Vatican: Official Deed of Pope Benedict XVI omits all reference to a Renunciation of Papacy

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2 thoughts on “Vatican: Official Deed of Pope Benedict XVI omits all reference to a Renunciation of Papacy”

  1. Very telling.

    It appears that a significant pro-Benedict-XVI-was-Pope-until-his-death group had to be appeased with such diplomatic wording, which pretty much pulls the threadbare rug from under Bergoglio.

    It is absolutely perfectly ambiguous, allowing for either current interpretation as to the identity of the Pope until 9:34am on 31 December 2022.

    But because of its ambiguity – contrary to almost a decade of “Francis is Pope” propaganda – it represents a major blow to that false proposition.

    Great also that the article does not attempt to translate the Latin text of Pope Benedict XVI’s renunciation of his ministry, essentially highlighting by a lacuna that this is both important and contentious.

  2. It seems to me as though the Bergoglian cabal still had the major influence on the wording of this Deed – there are references to “Pope Emeritus” in the heading & 1st paragraph; that paragraph also references “Holy Father Francis”.

    Now that we have witnessed the derogatory, disrespectful & shameful way Benedict XVI was treated after his death, in addition to the manifest persecution throughout his papacy, particularly since February 2013 – and it is not too speculative to consider that he was assassinated deliberately by the death-vaxxes – I am wondering how much longer Divine Providence will tolerate the nefarious schemings of Bergoglio and his cabal? The heretical antipope is, clearly, a physical wreck and his mindset is entirely ‘wedded’ to the masonic/globalist/depopulation/OneWorldReligion agenda.

    Oh, Lord! how long……?


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