On the grave and reckless presumption being perpetrated by the College of Cardinals

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In every controversy there are differing opinions, but one must never lose track of the fact, that in legal controversies, what the consequences would be if the other side is right.

For that reason, I reckon that the College of Cardinals is acting in a wholly reckless manner by not entering into a Conclave. They are risking their entire legacy as an institution on the bet that in renouncing ministerium, Pope Benedict XV renounced the petrine munus.

They are betting against Jesus Christ, the Living God, Who solemnly declared, “Thou art Peter and upon this Rock I will build MY Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her. I give to Thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heave, WHATSOEVER YOU BIND ON EARTH SHALL BE BOUND IN HEAVEN.” A declaration He made in regard to Canon Law itself.

They are rushing into that juridical no man’s land, where Angels do not even dare tread, by not fulfilling the Papal Law, Universi Dominici Gregis, which requires them to enter into conclave after the death of every pope, who has not renounced the petrine munus.

A no man’s land, because once they violate that law, there is no going back. They can never elect another Roman Pontiff validly again, since the law specifies that they can only do so after the election of one who receives the petrine munus.

Whereas, if they did enter into a conclave in these days, they could always re-elect Bergoglio, so that he have the petrine munus.

Thus, to fail now is truly a diabolic misadventure.

It is a diabolic misadventure, because for those with good will or bad, in the College, it is to risk being part of a Church the head of which is not Peter, has not the benefice of Christ’s prayers. In short, it is de facto the will to belong to the Church of the Anti-Christ, which stands in opposition to Peter and the Church of Christ.

We often hear Catholics lamenting the lack of any signs of supernatural faith in the hierarchy.  This present folly of the College of Cardinals is the very summit and epitome of that spiritual blindness.

Thankfully, this week will see some true Catholic spirituality and charity manifested, with two public remonstrations to be given to the College. These will be historic and, God willing, may wake some of these blind and foolish men from their sleep.

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31 thoughts on “On the grave and reckless presumption being perpetrated by the College of Cardinals”

  1. They are doing what they set their minds to do: to take Christ out of the Church. Now the Church has no Pope. The next step will be to completely suppress the Eucharist.

    The reality is one: Apocalypse 12. The woman is being led into the wilderness. This is the beginning of our LIBERATION and soon the devil will be imprisoned for a long time. He has no time left.

    1. Their church has a “Regent” and a “Vice Regent” they are waiting for AntiChrist to sit in Vatican.

      The faithful, with eyes wide open should never ever attend their congregations/liturgies/feasts, as forewarned in the book of Revelations. It has the appearance and even the rubrics of the Catholic Church, but eating and drinking into Condemnation is their final goal.

    2. Apocalypse 12 indeed – verse 17 [Douay version]:-
      “And the dragon was angry against the woman; and went to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep the Commandments of GOD and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

      Pax tecum.

  2. “They can never elect another Roman Pontiff validly again, since the law specifies that they can only do so after the election of one who receive the petrine munus.”

    they can only do so after the death of one who received the petrine munus ?

    1. Thanks for the reference to Bernard de Bustis, whom I had never heard of. I went researching & found this:
      Bernard de Bustis wrote this prophecy in sermon 11 of his “Rosario de Sermones”, in 1495.

      The Holy See will be vacant for a year and a half, leaving the field open to an antipope appointed by a powerful king of Christianity, who will initially be followed by five-sixths of believers.

      The church will suffer great tribulations and those who follow the true pope called Rehoboam (symbolic name), i.e. the Angelic Pope, will be persecuted.

      A truly Christian king will defeat that [first] king, after much pain and suffering, with the help of Our Lady. The antipope will end badly.

      The true Pope will crown this king Emperor; together they will reform the Church.

      (The Anti-Christ will be born under the reign of this King-Emperor.)

      There will be a schism in the Church of God on the occasion of the election of the Pope, because several will be created.

