This morning, the Catholics of Rome admonished the College of Cardinals

Report by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This morning, at 11:30 A. M., the Catholics of Rome, gathered in front of the Basilica of St. Peter in Chains, near the Colosseum, in downtown Rome, publicly admonished the College of Cardinals for not calling a Conclave. In their monitum, they warned the Cardinals of their grave error in deviating from the Papal Law Universi Dominic Gregis.  The following text was read and handed out to the press corps present. I present that here in this PDF in Italian. An English translation, follows. — I will report the Italian News coverage of this event, later today. — POLISH TRANSLATION below.

Solemn Admonishment
of the College of Cardinals

in regard to their duty to convene in Conclave
to elect the successor to Pope Benedict XVI

Given on January 11, 2023

In front of the Basilica of St. Peter in Chains, Rome, Italy

The Church of Rome is the Church which received the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, the Church presided over by Saint Peter throughout his entire life, the Church which he brought and planted in this ancient terrestrial imperial capital, so that from Her the light and grace of Christ’s Heavenly Kingdom might flow out to all nations for the salvation of the many.

The Church of Rome is the Immaculate Bride of Christ who has washed Her garments through twenty centuries of persecution, trials, tribulations, betrayals, always supported by the Hand of the Divine Providence Who has intervened, intervenes, and will intervene with marvelous signs to assist Her in Her trials, and Who has raised up servants of God who have led her by the hand ever forward toward the end of times, when Christ Her Spouse and Lord shall return to take Her into the Heavenly Wedding Feast and celebrate there the eternal nuptials of the Beatific Vision.

The Church of Rome has known many changes and turns of events: her 170,000 martyrs, virgins, pontiffs, priests, religious and saints chant forever before the Throne of the Divine Majesty enjoying a particular and singular privilege for having served the King of Kings at the footstool of His Throne in life and in glory.

The Church of Rome is the Church of which the Fathers of the First Vatican Council declared infallibly, that She will have perpetual successors in the Apostolic See, as Bishops to shepherd Christ’s Flock which lingers here in this vale of tears.

These Successors of Saint Peter are the institutionalized guarantee of the Promise of Christ Our Lord, that the Gates of Hell shall never prevail over His Church. These are the sure guarantors of the Faith of Christ which the Divine Lips passed down to the Apostles and through them through the Sacred Hierarchy for the salvation of all generations of Christians.

As members of this One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, we Christian Faithful, to make it known to all our brothers and sisters in Christ, and throughout the world, that we will not stand by an allow the gates of Hell to prevail over this Immaculate Bride which we recognize as our Holy Mother Church, do solemnly now declare to one and all, that

Given, that the Living God Sabaoth, Yahweh Adonai, has declared: Thou art Peter and upon this Rock the Gates of Hell shall not prevail,

And given, that the Same Lord Our God and Redeemer, has magisterially taught of this Peter and his successors in Apostolic Succession: Whatsoever you bind upon earth, shall be bound in heaven. And again, “My Words shall never pass away”.

And given that this same Apostle Saint Peter, the Fisherman, came to Rome, planted the Church of Christ and watered it with his teaching and the blood of his martyrdom, leaving to Her the perpetual and inalienable right to validly elect his successor.

We declare that it is of the divine and catholic Faith that the Church of Rome has a perpetual right to elect her own Bishop, Successor of Saint Peter, Vicar of Christ, and that this right is of Apostolic ordinance and part of the Sacred Tradition of the Church, and can not be abolished by any custom or law, but exists forever as a font of right and law.

Now, having seen with our own eyes, that Pope Benedict XVI never did renounce in life the Petrine Munus which he was elected to receive in April of 2005, in accord with the Papal Law, Universi Dominici Gregis, n. 53, as is juridically proven in the Latin text of the Declaratio he gave on February 11, 2013, when compared to the Latin text of canon 332 §2 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, promulgated by John Paul II, Successor of St. Peter, and as demonstrated also to be his intention, by many authors and studies, We recognize as an objective fact of history, that His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI was the unique, sole, single and only legitimate successor of Saint Peter from the day of his canonical election to the date of his death on Dec. 31, 2022 A. D..

Wherefore, since that moment the Church of Rome has been in sede vacante and the College of Cardinals has been gravely obliged to fulfill the terms of the Papal Law, Universi Dominici Gregis.

However, to our dismay and shock and great displeasure, this College of Cardinals has already begun to deviate from the prescribed Papal Law for the burial of the Roman Pontiff, even though this Law is written in Heaven and is regarded by the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings as binding it all its details whereby the Vicar of Christ, John Paul II, specified this same college as the exclusive electors of the Successors of Saint Peter, under specific conditions, the non observance of which would render any election undertaken null and void, conferring no right upon the one elected, as per n. 76 of the same law.

For this reason, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was never validly elected and obtained no right to be the Bishop of our Church. For this reason, also, the College of Cardinals, if they fail to enter into conclave by the 21st day after the death of the Roman Pontiff, lose all right to validly elect another.

To save Holy Mother Church from the eternal tragedy of no longer having Bishops of Rome, validly elected, there is no other solution based on the principles of right, than that the Faithful of Rome, in absence of action by the College of Cardinals, to have recourse to their Apostolic Right to elect the Faithful.

Thus, we now solemnly declare, that if the College of Cardinals fails to enter into Conclave by the 21st day, that the Faithful of the Church of Rome, that is, of the Diocese of Rome and of the Suburbican Sees, will have the grave duty before God and Saint Peter to come together to elect the legitimate successor of Saint Peter and Pope Benedict XVI.

Hence, we resolve, declare, pronounce, announce and testify, that we shall urge that this be done if such a circumstance does prevail and we call all the Catholic Faithful of the Church of Rome to join us in this holy, religious, upright, just and true Resolution of Faith.

