Br. Bugnolo’s Warning to the Catholic World

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UPDATE: Br. Bugnolo wishes to publicly and firmly acknowledge the prudence and honesty displayed by Don Alessandro Minutella, in this video, the morning following the above video, by which he publicly corrected those who claim to be members of the Little Remnant, but who have grossly distorted and misrepresented his intentions as a priest and pastor of souls.

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48 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo’s Warning to the Catholic World”

  1. If you were in the US, you would be a cancelled cleric, l ike Fr Altman, etc. Its horribly unfair, but, when all is said and done I’d rather be on the side of Truth in the tiny minority than on the big lies of the media and the largely lying majority. .Thanks for you witness.

  2. WOW!!
    Thankyou so very much, Brother Alexis, for this heartfelt plea & most solemn warning.
    It seems that, right now, you are emulating St John the Baptist as “a lone voice crying in the wilderness”?!
    It became clear to me, even before the death of Pope Benedict XVI, that this was a “watershed” scenario for the Roman Church.
    And now we are almost 13 days into that crucial 21-day period within which the [eligible] Cardinals must call for a Conclave, time is indeed running out fast…….!!

    My fervent prayers are assured. Sadly, I do not have the resources to travel to Rome from England.
    I still believe that Divine Providence will “step in” and help us in some way or other…….

    1. “Right is right, even if nobody is right, and wrong is wrong even if everybody is wrong.”
      [Abp Fulton S Sheen, from “Life is Worth Living” 1951-57]

      1. Absolute everything you said in this video was 110% prophesied. Thank you for confirming this is happening!!

    2. I agree Steven , how well spoken ! I feel that what you have said echoes for many of us .
      I too will continue to pray for divine intervention that most assuredly a new Pope will be elected .
      Brother Alexis you have my thanks and prayers for protection and continued courage. Thank you for the information that you are providing.
      If indeed I had the resources I would be with you in Rome also. I am in the USA, Cincinnati, Ohio area. I will try to rally prayers for the election of a new Pope locally and will share your information.

  3. Bro. Bugnolo,

    May God continue to give you the grace and the wisdom, good health and the protection of Archangel Michael to carry on your mission in Rome for the salvation of the Church that is in grave danger from evil-Pope Francis and the Globalists.

    May God the Holy Spirit awaken the Catholics of Rome to elect a good pope successor of Benedict XVI and oust Bergoglio out of the Vatican before he delivers the final blow to the Church before his last breath.

    Keep up the good work!

    God bless you…..and AJ!

    Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen

  4. I agree totally with your comments. I will pray that this critical situation will be resolved through the grace of God. Catholics have been abandoned by their supposed leaders. Your voice is very important and valued by all of us. Thank you so much Br Bugnolo for your courageous defense of the true church.

  5. I hate to say it, but the Church began to splinter apart after Vatican II and the institution of the Novus Ordo. And, to make matters worse, the Modernists, Freemasons, and outright Heretics, have completely infiltrated not only the laity but the clergy and prelates alike. The SSPV clergy must be jumping up and down in glee because they think their sedevacantist position is valid. And, for icing on the cake, the entire Church is over run with sexual perverts in the clergy. God can do anything. However, He is permitting all of these things to happen. And, even Pope Benedict did not consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Perhaps everything is happening because none of the Roman Pontiffs after Fatima have done what Our Lady requested. One thing is for sure; the current leadership of the Church will do nothing to validly elect a pope. The only thing they will do to allow the current antipope to reign. After Bergoglio dies, they will elect another antipope. I see no end in sight.

    1. There is still time for the College of Cardinals to act. And there are still Catholics at Rome, even if many of them are deceived.

  6. Dear Br. Bugnolo,
    Today, while attending adoration, I prayed fervently on this matter specifically. I have been praying for God’s will on the matter of Pope Benedict/Francis to manifest, for a while.
    I always pray for you personally, as well. My heart is heavy for you. (And our beloved Church).
    Thank you for your faithfulness.
    God Bless You

  7. What if the Lord is doing the same now as He did to the Jewish hierarchy 2000 yrs ago (destroyed the temple bc the Jewish people rejected Jesus). The Roman Catholic church/hierarchy is undergoing it’s own apostasy & God is permitting it so Scripture is fulfilled. The purification of all evil (within and without, of institutions and souls) must come in order to prepare for the era of Peace (LaSalette, Fatima, Garabandal, etc…) the fulfillment of the Our Father prayer…Thy Kingdom Come, on earth as in Heaven (The Kingdom of the Divine Will, which is the very Life of God Himself. He wants to dwell within us.
    Once purified, the remnant will live the Catholic faith in spirit and in truth in the Kingdom of the Father’s divine will. God wants to restore His people to the Original justice before the fall of Adam.
    It is an interim era of peace; Mother Mary’s Triumph, the Eucharistic reign of Jesus, … True Pope Benedict XVI understood his apocalyptic role. He knew well and loved the Volumes of Luisa.

