His Bergoglian Bishop mandated the DeathVaxx and destroyed this priest’s Health

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7 thoughts on “His Bergoglian Bishop mandated the DeathVaxx and destroyed this priest’s Health”

  1. How many of these poor priests must be suffering in silence for having been ‘obedient’ to their Bishops in taking these injections. One of our priests was diagnosed with lung a year ago and he wasn’t even a smoker. Luckily his surgery was successful and for now he is doing well and celebrating Mass.

    1. Bergoglio insisted on all priests AND SEMINARIANS being DeathVaxxed, because he is of the Devil, who wants all priests dead. If this DeathVaxx is as lethal as many say, then in 10 years, there will be nearly no priests left on the entire planet.

  2. I am under the impression that the Ordinariates leave taking the jab it to the individual conscience of their clergy.

  3. First off..Francis is a heretic! Second no human on earth should be told by a fake Pope or real Pope to take the death jab.
    If one is stupid to do so, then you end up with your own consequences! I feel sorry for no one. Use your God given brain!!

  4. The mandates and coercion go against the Nuremberg Code. It was not difficult to find the initial trials and see not only did they perform poorly in the short term but there was obviously no long term information. Many showed no discernment out of fear, threats, bribes or evil intent. The path to hell is wide. For those who wanted to do good and reluctantly took the risk it seems to me they are like martyrs.

    My father is in hospital with a stroke. He did not take it but the stroke happened after close contact with one who has. I don’t say that should be taken as any proof of any causality but it is an observation and coincidence.

    1. The spikes DO “shed” from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed; it was intended they should do so, to “insure infection”; the only thing they forgot, or didn’t understand, is that we, the unvaxxed, DO NOT have the immunosuppressants, so our immune systems can still kick them out, rather than allowing them to set up their little “venom factories” in our cells. That’s not to say they won’t do us short term harm; they do! But we’re far less prone to the longer term damage.

  5. In french we call this “châtiment” !
    Anyway, as Brother Bugnolo wrote, there is a separation betw. those who did not recognize the mark of the beast (and it was not difficult to!) and others… It’s a non return point.
    What’s happening is the temptation of the unique religion, eucumenic and empty of all the genuine fondaments. Here in France, some catholics (we call them “catholiques zombies”) are very happy to see the new catholicism emerge: gaysupremacist, feminized etc. Why? Because a lot of priests are incredibly stupid. They interprete the Bible as a globalist roadmap, then not illogical that they followed pfizer & co, as they followed all antechristic presidents. Nothing of this could be without consequences.

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