George Neumayr on How the Vatican ran Benedict XVI’s Funeral

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3 thoughts on “George Neumayr on How the Vatican ran Benedict XVI’s Funeral”

  1. Papa Benedict never got the respect he deserved. He suffered a lot, and now beyond.
    I will always pray for his dear soul, as will millions. He was human, but didn’t stop loving our Lord, and suffering for his sheep!

  2. It is impossible to occupy such high post while concealing what is essential to one’s personality. In this case, a number of cretinous traits come up bubbling forth from the Argentine: a pettiness that even a lowlife would strive to conceal, a profound resentment towards other men’s talents and virtues that is the hallmark of the Peronist, a dismissive attitude towards anything noble or ancient while favoring any novelty no matter how vain or vile. That is the best the usurpers could find to replace a giant like Benedict. Worry not about these small offences piled upon a dead body. Those are only the counterpoint to the glowing glory bestowed on our beloved Pontifex by the God he served with humble diligence.

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