College of Cardinals to be admonished in public for not calling a Conclave

Editor’s Note: As soon as I have more information I will publish it. This tweet reads:

The faithful of the Church of Rome will give a solemn admonishment to the College of Cardinals regarding their duty to enter into conclave within 21 days after the death of Pope Benedict XVI. Wait for it.

This will be the opening salvo of the Catholic Faithful against the takeover of the Church by globalists. With this begins open religious war between the Church and the Anti-Church.  Please pray for the Catholics at Rome.

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3 thoughts on “College of Cardinals to be admonished in public for not calling a Conclave”

  1. Thankyou Brother Alexis for continuing to keep way, way ahead of all other Catholic media in reporting the truth & the latest developments in Rome at this “watershed” moment for Holy Mother Church.

    Let us pray fervently and hope that at least some of the Cardinals will have the necessary courage, fortitude……and backbones……to do what is manifestly required of them at this precise moment in time!

    Pax tecum.

    1. Other “Catholic media” is clueless, the continuous scandals of Bergolio benefit them , they have something to write about the nonstop “crisis”.

      Other than that, I read a prophecy that said something about the people or citizens of Rome who would elect the new pontiff. A young pontiff or “holy pontiff” under whom the restoration takes place. He apparently is not a cardinal or bishop, rather he’s a monk. One prophecy says he’s from Galicia.

      1. That would be wonderful. Happy day for Catholic Church to be rid of Pope Francis/Bergoglio.

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