      In this number, there will be one who will be named, but it will not be the real pope. He will come to persecute the true Pope and all those who obey him, so that the majority will declare themselves rather for the antipope than for the true pontiff.

      The Roman Church will also be delivered from the hands of this king by the arm of another very Christian king who will come to the aid of this same Church… After many journeys and trials, he will finally win the victory.

      The angelic pope who will then sit will place the imperial crown on the head of this King. And, united together, they will reform the Church of Christ, brought back to the state of the old evangelical poverty.

      At the same time as twelve cardinals who will become its pillars, will be called to preach this state by giving themselves, as well as other men, all perfect, the example of the evangelical life.

      Bernard de Bustis also writes: [at another time, but of the same events,:]

      “When the whole world, and in a particular way in France, and in particular the northern and eastern provinces, and especially that of Lorraine and Champagne, must have been devastated by the greatest of misfortunes, the provinces will be consoled by a prince who had been exiled in his youth, and who must recover the crown of lilies.
      The prince must extend his dominion over the global universe.

      At the same time, by the will of God, a most holy man will receive the papacy, he will be the most perfect in all spiritual perfection.
      This pope will have with him the great monarch, a more virtuous man, who will be an eminent ruler of the line of holy kings of France.
      This great monarch will assist the pope in the reformation of the whole earth.

      Many nations and their rulers who live in error and ungodliness (at that time) will be converted, and wonderful peace will reign among men for many years, because the wrath of God will be appeased by their repentance, their penance, and good works.

      There will be one common law, one faith, one baptism, one religion. All countries must recognize the Holy See of Rome, and must pay homage to the pope. But after a long period of fervor, time will cool them, iniquity will increase, and moral corruption will become worse than ever, and will bring mankind the last and worst persecution of the Antichrist, and the end of the world. »

      “…Almost at the time of the Antichrist, there will come a more violent conflict with the Roman Church such that there will be great tribulations.
      At that time, a schism will be produced within the Church on the occasion of the election of the pope…he is the one who will be called the true pope, but he will not really be so.
      He will persecute the true pope and all who obey him, so that the majority will declare themselves for the antipope rather than the true pope.
      But this antipope will have a sad end, and the truth will be that he will remain the only single and undisputed pontiff. . .”

      “Yet many Christians will remember that all of this has been foretold about the Antichrist for centuries and will see Satan’s deception, and refuse to be deceived.
      They will close and enlighten the timid and comfort them. “

      1. Explanation of the “symbolic name” of Rehoboam, referenced in the prophecy of Bernard de Bustis:

        ” Hebrew name meaning  ”an enlarged people”.
        He was, the last monarch of the United Kingdom of Israel and the first monarch of the Kingdom of Judah after the former’s split.
        He was a son of and the successor to Solomon and a grandson of David. In the account of I Kings and II Chronicles, Rehoboam was initially a king of the United Monarchy, but later saw his rule limited to only the Kingdom of Judah in the south following rebellion by the ten northern tribes of Israel in 932/931 BC, which led to the formation of the independent Kingdom of Israel under the rule of Jeroboam in the north.”

    2. a time, a times, and a half correct?
      So those “time” refers to the time of having a valid election of a pope?

    1. The Catholic position is that which Pope Benedict XVI defended, that all other local churches have been alloted their territories from the one Church founded by Christ under Peter’s jurisdiction, so Rome has never been founded as a diocesan Church, since all others dioceses have been founded from Her. That is, Rome is that part of the flock of Christ, which Peter kept for himself. Peter was a Pontiff, but by Pope we mean a successor of St. Peter.

