Hilary Clinton wanted Benedict XVI out: How she tricked all who think Bergoglio is the pope

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7 thoughts on “Hilary Clinton wanted Benedict XVI out: How she tricked all who think Bergoglio is the pope”

  1. Br B..
    When Jesus was proclaimed King ( ie Pope)…and the 1st Christian’s escorted Him, recognizing Him as their Messiah and King, riding on a donkey and His followers waving palm branches ( palm waving is a sign of victory) ( kings rode on donkey backs ) to the Temple….the first thing He did as King was chase out the money changers and turning over the tables using a whip…He was the true King! He didnt hit the money changers, He just cracked the whip.Judas would have been there. He , loving money, would have doubted Jesus idenity… and sought a way to betray Him….which brought on His Passion and death. Judas lost his soul in suicide.Jesus lost His life in this world, and yet, He left Himself here in a piece of bread, in the Mass …etc.


    1. Dear Mary, those who were proclaiming Jesus their King and Messiah were JEWS, not Christians, as was Jesus Himself, a direct descendent, by bloodline through Mary His mother, of King David, as per ancient prophecies! The term Christiana 1st coined in Ephesus some 30 years AFTER Jesus’ resurrection,as an epithet against those Gentile followers of Christ! That was the reason for all those “boring begats” in the OT, as well as Matthew and Luke: JESUS must be a blood descendent of David to fulfill that promise Yhwh God gave David, and for Him to be the rightful King of Israel (as the Magi told Herod when they came looking for Him). Ever since Genesis 3, Satan has been actively opposing the fulfillment of Yhwh God’s promises and prophecies to Israel, with which he is still occupied. I realize your church has taught from the beginning it was “the Jews” who killed Jesus, but that’s not true. A FACTION of Jews wanted Jesus killed lest He “usurp their authority”; the Sanhedrin, comprised of the Pharisees and Sadducees… the religious leaders in Israel in Jesus’ time here on Earth. Those crowds who showed up for His teachings and welcomed Him as King and Messiah were also Jews, who had NO part in His death. But the Sanhedrin had No authority to put anyone to death, hence the visit to Pilate, a ROMAN governor, who had such authority. It was ROMAN soldiers who carried out the sentence, not Jews, as well. But lest you think I’m “blaming” Catholics, as so often happens in the face of that truth, no. Nor are Jews alone responsible: we all, EVERY human who has ever lived, or lives now, it Him on that cross, because He chose to be our Paschal Lamb. No one could force Him to die in that way. He chose to lay down this life He had, as propitiation for OUR sins. If you’re unsure of the meaning of the Paschal Lamb, you’ll find the full explanation in Exodus. It was well dramatized in Cecil B DeMille’s 1956 release of the movie “The Ten Commandments”, for which scripture was used as the framework.

      1. We need to keep in mind, that the word, Jews, in the Gospel of St. John, and the word, Jews, in modern times, do not mean the same thing. In Gospel times, the term is not Jew, but Judean, that is a resident of Judea. They were sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob on BOTH their father and mother’s side.

        The modern term refers to a group of people who claim to be sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob on their Mother’s side.

        If you know anything about genealogy, you will understand that there is a vast difference between the two things.

        Jesus’s relatives, according to the flesh, where sons and daughters on both Father’s and Mother’s side of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, and some of them were residents of Judea. Mary and Joseph were actually residents of Galilea, and in Christ’s day, He was called a Galilean not a Judean, as we can see from the Passion where Peter is accused of this.

        St. John uses the term, Judean, not Jew, to name a people divorced from their heritage and Divine vocation, and thus who turn against their Messiah and Savior.

        This is why the term, Jew, in the mouth of Christians, has always meant a people with no claim to grace. But if we are to modify anything we do in regard to terms, we should distinguish Jew from Judean, and not smear the meaning of one term over the other term.

  2. This LifeSite article appears, initially, to be revelatory.
    But it is both misleading and inconclusive, as befits “controlled opposition” with a so-called summary which just leaves the reader with many unanswered questions, though at least it does seriously question the ‘scamdemic’ scenario.

    However, the LifeSite researchers fail to ‘dig deep’ and find the 1953 Doctrinal Warfare Strategy document against the Catholic Church which was recently exposed on OMC Radio TV by AJ & Brother Alexis.

  3. This was already circulating on the websites of the “conspiracy theory” years ago, not only the Clintons, but the Obamas and now, proven here in Rome, the CIA. The last council of the Church also suffered the same interverence.

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