Photos of Pope Benedict XVI’s Funeral

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9 thoughts on “Photos of Pope Benedict XVI’s Funeral”

  1. Mons.Gaenswein sembra guardarsi intorno disgustato..o è solo il dolore per la perdita del Papa? Perché non siede accanto agli altri prelati?Intanto la nebbia avvolge S.Pietro e i corvi volano bassi sopra la piazza…

  2. A raven or black crow at a funeral I read is bad luck… not for the dead person, but for the one who officiates. Is a sign of an evil spirit (Bergoglio?)

  3. I was impressed by the fogg over the place. The Dome couldn’t be seen most of the time, neither the cross. Just at Consecration and when the Mass was over. I’ve been there in december, it was cold but the Dome was always clear.

    1. The shining cross at the Consecration maybe was a sign from Pope Benedict XVI that he is happy in Heaven. When my great-grandmother died, 2011, at 102 we all were very sad at Church, but at the grave someone said, look in sky at the rainbow!. It had not been raining, which made a rainbow odd to see. We all knew that our beloved sousobo (great-grandmother) was at peace.

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