Archbishop Lenga comments on Bergoglio’s, “I am a communist and so is Jesus” Blasphemy

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7 thoughts on “Archbishop Lenga comments on Bergoglio’s, “I am a communist and so is Jesus” Blasphemy”

  1. Bergoglio as cardinal in Argentina was a communist who betrayed his own Jesuit priests and told their whereabouts so the communist regime could persecute and execute them.

    Bergoglio is the vicar of Satan and he is the Antichrist Pope Francis the “son of perdition”……

  2. Well, he was raised in Juan Peron’s communist régime, so almost certainly would be a communist. I have wondered if he might be the False Prophet of whom John warned; however, I don’t believe he fits the specifications set forth in prophecy for the “Man of Perdition”.
    That said, for him to claim Jesus is a communist is both absurdity in the extreme, and blasphemy, yet I hear many claim He’s a “socialist” or “communist” these days, because they understand neither Him, nor those political systems.

  3. What kind of dramatic “Man of Perdition” are you looking for?

    A tall actor from Hollywood (but not fat Bergoglio in white) ?

    It cannot get worse than that, he is already saying that Jesus is Satan, Jesus is a communist, that there is no hell…his theology is off the charts lunatic and demonic! And nitwit obtuse Catholics continue to listen to him and clap their hands at St. Peter’s Square and Paul VI Hall?!

    Antichrist Pope Francis will suppress the Traditional Latin Mass and kill all priests and seminarians through the DeathVaxx…..and kill all of mankind through AI and the DeathVaxx.

    Armageddon won’t be fought through the sound of missiles and bombs but through the silent needles of the DeathVaxx.

    The god of the New World Order is Satan Lucifer and the Globalists and WEF cannot implement the agenda of the One World Government and One World Religion without the leadership of the Pope, therefore they had to put in Bergoglio false-Pope Francis who was already a communist in Argentina and who betrayed his own brother Jesuits to be persecuted and killed by the communist regime.

    As Bro. Bugnolo said in his interview with Dr. Jane Ruby, Bergoglio is “a sociopath and a Satanist!” It can’t get worse than that. The Big Bad Wolf at the Vatican is a cold-blooded murderer of babies and women and all of mankind through the DeathVaxx!

    Antichrist Pope Francis’s textbook is the Rainbow Covenant!

  4. This is THE BEST speech (interview) of a Catholic man that I have heard!

    He said to Bergoglio (refusing to call him Pope Francis) that “Because every speech of yours is another nail in the coffin of the Catholic Church for her destruction….”

    Everything all Catholics need to know is in this short speech!

    Poland Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga said this that confirmed what I wrote earlier about the “Man of Perdition” and the Armageddon that will take the silent form of the silent needles of the DeathVaxx and not in the noise of bombs and conventional wars of missiles as in Hollywood movies.

    “…just like the devil himself who took the form of a serpent in the Garden of Eden. He did not appear in his devilish form. Otherwise Eve might have recognized the devil in him, got scared and not started a discussion with him. And so he always takes on a different form from what he really is. The devil is a cunning intelligent beast…..”

    Likewise, the devil has now taken the form of fat Bergoglio aka Antichrist Pope Francis who is always dressed in white and speaks with an (effeminate) voice. This is contrary to the classical image of the devil as thin and skinny with a tail in classical arts and in Halloween costumes and with a mounter’s voice.

    I’ll copy all the English captions when I have time and post it here. He included the most significant groups of people in his speech (interview)! It is the most comprehensive summary of who Bergoglio aka Antichrist Pope Francis is.

    Everybody must watch this video!

    BRAVO Archbishop Lenga! HIP HIP HOORAY!

    Now please go into hiding like Archbishop Vigano!

    Antichrist Pope Francis

  5. To call Jesus a “communist” is beyond repulsive. Scripture tells of the reaction of Jesus when despicable things were going on in God’s house. I saw a great meme yesterday that read:

    “When someone says ‘What would Jesus do?’, remember flipping over tables and chasing people with a whip is within the realm of possibilities.”

  6. I have recently added “turning over the tables of the money changers and chasing people out with a whip,” as a meditation within my rosary. If I’m right, Jesus has just been crowned KING…He comes riding on
    a donkey with the Jews who have recognized Him as Messiah waving Palm branches ( waving palm branches is a sign of victory). Then, when He goes into what is His birthright as confirmed by the thousands who heard Him proclaim for 3 yrs of public ministry, and who converted, TheTemple, and seeing corruption, IMMEDIATELY BEGINS THE CLEANSING BY ” Cracking the whip” and throwing the tables with their coins and business deals out. ”
    Within a week He is betrayed by one of His chosen 12…Judas….for silver. ” And the rest of the story..
    I view Bro B as Jesus cracking the whip and turning over the tables chasing out the usurper trying to put the true King on the Throne of the CChurch…

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