DeathVaxx remains religious obligation for Journalists who fly with Anti-Pope

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5 thoughts on “DeathVaxx remains religious obligation for Journalists who fly with Anti-Pope”

  1. Poor journalists! They don’t realize that by taking the DeathVaxx their days are numbered.

    Antichrist Pope Francis got it all covered and he can eliminate any Globalists’s Pied Piper who criticizes him and reveal his Satanic Agenda for the One World Religion and One World Government via climate change sinister agenda of the New World Order.

    Bergoglio is the Antichrist Pope Francis, vicar of Satan and gatekeeper of the WEF and Globalists, henchmen of Satan the Prince of Darkness of this world!—brazil-has-been-sold-.html

  2. Perhaps if none would fly with him, effectively cutting off his voice to the public, that would be a public, as well as personal service?

    1. The MSM is the most important tool of Satan and his henchman Antichrist Pope Francis.

      There will always be journalists who’ll travel with Antichrist Pope Francis because the media control-by-deceiving all nations and the minds of people.

      It is the tourists-Catholics who go to Rome who must stop attending his audiences and his masses at Paul VI Hall and at St. Peter’s Square that can send the message if only they’d stop going and give him empty chairs as his audience.

      Whoever controls MSM controls the world!

      Who owns the media

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