2 thoughts on “Bergoglio calls Archbishop Gänswein to his office”

  1. CNA’s article is inconclusive and they are one of many Catholic media outlets who are subservient to the Bergoglian cabal and its various Bishops’ Conferences.

    However, there is a certain Polish Archbishop who is not shy of criticizing Bergoglio -here is a recent interview which, I believe, is the most robust & damning critique of Bergoglio by a Catholic prelate that has been seen so far:-

    GOD bless & protect Abp Lenga, a true shepherd of souls.

    1. The Archbishop talks like a true man of Christ. Thank you for posting this. I have thought like him since I realized what JMB was. As a result of expressing the truth, I am expelled from the synagogue of satan. Blessed be Jesus Christ. Amen.

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