Juan Manuel de Prada: Un Papa Tragico

Editor’s Note: Prada is one of the first journalists to admit what was going on in the Vatican prior to Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to retire to a life of prayer. The entire chorus of ecclesiastics who wanted Benedict gone have been saying for days how wonderful he was and how they all got alone wonderfully. But Prada has sounded out the sour truth, that he was brutally opposed by the Roman Curia and Hierarchy who did not want any true reforms. Thank you, Senor Prada! — This article is behind a paywall, but can be read here in English translation.

2 thoughts on “Juan Manuel de Prada: Un Papa Tragico”

  1. It is very hard to swim against a very strong riptide….
    Pope. Benedict could not fight the whole corrupt Hierarchy …. He was too old and too frail…
    Remember what they did to J P 1…

  2. We now can assume with high probability the election will be done by the faithful in this month, in one of the nearby provinces.

    The college of cardinals had already cast their lot with Bergoglio.

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