Br. Bugnolo’s Disputed Question on Whether the Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI was valid.

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Introduction by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I wrote this article in the Winter of 2018/2019 and mailed it to Pope Benedict XVI twice. In response the Holy Father never corrected me. Nor did Archbishop Gänswein. In Nov. of 2019, I sent it to 700+ priests of the Diocese of Rome, and no one every refuted it. In Dec. 2019 to January 2020, I shared it with more than 500 students of theology at Rome, and no one refuted it.

This Disputed Question, in scholastic form, was translated into Italian and published on Oct. 30, 2019,  and Spanish on January 20, 2019 on Parts I and II. It first was published in English, partially, on Nov. 19, 2018. and Part II on Dec. 26, 2018.

While I would emend this presentation where I to give it today, by insisting rather than munus is properly translated as charge in English, in its medieval sense, of “I charge you to root out banditry in the county …”, it remains an important historical document demonstrating three historical and canonical facts: (1) that Pope Benedict XVI was the pope until death, and (2) that he understood himself to be such, and importantly, that (3) no one in 4 years has refuted the Scholastic argument in favor of (1).

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5 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo’s Disputed Question on Whether the Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI was valid.”

  1. Br Bugnolo, this was phenomenal. I started reading in later 2018, but i must have missed this paper somehow.

    As valuable as your index to Benedict resignation is, i think this paper is invaluable and the first thing anyone should be pointed to before spending hours going through your entire index.

    No rock left unturned, sound logic, conscience argumentation, beautifully presented overall and utterly compelling. A very professional, noble and edifying scholastic presentation.

    As familiar as I am with our case, I benefited so much from reading this and will be going over it again a few more times, as well as sending this to others, amongst whom are a few priests.

    And I’m really not just sucking up, this genuine praise. This should be required reading for any apologist or person who pretends to understand and refute our case.

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