Antipope to issue new document banning TLM in all Parishes and Churches forever

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27 thoughts on “Antipope to issue new document banning TLM in all Parishes and Churches forever”

  1. Knowing he doesn’t have much longer on the usurped chair of St Peter, this is Frankenpope’s last desperate attempt to impose the Devil’s agenda before he finds himself on the trash heap of History.
    Repent, Bergoglio, your time is short and the pit of Hell yawns.

    1. Everyone says for almost 2 years Pope Francis’ time is short. He will be dead soon. But now Benedict XVI is dead, the great Cardinal Pell is dead, and unfortunately Bergoglio is still here.
      If he does do this, Franis will be the most hated Pope in centuries, when some Renaissance Popes were hated for their corruption. But they never destroyed the Mass or gave blessings to homosexuals.

    2. You comment sums up what most faithful Catholics think of him. Too bad it was Cardinal Pell and Benedict XVI the Lord called home, and not Bergoglio.

    3. Everyone must IGNORE this evil, usurping man, and carry on with traditional Catholic practices, including and especially the TLM.

  2. This decree is the biggest proof that Bergoglio is the Antichrist Pope Francis because by destroying the TLM which is the heart of Holy Mother Church, he is killing the Mystical Body of Christ.

    This decree banning the TLM in all parishes and churches forever is the biggest proof that Bergoglio is the Antichrist Pope Francis because the TLM is the heart of Holy Mother Church and he is delivering the final blow.

    When the heart ceases to beat, that is when a person is pronounced dead.   Vatican II rendered the Church brain dead with its heretical documents and Antichrist Pope Francis has twisted Scripture and Tradition in every opportunity he has whenever he speaks publicly and through his decrees, books and encyclicals.  

    Satan killed by crucifixion The Messiah the Son of God but Christ  resurrected from the dead.  So now Satan must kill His Mystical Body the Church both spiritually and corporeally.

    The picture in the article says it all.

    By suppressing the TLM forever and by excommunicating any priest who will say it and all people who attend it, and accompanied with the corporal DeathVaxx, Antichrist Pope Francis will have killed both the spiritual and the corporal, the only Church Christ instituted and the human race in the image and likeness of God from the Garden of Eden.  That is Armageddon, the murder of the Church and of humanity for the reign of Satan Lucifer the devil, the Prince of Darkness on this earth.  It won’t be with dramatic Hollywood effects of bombs and destruction of cities and with Hollywood costumes of Thor worn by the Antichrist Pope Francis.  

    The first lockdown was a trial balloon to see how many billions of people were willing to get vaccinated and killed with the DeathVaxx.  The second lockdown will be forced upon all of humanity and will ensure it will cover all the billions  who refused to be vaccinated in the first lockdown.  It won’t be bombs and explosion of missiles but the silent needles of the Death Vaxx that will kill mankind.  And also through transhumanism and technocracy.

    The College of Cardinals are (almost) all made of the same cloth as Antichrist Pope Francis.  But they do not have his charisma, therefore he will suppress the TLM before his last breath,  The target date is May 13, 2023 on the 106th anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady of Fatima.  6 is the most significant number in Kabbalah like in the 6M of you know who.

    Archbishop Lenga sums up best the entire situation of the Church and who is Antichrist Pope Francis.   He mentioned the most significant groups of people involved who are cooperating with Antichrist Francis in the destruction of the Catholic Church.

    And Bro. Bugnolo’s speech is the best clarion call to Catholics or else the Church will perish.

    Antichrist Pope Francis

    The Fatima Center is controlled-opposition that serves the Globalists Agenda

    The 2 Sr. Lucys of Fatima

    Transhumanism the evil that must be rejected

    Catholics must fast by stopping to watch  television and famous well-paid famous Catholic pundits because they blindfold them from seeing  the truth.   Catholics must follow and Ordo Militaris Radio TV.

    We need Divine Intervention…….

    Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

  3. Must be trying to Immanetize the Eschaton or some such heresy blather the Church has already negated. Perhaps, he’s seeking to open the proverbial gate to hell further to allow more evil onto the planet while weakening the forces of God to fight. Is the fascist homo-heretical apostate also banning chanting and other church tradition related to strengthening all forces for good which is God?

  4. He is an imposter, and has no authority to tell Catholics to do or not do anything. Ignore him. Certainly don’t obey him.

  5. I am wondering how long will it take for conservative Catholics to realize that Bergoglio is an Antipope and quite possibly the False Prophet.

  6. We have reached the final stage. The “program” will be imposed by FORCE. This is very auspicious because entering into a contest of strength with GOD can only end in the destruction of the weakest side. Now let’s see: on one side is the power that runs the Universe. On the other side, a bunch of old effeminates.

    Ladies & Gentlemen, place your bets. 😁

    1. Bunch of old effeminates? No, they’re named after an old English dish of minced offal meat balls bound with the caul fat of beef cattle. Their name is highly descriptive, begins with F and ends in S. There are some GGs in there too 😉

      1. I agree. Once they’re defunct it will make no difference how we call them. Their actions will be execrated for eternity. Even if they repent now, clean their act, and save their souls something that I don’t expect them to do at all.

