Pope Benedict XVI was intentionally disrespected in death, and driven from power by US Intel Agencies


 Editor’s Note: At 11 minutes into this video, Fr. Altman calls the events of Feb. – Mar. 2013, a “coup” and “takeover and “schism from all things Catholic”. — Excellent summaries here of the Papacy of Pope Benedict XVI. — Explosive take away: Joe Biden met with Pope Benedict XVI in 2011 in secret, in a meeting the existence of which has been hidden from the public, and still undisclosed.

This video is a 1 hour explanation of why we all need to rally behind the election of Pope Benedict XVI’s successor by the Faithful of Rome, not directly, but by the revelations of all kinds of information that it finally makes go main stream. The speakers go where they have never yet gone, to admitting that Benedict XVI may have died as the true pope, Bergoglio never been the pope, and the Bergoglian cardinals are not legit, and the Church is now in Sede Vacante.

It looks like, from this video, that Father Altman is now in the B16 camp. If anyone knows how to contact, him, tell him I would like to speak with him, and invite him to a conference here in Rome.

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10 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI was intentionally disrespected in death, and driven from power by US Intel Agencies”

  1. I think you attribute too much power to our spy agencies, in truth; they’re as much puppets of the PTB as our gov’ts are, ours for the past century, at least, perhaps longer. The CIA were “just following orders”, if they had any part in it. Look to Bergoglio’s fellow Jesuits, and their Freemason and Banking Houses’ friends, if you want to know who was behind it.
    The CIA teamed up with LBJ and the Mafia to take out JFK, because he threatened their continued existence, but not without permission from the “top”. The Federal Reserve had a hand in that too, because they were also threatened; their “big brothers” in Europe didn’t like that either. But even that assassination was not orchestrated here alone.

    1. @Sandra. I do not want to sound disrespectful, but please define symbols like PTB before using it. What is PTB? It detracts from your comments that seem very interesting. There are too many possible meanings and none make sense to you comments. Thank you.

      1. @Borg, I think k her use of “PTB” is meant to be “Powers that be”. I was also confused by this for a moment.

  2. Well they called it the death of the Holy Father.
    They are not explicitly mentioning Bergoglio is not one.

  3. So much information! Let’s pray that more priests are as brave as Father Altman.

    On his website, jfaltman.org, it states Fr. Altman is living with his parents in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. His mailing address is 2511 8th st. S. #337, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494

  4. Westen asks, “How ever could you come to another papacy?”


    By not mentioning the process of Election by Apostolic Right, Weston misses the opportunity of being the FIRST kid on the Trad Catholic Media block to name this option. To assist him with the answer to his question, I’ve dropped the link to your instructional article regarding Election by Apostolic Right in his youtube comment thread as well as given it to him at the email address he gives in the video, editor@lifesitenews.com.

    Perhaps more faithful “orphans” will contact Mr Westen with similar requests.

    1. Westen could be linked to CIA following Br. Bugnolo and AJs investigation. I would not trust him as a contact point for priests and bishops who know about shady dealings — would such disclosures ever reach daylight?

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