High Finance does not want a Conclave

Editor’s Note: The only Italian news source, which I have been able to find so far, which says anything about the next conclave, is one called, “Il Dinero”, which insists, without citing any Cardinal, that there will not be a conclave after the death of Pope Benedict XVI.

“Il Dinero” in Italian, means “The Money”.

Now I think everything has been revealed.

10 thoughts on “High Finance does not want a Conclave”

  1. Matthew 6: 24 comes to mind……again!

    Continued thanks, Brother Alexis, for your “on the ground” reporting and commentary at this momentous ‘watershed moment’ for Holy Mother Church.

    All other English-speaking Catholic media appear to have failed miserably in providing objective, factual reporting untainted by Bergoglian antichurch propaganda……

  2. The Church of Bergoglio is now heretical, and its cardinals and hierarchy.
    This means the faithful in Rome and nearby Rome do the election in 15 days.

    1. No, but comments are not rights here, they are privileges of those who add to the conversation rather than injecting extraneous materials. See the About page for comment policy.

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