As the final insult, they denied Benedict XVI had a soul …

Traduzione italiana:
Il corpo
di Benedetto XVI Pontifex Maximus
Ha vissuto 95 anni, 8 mesi, 15 giorni
Presiedeva la Chiesa universale
7 anni, 10 mesi, 9 giorni
dal 19 aprile 2005 al 28 febbraio 2013
Deceduto il 31 dicembre
Nell’Anno del Signore 2022

English translation:

The body
of Benedict XVI Pontifex Maximus
Lived 95 years, 8 months, 15 days
Presided over the universal Church
7 years, 10 months, 9 days
from 19th of April 2005 to 28 February 2013
Passed on the 31st of December
In the Year of the Lord 2022
I say badly written because it should read
Hic iacet corpus
Benedicti …..
Qui vixit …
Here lies the body of Benedict XVI P. M.
Who lived…
CREDITS: The Featured Image is the metal plate attached to the coffin of Pope Benedict XVI at his burial. The inscription is in Latin.
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12 thoughts on “As the final insult, they denied Benedict XVI had a soul …”

  1. [Duplicate post; not certain first post got through]

    This is a *coffin label* merely identifying the cypress wood coffin’s occupant, against the possibility of future exhumation. It will be the inmost coffin of three: the one covering this one of zinc, the outermost of oak.
    This label is specific to the coffin, NOT the tombstone, where “Here lies” is appropriate.

    My Latin is not as good as yours; but I know this label, considering the typography, may be translated:

    The Body of
    He lived 95 years etc.
    He presided over the universal Church . . . etc.

    1. The cardinals will be shocked if that body will stay that way until the Judgment Day or even in 2030.

  2. Let’s face it, everything they did to him was bad, in life and in death. If they hate him that much, he must be a truly Holy and Blessed Man which I have no doubt. It was he who showed us all the evil that was in our Church which should help us all be true and better Catholics and fight the good fight for what is right. I will always love him and I will always pray for him.

    1. This is the reason that receiving communion from clergy who bowed to Bergoglio is a grave sin and an act of schism.

      Clergymen tell by their action and by their treatment of the late Holy Father Benedict XVI who they serve.

  3. Since he was not an angel or fallen angel, of course he had soul, as does every human being!

  4. Fr. Minutella on his morning podcast read an interesting article from Tosati on the disgraceful conduct of the funeral of Pope Benedict XVI by Bergoglio and his underlings. The journalist referred to Bergoglio as mean and petty, and even heads of state that wanted to attend (in a personal capacity) were treated shabbily.

    The wickedness emanating from the Vatican is being noted by many.

  5. It seems the text on Pope Benedict XVI’s tomb is a text that directly copied from Google Translate service.

  6. As in life; so too in death. What would any faithful expect from the evil installed to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ and all faithful Representatives?

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