    1. God has said nothing to us about such things. We must do our duty and not excuse ourselves on the basis of speculations.

  8. I see a clear reason why the supporters of Benedict would not want a valid conclave.

    The Prophecy of the Popes of Saint Malachy makes it clear that Benedict is the last of the Popes, followed by the return of Christ. So, if there is no conclave, the lineage halts and the scene is set for the return of Christ.

    Furthermore, there is a secondary line on the last Pope indicating the arrival of “Peter the Roman” who is a heretic so this would explain further why Benedict and his supporters want to keep all possible contenders out of the City of Rome.

    1. Yes, but the so called Prophecy of St. Malachy is a forgery from the 16th century, so it is a false prophecy. Also, no saint would regard antipopes as popes, as that “prophecy” does. So you are deceived.

      1. I didn’t know this! No one has ever told me that it was a forgery or otherwise, but our teachings have always basically derided any attempts to predict the coming of the Lord. That being said, this “prophecy” always nagged at me anyway in the sense of of it being contradictory. Thank you Brother Bugnolo

  9. Brother B, how can Catholics who are not from Rome act in this portentious time? What practical actions would be of effect? You mentioned writing letters. To whom? Where? And who is the man who asks to meet with you outside of Rome? Please do not leave. That’s a set up… Peace be with you as you live and breathe.

      1. Vigano seems to have disappeared after the Death of Benedict. It makes one wonder if his contract had expired.

  10. You are doing a great job Brother and I appreciate all the work you have done and will continue to do . A faithful man. Be assured of my prayers for you and. ..” in the end My Immaculate Heart will Triumph”

  11. Brother Alexis, can you comment on the requirements of UDG 41 that the election take place within Vatican City. This seems impossible in the present circumstances.

    1. The Papal Law UDG regards only conclaves undertaken by Cardinal Electors. It has no application to anything else.

    1. John, there are some comments I cannot publish, so please stop making them over and over again…

  12. I have written to Don Minutella on his Telegram channel and have emailed a copy to you.

    On the immediately prior Telegram post Don Minutella offers the following opinion that the Holy See remains occupied since Benedict’s death:

    However, I too propose an equation, and this is the second point of my reflection, and I await an answer. Suppose that of the theologian Siscoe is justifiable, the consequence of the equation must be justified, that is, that Bergoglio, at this point, is the legitimate pope. Well, and then, here’s my equation:
    CCC 892: “divine assistance is also given to the successors of the Apostles, who teach in communion with the Successor of Peter, and, in a special way, to the Bishop of Rome, Pastor of the whole Church, when, without arriving at a infallible definition and without pronouncing definitively, they propose, in the exercise of the ordinary Magisterium, a teaching that leads to a better understanding of Revelation in matters of faith and morals”.
    “THE PRIMACY OF PETER’S SUCCESSOR IN THE MYSTERY OF THE CHURCH (Document of the CDF, 31.10.1998): “The Roman Pontiff is submissive to the Word of God, to the Catholic faith” (n.7); “it is a function which implies a charism: a special assistance of the Holy Spirit to the Successor of Peter, which also implies, in certain cases, the prerogative of infallibility” (n.9); “due to the supreme nature of the power of the Primacy, there is no instance to which the Roman Pontiff must be juridically accountable for the exercise of the gift received: “prima sedes a nemine iudicatur”. However, this does not mean that the Pope has absolute power. Indeed, listening to the voice of the Churches is a hallmark of the ministry of unity, a consequence also of the unity of the Episcopal Body and of the sensus fidei of the entire People of God; and this bond appears substantially endowed with greater strength and certainty than juridical instances” (n.10).

    1) The pope was Benedict XVI, while Bergoglio is his usurper. And like it or not, the solemn act of the Declaratio is invalid on a strictly juridical level.
    2) When Benedict XVI dies, the see remains occupied and Bergoglio remains an invalid pope
    3) Only God can give light so that the matter is resolved as soon as possible. The munus, meanwhile, is unavailable to enemies of the Church and suspended.
    Don Minutella

    1. The Vatican is occupied, but it is theologically wrong to say the See is occupied, since the munus is outside the grasp of Bergoglio

    2. As I understand:
      1- the visit from G. Meloni was regarding legal status of the head of the State of Vatican… She visited with her husband, so that is a strange visit (a private one?) after what transpired. As Br. Bugnolo stated before, there are some procedural and legal issues, but in this case involving Italian law and Italy’s specific relations to Pontifical state…
      2- if a Cardinal accuses acting Pontiff of heresy (3 times?) then he could have be legally removed from office.
      It is unclear how this process (#2) would be legally conducted. Again we have legal issues here.

