Bergoglio names as Vice-Regent of Roman Diocese, a man whose name means, “Bald Queen”

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10 thoughts on “Bergoglio names as Vice-Regent of Roman Diocese, a man whose name means, “Bald Queen””

  1. I’m glad that my name, Kenjiro, roughly translates into English as “Second son who sees with insight”, and not something embarrassing like “Bald Queen” !!! Our neighbors are Italian, and their name, Ponticello I think translates into “little bridge”. Nothing wrong with that translation!

    1. Is this in fact true? Is he pro-homo, LGBTQ’s etc. If so, he’s no real Catholic bishop, just as Pope Francis is no real Pope.
      Sorry if this is off topic, but looking at Baldo Reina’s face on that above article, the first thing that came to my mind is that he looks like someone who is not well physically. Hopefully not true, but he doesn’t look good. Neither does Bergoglio. Hurry up and go, Pope Francis.

  2. “Bald Queen” à la Draq Queen will represent all the corrupt bishops in the USA and in Europe, especially those who promote the perverse LGBTQ agenda, cancel priests, and suppress the TLM Traditional Latin Mass, e.g.  Bishop Callahan, Cardinal Cupich,

    Bishop Callahan –

    Cardinal Cupich –

    Vatican II was infested with fake converts and impostor priests, Freemason bishops and cardinals to destroy the Catholic Liturgy and doctrines from within. culminating with evil-Pope Francis the vicar of Satan Lucifer the devil.

    And they also replaced the real Sister Lucy with an impostor Sr. Lucy to change the Message of Our Lady of Fatima!

  3. It’s “vicegerent,” not a misspelling of “vice-regent”.
    “Vicegerent :
    Representative and second-in-command to a head of state
    Vicegerent is the official administrative deputy of a ruler or head of state: etymology : ‘vice’ and ‘gerere’ .”

  4. VICE is the 4-letter word that sums everything up here!
    In an English dictionary VICE means:-
    Immorality; corruption; evil; badness; depravity; degradation; degeneracy; iniquity; villainy; wickedness; sin; transgression etc.
    All of which is a decent summary of the current Vatican cabal……!!

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