      2. FAGGOTS? That’s a good description of mostly all Pope Frnacis advisors and bishops appointed by him. Alot have had to quit due to being accused of pedophile or homo activity.

  7. It seems to me that the NWO have accelerated their objective.

    I was privy to an article, that indicated that their agenda needed to change somewhat and due to an unknown threat.

    I for one know that this stopping of the mass was coming, but did not expect it so soon. I haven’t reacted yet, but it will hit me later, because Francis will get it right. It’s part of Gods plan. Just have faith in Jesus and Mary.

    We must not be afraid, heaven is with us And will protect us.

    Prepare to go underground once again, approximately 2000 years later.

  8. There have been “murmurings” about a blanket-ban on the TLM for a while now…
    I foresee a situation, here in England, if our Bergoglian-obedient bishops put such a document into effect, that will resemble the scenario five centuries ago when Henry VIII was doing his utmost to exterminate Roman Catholicism……so the faithful priests & laity “went underground”, into private chapels, into manor-houses, private homes etc.
    In Ireland the faithful resorted to the ‘Mass rocks’ littered about the mountainous hillsides……in fact, some of these were used again during the scamdemic-lockdowns.

    The TLM will always survive any attempted suppression/abrogation that the malevolent globalist-masonic-genocidal Vatican hierarchy try to impose!!

    Is this all part of GOD’s chastisement for Rome having “lost the Faith” since Vatican II ??


  9. A snake, still moves its tail, after its head has been cut off. Jorge’s head, instead, still spits venom, while the body is …”out of order”. What he did to Pope Benedict’s Summorum Pontificum “broke Ratzinger’s heart”. Not content with that, PachaJorge wants to ‘brake all Catholics’ hearts’ by canceling the ONLY BASTION remaining, that PachaJorge’s friends, globalist, communist, trans-humanists have to destroy, in order to apply their satanical agenda. Why destroy the Catholic Church? Because it’s the ONLY CHURCH (RELIGION) that believes and SPEAKS of GOD THE CREATOR and over a billion (catholics) people believe in the Transcendental and therefore, not likely to ‘buy’ their satanical agenda. So, Catholics, out there and everywhere, STAND UP AND FIGHT, obedience to a heretical order is against the teachings of the Gospels. Don’t forget St. Michael!

  10. Cardinal Bertone says prayer for conversion of Jews in Latin Mass could go

    Jul 20, 2007 / 07:53 am

    Italian Jewish leaders expressed relief on Thursday after the Vatican Secretary of State said the prayer for the conversion of Jews could be eliminated from the recently re-introduced Latin Mass.

    Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said the removal of the prayer would “solve all the problems,” reported ANSA.

    “The declarations made by Cardinal Bertone clear away the fears that we and others expressed in recent days,” Renzo Gattegna, head of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, was quoted as saying.

    Gattegna said the cardinal confirmed the Church’s readiness to continue dialogue, noting that unless “equal dignity” was implicit, dialogue between Jews and Catholics was impossible.

    Jewish organizations expressed deep concern earlier this month when Pope Benedict XVI brought back the Latin Mass, whose use sharply declined after the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s.

    They noted that the original Latin Mass contained a prayer referring to “perfidious” Jews and asking God to remove the “veil” from their hearts and to overcome the “blindness” of that people.

    Benedict did not bring back this precise prayer but a later version introduced by Pope John XXIII in 1962. In this version the word ‘perfidious’ was removed but the text was still a prayer for the conversion of Jews and it still contained the words ‘veil’, ‘blindness’ and ‘darkness’.

    However, according to ANSA, Cardinal Bertone said everyone could be told to use the third version, introduced by Paul VI in 1970. It asks for prayers that Jews, as the chosen people, “may arrive at the fullness of redemption”.


    Benedict XVI was a martyr surrounded by enemies both inside and outside of the Church.

    Bergoglio is the Antichrist Pope Francis

  11. Non Praevalebunt

    “On the other side, a bunch of old effeminates.” — LOL!

    On the side of the vicar of Satan is Antichrist Pope Francis’ with a bunch of old effeminates….the St. Gallen Gay Mafia!

    That is similar to the U.S. military headed by creepy Joe pedo Biden army of trannies and gays!

    The 3 priests at The Fatima Center praises Putin and compares him to Biden who condones gays…

    Gays and trannies and men cross-dressing

    The Ecclesiastical Mafia

    Bro. Bugnolo exposed the Ecclesiastical Mafia of gays that cancelled Fr. Pavone

  12. For 2 years I have considered that if he is the false prophet he will destroy traditional masses and force everyone into the novus order. Once he does that he will transform the mass into an ecumenical prayer service where the bread remains bread. Anyone who disobeys will be considered excommunicated.

  13. G

    So, Billy was ‘chockin’ the chicken’ in his Harvard days? Well, that is no surprise. That’s why Windows took almost 20 years to stabilize. The boss was dating Mary Palmer!😋😆

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