6 thoughts on “OMC Radio TV: Who is Vladimir Putin really? We will find out”

  1. BRAVO, AJ and Bro. Bugnolo!  Very original Journalists trailblazers at Ordo Militaris Radio TV!  Who could have ever discovered the bloodline genealogy of Putina?  Related to Stalin ?  A re-do of Hitler?  Those dictators are all made of the same bloodthirsty cloth of Satan Lucifer the devil, the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning.

    Great insights, Bro. Bugnolo, as always!  You are both true Crusaders of Our Lord Jesus Christ as you fight the real Enemies of Holy Mother Church today!  

    Keep up the good work !

    O Lord, How great thou art to always raise up cradle Catholic men of courage to spread your Truth as in Ordo Militaris Radio TV and From Rome.info!!

    Praise the Lord, now and forever, as Archbishop Lenga said when he identified the evil Antichrist Pope Francis in his speech yesterday.

    Bro. Bugnolo and AJ, you are giants who surpass the small rats of Catholic Media controlled-opposition who are deceivers like Michael Matt and Diane Montagna misleading nitwit Catholics to the Cave of Perdition of the Globalists and their puppet Antichrist Pope Francis!

  2. The Fatima Center is controlled-opposition and the 3 priests at their recent conference in New Hampshire were praising Putin!  Go figure!

    How can obtuse Catholics ever know the truth when Catholic priests are also spreading disinformation ?   And look at the nitwit Catholic’s comments simply saying, Amen.

    In addition to Catholic media controlled opposition such as  Michael Matt, Diane Montagna, and Michael Voris, priests are pathetically ignorant of Russia and the Globalists and the New World Order and thereofre they also spread controlled-opposition disinformation!  

    These 3 priests don’t realize that Biden is imposing gays and transvestites in the US army in order to weaken and destroy the US Army and therefore disarm U.S. defence against Russia.  Russia  rejects the LGBTQ ideology and therefore she keeps her military staffed with strong men.   Russia and China are forming the new Eurasian merger without the USA on the map.

    They are forming the new Eurasian map without the USA because she is a Christian nation. 

    The Globalists want to establish the One World Government of the New World Order that will outlaw Christianity. 

    Antichrist Pope Francis is the only world leader who can convince the obtuse Catholics and Christians to give up Jesus Christ and embrace the One World Religion starting at Abu Dhabi with his Arbahamic Accord.

    Archbishop Lenga spoke about the One World Religion in his comprehensive short speech yesterday.

    3 Catholic priests praised Putin at the Fatima Center conference entitled,
    “Russia our ally against globalism? | Q&A FATIMA: The Moment Has Come”

    These 3 Catholic priests should listen to Yuri Bezmenov Explaining 4 Stages to Bring Down a Country   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNKqR-Omc5c

    Eurasian World Order  https://fitzinfo.net/eurasian-world-order/ 

    The Fatima Center spread half-truths because it refuses to touch the subject of the 2 Sister Lucys.

    Archbishop Lenga’s comprehensive short speech on Antichrist Pope Francis

    The Putin Dossier 

    Putin’s Final Warning    https://henrymakow.com/2023/01/jan-13—andrew-bidgeton-is-a-.html

    Perestroika Deception https://fitzinfo.net/perestroika-deception/

    ​(MUST WATCH) ​Yuri Bezmenov FULL INTERVIEW & Lecture – HQ

  3. All I need to know about Putin is that he’s an ARDENT Soviet born & bred Communist who wants his USSR back, & he’s smart enough to learn from past mistakes, making him smarter than Hitler or Stalin, therefore more dangerous. He was already high up in the KGB before the USSR collapsed…

  4. Brother Alexis, you are both being sloppy in your factual reporting once again. The author of the book referenced – Masha Gessen is: a) female, not male, b) lives in the US not Russia and c) is a notorious “non-binary” LGBTQ activist. These facts need to be complemented by references to other sources of information because the author cannot be relied upon to be either objective or truthful. Taking this book at face value is imprudent, though I grant it fits your narrative on the whole Ukraine psyop and may be correct. But might not. You could do (much) better!

    1. Mark you are being sloppy in your assertions, because AJ did make errors in some statements he made, not I, I was interviewing him. He is the station manager. Also, Masha is a close friend of one of the leading figures in Russian politics, and had inside knowledge. She was born in Moscow and lived nearly 40 years there before escaping to the USA. But in addition, AJ citing other news sources which confirm the story about the grandma Putina. That geneology is now the accepted one world wide. On that basis, I think your criticisms are insufficient to build an argument.

  5. So, Mark, do you want to live with phantom knocks, having an agent assigned to listen and monitor your conversations, because you want to expose the Truth. Yes, I was slopping, I’m sorry, i’m sorry I don’t use “your approved sources”, if we did, we wouldn’t learn the dark details of what we need to know to expose these creeps inside and out of the Church. If you want better, donate so we can do a proper studio, get proper staff to help me do actual professional programming.


    Be part of the solution Mark, help us get more professional. Never thought I would have to put the Responding To Nasty Comment Video into words into a comment section.


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