3 thoughts on “Why they hated Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. Article wrote by Mr. Maguire, yet another Techno-Feudalist Nazi Minion connected to the International Banker Cabal displays no variance from the ordinary Cabal Distractions. The Media Minions ARE proficient and oh-so-professional with their projection, distortions and outright propaganda to cover their evil enacted onto the Holy Spirit’s Representative on Earth and the Catholic Faith in Jesus Christ. All remaining is their profanity installed into the Vatican by this Organized Crime Mob with all the homo-heretics and apostate Pachamama/Baphomet worshipers. Imagine his Central Bank or Off-Shore account is looking much bulkier from the LIES about our real Pontiff this last week and it’s no doubt thanks to the Rothschild’s Central Bankers, themselves.

    1. I agree – Mr Maguire and his tabloid trash “newspaper” have been ‘bought & paid for’ by the masonic/globalist/genocide cabal.

      But Mr Sapper actually writes a decent article at “The Critic” – the 1st time I have encountered this publication so I have no idea how ‘wedded’ to the Church it is, or maybe isn’t. A fair commentary on Pope Benedict XVI nonetheless.

      Pax tecum.

  2. In my opinion they hated him because he did not follow “their” protocol…in other words, Pope Francis follows their lies such as global warming and taking the clot shot, etc. Pope Benedict did not. Or am I wrong?

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