United Kingdom: The Anti-Catholic Origins of the British Spy Agencies

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4 thoughts on “United Kingdom: The Anti-Catholic Origins of the British Spy Agencies”

  1. Thank you for this exposé on Queen Elizabeth I, that she was a ruthless murderer of Catholics!  There’s a famous movie about her and would you know if it showed this important aspect of her character? (I don’t watch movies so I have no idea.)

    Have you seen this picture of Queen Elizabeth II?  The caption says: “A young Queen Elizabeth with the High Druid.”  “Queen  Elizabeth II just prior to her coronation getting led by a Druidic high priestess in preparation for her enthronement ceremony, this is a very rare pic that the house of windsor has attempted to censure.” 

    Queen Elizabeth II was a puppet of the Globalists for 70 years and she made sure that people remained nitwit by talking only about her hats, her clothes and her corgis.  She left behind an archive of thousands of pictures and never once did she bow to Our Lady the Queen of Heaven.  

    So shame to Princess Gloria and the John-Henry Westen show for suggesting that “Queen Elizabeth would intercede for us before the throne of the Queen of Heaven.”

    As someone wrote in the comment:  Princess Gloria has no right to speak for the destiny of the soul of Queen Elizabeth and neither does she have the right to speak for the Throne of Heaven of the real Queen of Heaven, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and who is now beside Her in Heaven.
    Princess Gloria is speaking as if monarchs on earth are automatic monarchs in Heaven. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmAw7swZvzc

    There is so much disinformation on earth already, and now these Catholic Pied Pipers controlled-resistance want to spread disinformation about Heaven too.


    Keep up the good work at FromRome.info and Ordo Militaris Radio TV, where we can find the truth!  Deus Vult!

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  3. Thankyou for detailing some of the anti-Catholic history of my home country, England.
    As a 2012 convert from the protestant Church of England, it sometimes amazes me that a small remnant of Roman Catholics managed to survive the brutal persecutions of Henry VIII & Elizabeth I and others for a total of nearly three centuries until the most substantial restrictions were lifted in 1829 by the Roman Catholic Relief Act [though the penal laws had started to be dismantled from 1766].

    There was an immense building project of churches & cathedrals across the country from the mid-1800s and, for around a century, Catholicism was “on the rise” again in England and flourishing quite well despite the oppressive majority of Anglicans and other protestant demoninations e.g. Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals etc.

    But then along came Vatican II……!!

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