10 thoughts on “The Curious History of Michael Voris”

    1. AJ plans to do a show on all of the leading Catholic influencers, because the Catholic public has a right to know who is bringing them the news.

  1. I have no idea why anyone is paying attention to that man. And while we are at it: simply make a mental list of the top anchors in the North American Catholic media, three, five, ten, as many as you can remember. Make a list on paper if you wish. Now make a check by those who have effeminate manners. Use this rule of thumb: Would I let my young son go on a camping trip with this man I see on television. I used to watch Catholic TV/Internet a lot up to the advent of Berg-ogle. Based on that I have a simple list of FIVE of the top English Catholic anchors and all of them have what in 1955 would have been considered effeminate manners. Now make your list.

  2. Wasn’t Michael Voris gay/is gay? I read that somewhere. Also his site often condemns the SSPX and never says much good about the Roman Rite Latin Mass. They do criticize Bergoglio alot, which is at least one positive for their website.

    1. Kenjiro,

      I am convinced those criticisms are ‘controlled opposition’ set up so no other kind of Catholic media can develop. They suck up all the resources, web traffic, etc. so no one can talk except them. And of course, their criticism is shallow and never gets anywhere. Yes they make a lot of noise but the situation keeps getting worse and worse. It is an old trick to crowd both sides of a controversy so nothing changes at all.

      And yes, Voris says he was gay and repented but I am told his staff is apparently coming from the same former orientation. They mistreat and attack Traditional Catholics all over the place.

      You will know them by their fruits. Now if their work produces no fruits … you do the math.

      1. Thank you very much. You answered a few questions I had about Voris, and his website. I used to follow CHurchMilitant all the time, but when they start condemning the SSPX I figured they are just the usuall neo-Con Catholics that still wave flag of Vatican II. No need to follow them anymore. Thank you!

  3. The formula is:

    Create drama & ask for contributions. They are all doing that and the Catholic public is so rich in suckers that they throw money at these false ministers in the vain hope they are going to solve some problem. They never do.

    Follow the money!

      1. I know nothing arcane or secret. Everything is out in the open. One only hast open one’s eyes to see what is going on. I must have Superman’s vision because I see things that others happily ignore.

        Is it not evident that the man’s a fraud?

        And he is not the only one.

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