L’Ammonimento solenne al Collegio dei Cardinali — Perché è stato necessario?

Per carità, diffonderlo con tutti i tuoi conoscenti, parenti ed amici nelle Diocesi di Roma, Albano, Osta, Velletri-Segni, Palestrina, Frascati, Sabina Poggio Mireto, e Porta Santa Rufina.

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this video, I explain in Italian, why it was juridically wise and useful for Roman Catholics at Rome to give the College of Cardinals a solemn public rebuke for not yet taking any move convening in Conclave. For just as in every legal dispute, one first notifies the transgressing party, that one’s rights are being transgressed, to warn them of impending legal action if they fail to cease in the transgression, so in this dispute, the College of Cardinals cannot simply omit their duty in silence, but must give a juridical explanation of why they are deciding to act or not to act. This is especially true, because since March 13, 2013 A. D., when they pretended to elect Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Roman Pontiff, they have never responded as a body, nor even as individuals, with a canonical explanation of their position now that all the evidence for their fault has been published to all the world for 10 years, and especially here in Italy during the last 2 years.

Thus, the Solemn Admonishment (Text here in Italian and English translation) had to be given, just as in a disagreement among knights, one throws one’s glove down in front of the opponent to challenge him to a fight, to prove which party is in the right, so now, the College of Cardinals has been put on notice. They must respond verbally and they must take action. If they fail at both, then they have juridically conceded, that the Roman Catholic Faithful of the Church of Rome, that is, of the Dioceses of Roma, Albano, Osta, Velletri-Segni, Palestrina, Frascati, Sabina Poggio Mireto, and Porta Santa Rufina do in fact have the rights claimed in the Solemn Admonishment. Cardinal Re, Dean of the College, now has in hand 3 copies of the text.

The ball is now in his court.

He has been presented to a juridical fait accompli, as it were, he is now checkmated and failing to act, he loses the most important battle, and will concede the juridical legitimacy to us who are Catholics in communion with Pope Benedict XVI till the end.

APPENDIX:  True Devotion to Saints Peter and Paul

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4 thoughts on “L’Ammonimento solenne al Collegio dei Cardinali — Perché è stato necessario?”

  1. Chin Up Br !

    and so say all of us;

    Ratzinger Codex: Benedict XVI’s encrypted messages
    Cionci. “The Lord – said Benedict at his election – also uses insufficient instruments” although Don Minutella is a heroic and prepared figure, unjustly denigrated for his rightly heated tones, to whom history will have to bow.
    As well as for a humble, but very cultured little brother like Fra Bugnolo. Suffice it to say that the decryption of the Pope’s messages was entrusted to a common normo-reasoning journalist and not to a wise cardinal or Vatican expert.

    thinking about you ‘little Brother’ in your time of need.

    i shall pray for you with hope – Cheerio


  2. Bro, Bugnolo,

    THANK you for your talk on True Devotion to Saints Peter and Paul.

    It is better than a lot of homilies of priests that I’ve heard from!

    Keep up the good work!

    May Archangel Michael protect you…and AJ!

  3. As you mentioned the apostols vs pope, I just remembered that the Hungarian kingdom had an Apostolic King of Hungary. They were ” independent” from the pope. This area ( why, how, etc) like so many area in our history is twisted. We also have a Holy Crown , which they wanted to destroy just like all other Hungarian values. What I notice there is a big awakening proces in Hungary salted with a lot of controlled opposition trying to mislead the mass.

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