the manuscript for some years.

  3. It’s my opinion Archbishop Ganswein would like to set the record straight about Pope Benedict XVI. I think he was very devoted to him and would like others to know what a Saintly Pope he was.
    We cannot jump to conclusions and think there is something disingenuous about this.

  4. My line of reasoning leads me to think that the archbishop was always loyal to Ratzinger. Ganswein has always shared Benedict XVI’s prison and forced isolation, without exercising his ministry and being constantly watched by those who threatened him. It was also a psychological prison, it won’t be hard to see a body language of fear even today on his part. It’s understandable. The Ratzinger Code, named by Cionci after the Morse Code used by Jeremiah Denton, is an S.O.S., an appeal to good and faithful Catholics. Not the rabble that are in the Vatican today and in the outside world. I believe that the grace of God, in time, will give us a good pope to renew and condemn all that has been done against Benedict XVI and the Church. God often works in ways we don’t understand. Jesus used parables for some and spoke plainly to his own.

  5. Msr Ganswein is right o clearl facts. Eveybody knowd that vatican is a snakes’nest . Moreover Bergoglio is a Jesuit!!!

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