The Memorandum on the Next Conclave, written secretly by Cardinal Pell (RIP)

Editor’s note: I think now we can speculate that Cardinal Pell died of sorrow, having learned that the Cardinals would not enter into conclave.

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5 thoughts on “The Memorandum on the Next Conclave, written secretly by Cardinal Pell (RIP)”

  1. The memorandum is dated 15 March 2022. It is almost 10 months old. It does address points to consider about Catholic Church problems, but does not specifically say that a conclave is not going to be called. We need to continue to pray and have hope that conclave is called. There is still a few days left. Granted it is unlikely, but possible.

    I am more concerned that if a conclave is not called, a small minority of Roman’s from the Diocese of Rome and surroundings will try to limit participation in an Apostolic Rights election of a new Pope per Sede Vacante.

    1. I’m 28 and can see the evil of the Francis papacy, but my parents and grandparents are “old school”. We’ve all been to Rome several times, my first when I was 11 in 2005. When I bring up all that’s going on in Rome about the late great Benedict XVI and now Cardinal Pell and try to say that Francis is not legit, they all say basically “You must not say that about the Holy Father!!” My grandmom won’t hear a word against Francis. With al respect, I feel sorry for them. Mostly no one criticizing, and even condemning Francis for his actions and agenda has gotten us to the point. Thank God for the great Cardinal Pell, who actually did. Although my uncle who is a Cardiologist said things like Cardinal Pell’s sudden death after surgery is very common for people his age, I still think it is suspicious. God will judge Bergoglio and company when they pass on if they had anything to do with it. God Bless Cardinal Pell.

    1. @Petrichor
      Surely you know that God uses the weak for His Divine Will to be manifested so that no flesh may glory. A “snowball’s chance in Hell” is a perfect description for the perfect odds!

      Why? Because ALL glory is God’s especially as He snatches His Spotless Bride from the jaws of defeat.

      As ‘Benedictines’ we must remember: “Ora et labora!” Pray and work for the juridical election of Pope Benedict XVI’s successor in accord with Apostolic right.

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