    2. To the principle of Divine Sovereignty the devil opposes the ‘principle’ of conquest by stealth, force or outright robbery. God’s answer to that is St. Peter. Once Peter is anointed as the Prince of the Apostles in charge of the Royal Household of Israel (cf. Matthew 16 and Isaiah 22) he proceeds to conquer Rome for Christ. He offers a glorious martyrdom reflecting Mt. Calvary on Mons Vaticanus, where the prophets of old Rome used to give their oracles (the mount of the vaticinii, or predictions). Having taken that, he continues through his successors until emperor Gratianus surrenders the title of Pontifex to the head of the See of Rome in the 4th century. Rome is thus given by Peter to Christ as a trophy and so Rome now belongs to Christ by the principle of Divine Sovereignty and by the principle of Conquest. The devil has been humiliated. Now —right now— Our Lord has lured his enemies to Rome. The knuckleheads believe they have conquered back the unconquerable. 😁 But their sad situation is: they have come out of their hiding place and are now surrounded and ready to be dispatched back to hell. They have done all their blasphemous deeds in sight of the whole world. Their days are counted. Peter’s victory will be complete. They should have known that when they realized that Benedict XVI took the Petrine munus with him to Heaven. For the usurpers their carnage will be their loot.

  3. Brother, you mentioned that a conclave must be called within 21 days. Is this Canon Law and is it from the changes to Canon Law that JP2 instigated? Just wondering since the seat was empty in the past for up to a year-and-a-half. Not that I don’t wish for one sooner!

    1. This requirement originates from Universi Dominici Gregis, which dates from thr 90s, and sets out new regulations by which papal elections must abide. So it wasn’t in effect back in the days when it might happen that there be a long period of interregnum.

      Having said that, Br Bugnolo shows us that failure to call a conclave within the required time period doesn’t mean a Pope can never be elected, but that the only recourse left would be an election by the Christians of Rome, as in apostolic and post apostolic times.

  4. Dear Brother, I am simple mom from Montana trying to raise 5 sons in the Holy Catholic faith, and I am so confused about what is going on. I listen to the Taylor Marshall show for religious news, and like him, I believe Francis has said and done many anti-Catholic and sinful things, but I am unsure if he is the real Pope or not. You say there should be a new conclave to elect a new Pope now that Benedict has passed, but why would they if the majority of cardinals, bishops, priests, and Catholics in general think Francis is the true Pope? All of the priests that I have talked to in my diocese think he is the real Pope, but one who is in dire need of prayer and conversion. They tell me we have had bad Popes in the past, and this is nothing different. So, I guess I’m just confused how a new Pople could possibly be elected unless it was first proven to the world that Francis was invalidly elected. May the Holy Spirit lead and guide us in these very confusing times. Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us!

    1. FromRome.info has a lot of information in its 6000+ news articles in the last 8 years. Use the search engine for key words, at the top of our journal, to find the answers you are looking for.

      1. Thank you, Brother Alexis. I will continue to research and pray. I have read the book “Infiltration” by Taylor Marshall, which helped me tremendously to make sense of some of the things going on these past decades. I have watched your interviews with Dr. Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters Network, and I really enjoy your wisdom, humility, and your sincere love of Our Lord and His Church. If you have time, could you answer one more question for me… Do you believe it is OK to attend Novus Ordo Masses and do you think they still validly have the Eucharist? Sadly, our diocese has no options for Latin Mass because our bishop cancelled them all a year ago after Francis made the new rules to stifle the Traditional Latin Mass. Our only options nearby are a Piux V parish and a Pius X parish, which I have been told are in partial schism with the Church and that we should not attend them. Any insights? Thank you and God bless you!

      2. At present, the NOM has a sufficiently valid text for a valid consecration of the Eucharist. But as regards the impetratory force of that mass, it is much less, for a long list of reasons.

    2. Dear Maria, it takes a long time to sort through everything, and a lot of what you find from TM and the Catholic internet, even here, is speculation. It is not very helpful in growing the faith or raising a family. We cannot know the future, but we cannot go wrong in fulfilling Our Lady’s call for penance, prayer, and fulfilling the duties of our state in life.

