Remnant News: Bergoglio moves to install Perverts and excommunicate Tradition

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3 thoughts on “Remnant News: Bergoglio moves to install Perverts and excommunicate Tradition”

  1. Good grief brother Alexis what are you doing presenting Recognise & Resist TM videos? Unless it is to remind us of the perils of false obedience to illegitimate superiors and their illegitimate commands?

    There must be a God ordained sifting due imminently, the alternative is a wasteland of exhausted and misdirected orthodox Catholics.

    Surely there is now no alternative to embracing the reality that much if not most of what we have known as the church is actively schisming itself from the faithful remnant. A Wisconsin traditional community of 250 laity should be able to support a vibrant branch of the true church, pending BXVI’s successor. Let’s hope they have the sense to make the necessary leap of imagination and Faith!

    1. I posted this video, to show that the ship is sinking and we need a new captain. Which is true. But not because I agree with everything in it. That I am a critic of Remnant and Mr. Matt must be notorious by now, so I doubt anyone would take this repost of his video as an endorsement.

  2. Michael Matt is controlled-opposition who is all talk and no action.

    He is an actor and a hypocrite who only asks his followers to give him their Catholic money and the only thing to do is “to pray for Our Holy Father Pope Francis” which is like saying “let us pray for the devil.” 

    Michael Matt keeps blabbering but Catholics still “don’t know”

    In this quasi stand-up comedy video, he said at 30.48, “You’re gonna obey? You’re gonna keep obeying this guy, or you’re gonna finally admit that evil has infiltrated our Church. It has happened before, it’s not the end of the world. There had been evil popes in the past. Well, this is one of them. There had been anti-popes in the past. Maybe that is what Pope Francis is too, we don’t know.” These are his most deceptive lines with the most delusive words “It’s not the end of the world… Maybe…We don’t know!” because he sows doubt and weaken and neutralizes the nitwit Catholics and make them “not sure” and that although there is evil within the Church and Pope Francis is doing some of it, “it’s not the end of the world” and therefore Catholics can simply carry-on, nothing to fear here because “we don’t know.”  

    Michael Matt’s worst psy-op CIA operative words are “Maybe…we don’t know” making gullible Catholics nutheads continually second-guessing and remaining as ignorant slaves therefore they’ll continue to blindly obey and attend Antichrist Pope Francis’s audience and masses and clap their hands at St. Peter’s Square and at Paul VI Hall at the Vatican instead of holding placards to protests his evil deeds and hollering at him to chase him out of the Temple of God. Michael Matt and Diane Montagna and John-Henry Westen and Taylor Marshall are the most hypocritical Catholic pundits who all speak in the same tune that makes Catholics “feel-good” about the most evil Antichrist Pope Francis

    “Maybe…we don’t know…let us pray” are the most effective psy-op words that keep Catholics in chains as slaves to Antichrist Pope Francis until he kills them all through the DeathVaxx and until he destroys the Catholic Church into rubble before he draws his last breath.

    Antichrist Pope Francis is the son of the devil who is the “father of lies and he was a murderer from the beginning.”

    Michael Matt can rumble on and on and lead his listeners to do nothing except pray. If he was alive during the Cristeros, he would have told them to simply “pray and not fight at all.”

    He studied at Christendom College which was founded by the CIA and he got lots of acting classes there and how to deceive through the media, the WMD Weapon of Mass Destruction!

    Michael Matt is a typical Pied Piper misleading Catholics to the Cave of Perdition of the “Man of Perdition” Antichrist Pope Francis.

    He is a babbling entertainer and he can talk on and on making Catholics even more obtuse and nitwit, especially in his annual 3-days Catholic Identity Conference in Pittsburgh last October. See 

    Ordo Militaris Radio TV investigated his publication and grandfather and father in this explosive show that should wake up all American Catholics and see through the hypocrisy of controlled-opposition Michael Matt and his colleagues, John-Henry Westen and Diane Montagna, et al.

    The unequivocal evil Antichrist Pope Francis

    Archbishop Lenga of Poland sums up best who is the real Antichrist Pope Francis in unequivocal terms unlike the wishy-washy Michael Matt who is controlled-opposition using CIA words of “Maybe, we don’t know, it’s not the end of the world.” With the DeathVaxx it will the end of the world and end of the human race!

    Antichrist Pope Francis is not a Hollywood tall actor with colorful costumes of Thor

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