      So, we can pretend nothing happened, but in both cases there are very serious issues… These issues will be inherited by ALL future Pontiffs and Cardinals!
      This is UNPRECEDENTED!

  13. To clarify: my question is:

    Even if, right now, before 21 days has passed from the death of Benedict XVI, a certain group of legitimate cardinals would wish to gather for a conclave, they are required to do so by law within Vatican City. But Bergoglio would certainly not support or sanction such a gathering. So it is unclear how, even if a group of cardinals wishes to gather in the next nine days, they could do so in a lawful place.

    1. No, because elsewhere it says they can decide otherwise. As for the Vatican, even Cardinals cannot enter without permission.

  14. I know that you don’t agree, but we already have a “new” Pope.

    Pope Benedict XVI was the last Pope, now we do have a new/old one: Peter II, confirmed by more than 1 prophecy (which is very rare).

    We are in the very last years of this planet, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ will be but a few years from now, and almost nobody (including you, dear Brother) believes this authentic prophecies…

    THIS is the real sad thing about these days.

    1. Agree.
      Why ?
      Because of a very pragmatic situation:
      I have kids and their generation couldn’t be saved if Our Lord doesn’t come back! And SOON !
      The digital Era, the metaverse, the Beast System is quite implemented in our society.
      They are just forcing in our country (Romania), to pass everything on digital and to make everyone take the Digital ID.
      We still have the countryside to retire, but can’t do this with the kids. They must go to school, one of the first places where you’ll need digital ID. Homeschooling is not an option, not recognised here, and to put under the umbrella of other foreign schools, you need… money. So, you have to be in the financial System, you can’t send them a bunch of onions from your garden !
      Just be realistic and understand that ONLY GOD can save us !

      P. S. Excuse me for such a peculiar example ! But we need to have also the feet on the ground and so we’ll understand the reality of our bad situation and than seek the Heavenly help!

  15. We need to fast and pray for a valid conclave ASAP, whether it is by the non-Bergoglio cardinals, or the Catholics of Rome. We should start a Rosary Novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for this intention, and praying for the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

  16. I have a question for Brother Alexis: if there is no conclave within 21 days of Benedict XVI’s death and it is therefore impossible for you that there can ever be another valid choice of pope, does that mean that the gates of hell have prevailed over the Church? How do you interpret the words of Jesus? Or did Jesus perhaps err?

    1. No, it means that the Cardinal Electors have no way to elect a pope in conclave in a giuridically valid manner. The Church of Rome, then, would have to elect the Pope, and in that assembly all the clergy, including the valid cardinals, religious and laity of the dioceses of Rome, Velletri-Segni, Ostia, Albano, Porto Santa Rufina, Palestrina, Sabina – Poggio Mireto and Frascati, would each have one vote. They all need to be invited, they all do not need to come. The invitation must come from someone who presides in one of these Churches, that is from one or more cleric. Of course I speak only of those who recognize that Benedict XVI is the pope until death.

  17. Dear Brother Bugnolo,
    After Holy Mass today, I believe Our Lord was showing the following, and this was confirmed by my spiritual director. This moment of your abandonment is an echo to what Our Lord Jesus, Speaking to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, Revealed this day January 12, 1902, 121 years ago:
    Luisa: “It seems that my Adorable Jesus continues to come a little bit. This morning, then, transporting me outside of myself, He showed me the great evils of society, and His great bitternesses; and He poured into me, abundantly, part of what embittered Him. Then He said to me: “My daughter, see now where the blindness of men has reached – to the point of wanting to make laws which are iniquitous and go against themselves and their own social welfare. My daughter, this is why I am calling you to sufferings again – so that, as you offer yourself with Me to Divine Justice, those who must fight this law of divorce may obtain light and efficacious Grace in order to be victorious. My daughter, I tolerate that they make wars and revolutions, and that the blood of the new martyrs inundate the world – this is an honor for Me and for My Church; but this brutal law is an affront to My Church, and it is abominable and intolerable to Me.” “Now, while He was saying this, I saw a man who was fighting against this law – tired and exhausted in his strengths, in the act of wanting to withdraw from the enterprise. So, together with the Lord, we encouraged him, and he answered: “I see myself almost fighting alone, and unable to obtain the intent.” And I said to him: ‘Courage, for contradictions are as many pearls which the Lord will use to adorn you in Heaven.’ And he took heart and continued the enterprise. After this, I saw someone else, all weary and concerned, not knowing what to decide, and someone saying to him: “Do you know what you should do? Get out – get out of Rome.” And he: “No, I cannot, this is the word given to my father; I will lay down my life, but as for getting out – never.” Afterwards, we withdrew; Jesus disappeared, and I found myself inside myself.”

