Gänswein must vacate Vatican premises by February 1st

Editor’s note: This is the second act, in a carefully planned media theatre to make us conclude that the contents of the Archbishop’s book are in fact, “Nothing but the truth”, when the only reasonable analysis of what he says therein and the facts of history conclude, that it’s real title should have been, “Nothing of the truth”.  — From this one can further conclude, that a very high level participation by intelligence agencies, expert in disinformation, misinformation and narrative manipulation, are counseling Bergoglio and Gänswein, and have been writing their scripts for a long time. And that adds more to the supposition that Pope Benedict XVI was not only sidelined by a massive conspiracy, orchestrated by them, but that he was kept in prison for 10 years, and socially isolated by Bergoglio and Gänswein, so that no one could ask him questions and find out what he really did. — This analysis of mine is confirmed by the fact that the publisher of the Archbishop’s tell-nothing book, is none other than the daughter of the former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, who is himself widely considered to be a Freemason and who made billions off contracts with CIA sponsored Hollywood Media agencies.


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