11 thoughts on “Vatican: Conservatives in Roman Curia to urge Anti-Pope to resign”

  1. I hope this isn’t just wishful thinking. I hope, and pray, that especially after the astounding disrespect and contempt shown by Francis toward Benedict XVI at the late Pope’s funeral, and the outrage I read many Cardinals felt about this, that it is indeed true that they will make life a living Hell for Francis and his people in the Vatican, so much so that his health breaks and that he quits.

  2. If the headline had been published in a respected Catholic media source then it might be believable.
    But this is the UK’s “Daily Telegraph” a longstanding broadsheet newspaper whose knowledge of Roman Catholicism and the current Vatican scenario is probably wafer-thin!

    However, the current chaos/crisis at the head of the Church could indeed be resolved in one of two ways:-
    1] GOD calls the immortal soul of Bergoglio to its eternal rest;
    2] Bergoglio renounces completely his “authority”;
    Either of which would force the Cardinals to convene a Conclave……though this could well be compromised by all those men given ‘red hats’ by Bergoglio……I am sure Brother Alexis has covered this scenario comprehensively in his previous postings!

    Dominus vobiscum.

    1. I am a Catholic living in the UK. Although it is not as conservative as it once was, The Telegraph is the most conservative newspaper remaining in the UK.
      (The Times, alas, is now “centre-left”)
      There are couple of good Catholics on the editorial board, and “the Torygraph” is not in the habit of publishing rumours unless they are sure that the source is reputable.

      1. Thankyou. I am in England and used to be a regular reader of the Telegraph. But, since my 2012 conversion and the realisation that the MSM was anti-Catholic, I stopped reading ‘the papers’ and concentrated on Catholic media……only to find, eventually, that most of that was compromised in one way or another, with many being “controlled opposition” as Brother Alexis and AJ have detailed in their many excellent OMC Radio TV programmes.

        Let us hope and pray that the Telegraph’s “reputable source” for this article is indeed the prelude to a long-overdue ousting of antipope Bergoglio from the Throne of Peter!


  3. Consider the possibility he escapes Rome like a rat walking over the corpses of his cardinals (lowercase intentional) and takes refuge in Russia where he will be taken prisoner and die a cruel death.

    That would put a nice down payment on the debt he has with God and the Church for all the blasphemous iniquities he has perpetrated,

    1. Interesting possibility!
      My hunch is that Divine Providence will soon “step in”…….at which point the immortal soul of the heretical antipope will be called to its eternal ‘reward’……
      So, we ought to pray that he solemnly repents of his mortal sins of omission & commission and makes a firm purpose of amendment……and receives absolution;
      However unlikely that scenario may seem!

  4. Rats! Telegraph article is behind a paywall.
    Can you link to same news that isn’t, — or else summarise article?

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