      To be a mother to five boys is to have the seeds of the restoration of the church under your own roof. Your love for them, your work to protect their purity and to educate them in the three Rs, the faith, and the treasures of sacred music, your admonitions to keep rooms clean and be men of strong constitution, tested virtue, cheerful service and constant prayer, these are certain goods. The revelation of Christ was complete at the death of the last Apostle. That is a certainty. Spending hours reading this ticker tape stuff is wasted time. One minute with Scripture or your beads is worth a thousand million online. Stick with the worthy certainties and you will know the voice of the true Shepherd when you hear it.

  5. This is the confusion caused by freemasons.
    It is now clear that any clergy that vouches for the antipope is now an enemy of Christ. We are now in perilous times.

  6. If a conclave is called, how many Cardinal electors are left that were consecrated Cardinals by JP2 or by B16 and how many by the Antipope Bergolio?

    1. You can see the complete list at


      And if you click the word, elevated, YOU CAN SORT the list by year in which each was made a cardinal. There are 44 who are valid Cardinals, but many Bergoglians among them. That is why one concludes that it is highly probably that they won’t convene under any condition now, because that would be to admit the crime.

      1. Thank you for the link. Of those 44, seventeen (17) are below 75 years of age, so they would be the only ones allowed to vote. If the conclave is called, it will be obvious that Benedict XVI was the true Pope. So even if they elect Bergolio again, the true Catholics would have to believe that everything Bergolio did while Benedict was alive is null and void. Bergolio would have to redo everything he did before in order to make it valid. Once and for all the “New Benedictines” as you stated, would be assured that our original thoughts on Bergolio’s being an antipope would be vindicated. On the other hand if a conclave is not called, the College of Cardinals would loose all their power to elect a new true Pope and those 17 Cardinals that are still eligible to elect a new true Pope would lose that right forever.

  7. Almost all cardinals and bishops are bought by the Globalists and they are all working for the New World Order!

    Our Lady of La Salette prophesied that “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist.” It took 60 years from 1963 to 2023 to establish the Seat of the Antichrist at the Vatican in Rome! It took Vatican II and its consequent popes to establish the Seat of the Antichrist culminating in Bergoglio false-Pope Francis to deliver the final blow in the destruction of the Church and the disfigurement of mankind, by suppressing the Traditional Latin Mass, the only true Eucharist, and by implementing the One World Church of Satan of the New World Order of the Globalists where Christianity will be outlawed and Christians punished via the guillotine worse than the French Revolution, and mankind will be wiped off the face of the earth though AI and transhumanism worse than any Armageddon science fiction disaster film could concoct.

    Wake up gullible nitwit Catholics! you are being misled and fed with disinformation by your favourite Catholic pundits who are false converts and imposter Catholics who have infiltrated the Church to destroy the Church from within and enslave you for the New World Order.




    Judeo-Christian” is the biggest LIE on the planet earth that has been enslaving Christians and humanity and destroying all nations and paving for the Antichrist!!





  8. Maria, about Taylor Marshall’s book Infiltration.

    The best books to read about the infiltration in the Catholic Church are these free eBooks.

    Vatican II was infested with fake converts and impostor-Catholics and they destroyed the Liturgy and doctrines of the Church. Today the Cahtolic Chruch is infested with controlled-resistance Catholic Pied Pipers who are misleading Catholics and making them obtuse and passive nitwit sheeple.

    The Plot Against the Church http://holywar.org/txt/pinay/default.htm (Free eBook)
    http://come-and-hear.com/dilling/ (FREE eBook)

    AA-1025 The Memoirs of An Anti-Apostle https://ia802601.us.archive.org/32/items/Aa-1025TheMemoirsOfAnAnti-apostle/Aa-1025TheMemoirsOfAnAnti-apostle.pdf (FREE eBook)

    There are questionable items in Taylor Marshall’s books and contents of his videos.






    Bro. Bugnolo and AJ recently made a video examining Taylor Marshall and other famous Catholic pundits.



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