10 thoughts on “Cardinal Pell drops dead after writing Scathing Critique of Bergoglio’s Globalist Agenda”

  1. I read there are some who find this very suspicious. My uncle is a Cardiologist who said that people past their 70’s often don’t do well after operations like this, especially if they have other problems. In 80’s is even less likely a good outcome. People might survive operation, go thru rehab, but develop complications and die within 18 months (on average) of surgery. Also can trigger people in 80’s going downhill with their mental functions (senility/dementia) when they were fine before. Big strain on hearts of elderly past 80.

  2. Though sudden, Pell’s death at 81 might be sudden but not unexpected. We must all die of something. I’m thinking either stroke or heart attack.
    And we don’t know if the Australian Prison where he was incarcerated forced the vaxx on Cardinal Pell.

  3. No he didn’t! Her died right after hip surgery. They poisoned him.


    1. My cousin, Gerry, died at the age of about 60 years days after his knee surgery, because a clot formed during it broke loose and went to his heart and he died of a massive heart attack. So I believe at his age, this was possible.

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