For the honor and glory of the Most Holy Trinity and the exaltation of the Catholic Faith and the preservation of the Apostolic Succession, let us all remain united together in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to illumine all the Faithful of the Church of Rome, so that we might be guided to do that which is the will of God. Amen. Fiat. Fiat.

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23 thoughts on “This morning, the Catholics of Rome admonished the College of Cardinals”

  1. This is wonderful news. If there were a crowd of people assembled when this declaration was handed out, that’s even better. But if was only a handful of people (4-5), or even less, then many would unfortunately assume that it’s only a “fringe group” of eccentrics or lunatics. A fairly substantial number of people would bring more attention, and be considered seriously. I hope it was more than just a few. Mobilizing Rome and the whole Church for this action would shock Bergoglio and his associates badly. Hope it happens.

    1. Makes no difference if they responded,they were advised/warned. God always sends the humble and lowly with His most important message. My guess, and Catholic prophecy, says their end in Rome unfortunately will be a martyrdom (per Bl. Elena Aiello.)

    2. It is a beautifully written admonishment.
      Even if only 2-3 yesterday, Br Bugnolo has now made it known in both Italian and English.
      Nothing to stop him going with more today or tomorrow, still more the next day and so on.

      1. Kenjiro answered that question. “But if was only a handful of people (4-5), or even less, then many would unfortunately assume that it’s only a “fringe group” of eccentrics or lunatics. A fairly substantial number of people would bring more attention and be considered seriously.”

      2. Is Kenjiro the authority on rebukes? I thought Jesus Christ was. So you think that the rebukes given by Christ, the Prophets and the Saints by themselves are all from fringe groups? Try that and see what kind of Church you end up with…..

  2. Many thanks to all the Romans who made this very important gesture in terms of canon law.
    We have no illusions about the effectiveness of this admonishment to the Cardinals.
    But it definitely marks a date when they should or should have opened a Conclave.
    They will not do so, prisoners as they are of the official discourse and of the collective non-respect in 2013 of the rules enacted by Pope John Paul II.
    But as of January 22, 2023, they will have lost the legitimate right to elect a successor to Pope Benedict.
    And it will be the customary duty of the people of Rome to elect a new and legitimate Pontiff.
    All true Catholics in the world pray that the people of Rome will be able to hold this election despite the opposition of the counter-church.
    And this is how the prophecy attributed to Malachi will be clarified: the next pope, a great pope according to the prophecies, will be able to be validly called “Peter the Roman”.
    Let us pray that the Will of God be done!

  3. Indeed, the faithful in Rome and its nearby provinces are given the power to vote. They must separate from the churches of the Bergoglians because of the horrifying heresies they commit while donning sheep’s clothing.

  4. Excellent.
    This is, truly, a “watershed” moment for the Catholic Church!
    Verily, it is a “sign of the times” that the faithful laity have to remind the Cardinals of their solemn obligations under Papal & Canon Law…….!!

    The masonic/globalist/marxist/genocidal Bergoglian cabal WILL be defeated…….it is just a matter of time!!!

    DEO gratias.

  5. Br. Alexis, I woke up this morning at 6 AM EST as I always do to pray five decades of the Rosary and my morning prayers. I had the sense of something good happening when I awoke. When I found out you had reprimanded the Cardinals at what would have been 5:30AM EST I knew what the good was that had happened. Bless you and I am praying for you always.

  6. Very sorry if one of my posts about ” fringe groups ” etc. was taken as insult or rebuke. Not meant that way. In my area, we had a church closed down by the Bishop which had celebrated the Latin Mass. It was said that Catholic would protest the closing at Bishop’s residence. The news made it sound that quite many Catholics would be protesting, but it turned out only to be 6 people. They were totally ignored by Bishop and his assistants. Maybe reaction in Rome would be different, but here in Philadelphia area, no one cared about 6 Catholics protesting ending of Latin Mass. Church is still closed and no Mass.

  7. It only takes one to get something started. As an example, the Presbyterian Church of St. Bartolemous in Arlington Texas, decided to convert to the Roman Catholic Church. They voted as a group and petitioned Pope John Paul II for acceptance. They went thru a rite of initiation as a parish and became St. Mary’s The Virgin Catholic Church on a special dispensation by Pope JPII. Eventually other Presbyterian churches asked Pope Benedict XVI and the result was the Personal Ordinariate of The Chair of St. Peter by Pope Benedict XVI for Anglican rite in the Roman Catholic Church. The Ordinariate has now three Dioceses in the World. unfortunately they are in communion with the Antipope now, even though they owed their existence to Pope Benedict. XVI. The Presbyterian Church allowed the parishes to retain their property and transferred their deeds to the Roman Catholic bishops they are under. So as you can see, it is possible for just one person to start the ball rolling. Once the coward priests and bishops realize that they owe their vocation to Jesus Christ and not to the devil and if they get some backbone and lead their flock back to the true Church by speaking out, the people of the parishes will help them and back them. The first few years after the conversion to the Catholic Church was full of obstacles, but now the parishes flourished. If you were able to attend some of the masses of the Anglican Rite in the Catholic Church, it is very similar to the old Latin Rite, not exactly, but close.

    Thank you Brother Alexis for standing up like the lonely voice in the desert, I am sure God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit heard you. It only takes on Cardinal to request the conclave. Let us pray that at least one hears your voice.

    1. It was the Episcopal, not Presbyterian Church who let St Mary the Virgin keep their building when they joined Rome.
      Lovely parish, I visited it.
      They made a DIY metal communion rail out of elements made for giving decorative finish to chain link fences. It looks artistic, and custom made!

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