    Our Lord is Blessing you greatly, brother! While evil wants to destroy the Church, the Church is being Purified. Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, knew something great was coming!

    Pope Benedict XVI in a meeting with the parish Priests and the Clergy of Rome, Thursday, February 14, 2013 – : “In 1961, Cardinal Siri…invited me to go with him to the Council…So off we went to the Council not just with joy but with enthusiasm. There was an incredible sense of expectation. We were hoping that all would be renewed, that there would truly be a new Pentecost, a new era of the Church.”

    For your prayerful consideration: The implementation of the Novus Order worldwide can be seen as a Nuptial separation from God. Today, with the death of Pope Benedict XVI and the plans of the enemies of the Holy Church, including almost completely stopping the Latin Mass, which Pope Benedict defended, and failing to call a Conclave according to Canon Law, if these are realized, this can be seen as the divorce.

    A few connections with Pope Benedict XVI and the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta:
    Luisa (Aloyisia) Piccarreta and Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger were both named after St. Aloysius- Saint of great love.

    Cardinal Ratzinger released the writings of Luisa from the Secret Archives in 1996 under the pontificate of Pope St. John Paul II, who had Canonized Luisa’s confessor St. Annibale Maria di Francia.

    July 7, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI blessed and unveiled the 17-foot marble statue of St. Annibale Maria di Francia in the Vatican at the Arc of the Bells (Arco delle Campane). Further, the Vatican Library released the first biography on a non-canonized person, Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. Our Holy Father was clearly prevented from doing more of what he wished to do.

    From the second dissertation of Fr. Ratzinger, according to a recent release by Moynihan Letters:
    “…age of the Father” (of the law) and “the age of the Son” (of grace) would (soon) be followed by a new and final age “of the Holy Spirit” (of superabundant grace) — an age in which the pouring out of that Holy Spirit on mankind would no longer be contained within the ossified and ossifying structures of the Church, but fill the earth as the waters fill the sea.”

    Many are praying for you, brother, in the Name of Jesus, Under the Mantle of Mary and through the intercession of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and Pope Benedict XVI. Courage! Complete Trust in Our Lord and Our Lady! Read the writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta in this time of Sanctification.

  18. Thank you, Brother Alexis, for expressing your optimism and holy hope in the face of such a terrible situation.

    And thank you, Mark Millward, for letting us know of your message to Don Minutella on Telegram. It is beautifully written.

    Deo gratias.

  19. « Convertantur in infernum omnes gentes quae obliviscuntur Deum »: Ps. ix.5

    « Let them be completely turned unto Hell all the nations which are forgetful of God », Ps. 9:18.5

    Reference: The Mirror of the Final
    for both good works and evil ones

  20. I respect all the excellent comments and replies given here. I truly believe that now is the time when God will do His ‘new thing’, His new ‘work’. The situation in the once Holy Vatican is dire. In my prayerful opinion the time has arrived for God to fulfil His mighty plan. Please do not discount this word.
    “…for I work a work in your days, a work which you will not believe, if any man shall tell it to you” (Ac13:41).
    “The things that were first, behold they are come, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth, I will make you hear them” (Is 42:9).
    “And nobody puts a piece of raw cloth unto an old garment. For it takes away the fulness thereof from the garment, and there is made a greater rent. Neither do they put new wine into old bottles. Otherwise the bottles break, and the wine runs out, and the bottles perish. But new wine they put into new bottles, and both are preserved” (Mt 9:16,17).
    “And I heard a great voice from the Throne, saying: Behold the Tabernacle of God with men and He will dwell with them. And they shall be His people and God Himself with them shall be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and death shall be no more. Nor mourning, nor crying, nor sorrow shall be any more, for the former things are passed away. And He that sat on the throne, said: Behold, I make all things new. And He said to me: Write. For these words are most faithful and true. And He said to me: It is done. I am Alpha and Omega: the Beginning and the End. To him that thirsts, I will give of the fountain of the water of life, freely. He that shall overcome shall possess these things. And I will be his God and he shall be My son” (Apoc 21:3-7).

    “Behold, I make all things new…It is done”. This is a fact – it is done!
    God bless you all
    Fr a

  21. The Restrainer is removed and Cardinal Pell and Curious George are kaput.

    If they’re not trying to kill you you’re not doing your job

    Take care of that cough Brother Bugnolo

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