Marshall: The Vatican can no longer hide that there is a War going on inside

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13 thoughts on “Marshall: The Vatican can no longer hide that there is a War going on inside”

  1. More bad news… there is also a war waging outside that people were blindfolded from.

    It is a war against the Christians and the ones who follow in their conscience God.

  2. I read Taylor Marshall’s book. It was a good read and disturbing. Yes, I believe this is a time of darkness and apostasy. In both a metaphoric sense and in an actual sense, it is time to enter the bunker. It is useless to try to convert those who have decided not to be open, and who have closed off even the path of words. I have noticed that the sons of perdition have had the ability to always frame the argument to their advantage. The sons of light have not had any breakthrough arguments. Faith and reason just bounce off. Most usually in history the argument has been better balanced and moved first one way and then the other between those of good will. That is no longer true. It only moves one way – the ratchet as I have called it. This I believe is a sign of the demonic.

    Along these lines – though quite subtle, I think, the deacon at our new local church gave an excellent homily yesterday. He talked about the ancient temple in Jerusalem and said that the slaughter was so intense that there was a special drain to carry away the blood from the sin offering. He said (and I have never heard this before) that to move the blood along, they added water so that from the temple came a stream of blood and water from the sin offering. I stirred in my pew. Jesus said that they would destroy the temple and he would raise it back up in three days, referring to his body from which came blood and water as a sin offering. His body is the new temple and the new and complete sacrifice forever – continually being offered around the world – perhaps until now.

    The signs are everywhere that the head of the fish is rotting.

    Taylor Marshall pins this on the stone cutters. I think his field of focus is too small. There either is or there is not God. If there is then certain things must follow. If there is not, then man is the measure. If in the synodal church the mission is to listen to the “marginalized” and develop a liturgy and dogma based on human wants then man is the measure – purely so. It matters not a whit whether the “listening” is a stunt to put forward a predetermined program or if the hierarchy is foolish enough to rebuild the church on the sand of human desire and complaint, either way, man is the measure.

    In the Old Testament, God laid down very specific conditions in the law. God is the measure. In the New Testament Jesus is the fulfillment of the law. He states clearly that the law is not cast down, but fulfilled. The measure is God in the Second Person and the Spirit of Truth is the Third Person both doing the will of the Father.

    Everything coming out of Rome these days is cheap political theater, idolatry, confusion, and sentimentality.

    The good news for the poor and previously marginalized was that there is a higher state than their poverty and lack of public respect in which the last would be first. The new news for the poor and marginalized is that the church is looking to them for answers. Make no mistake, the poor and marginalized will still be poor and puzzled but all assurances will be removed and their situation will be seen and promoted to them as hopeless! As long as they are not the center of attention and moderately well-off (“empowered”), they have nothing! It is insane.

    As we know from looking at the data (“science”) the poor we will always have with us and equal outcomes is not even a theoretical possibility quite apart from the fallen nature of man and sin. It is not even theoretically possible due to variance in human perception, energy, health, age – pick any attribute you like. Plus there must always be an unequal administrator. So in the name of an impossibility, all earthly life must come under regulation. It is the perfect expression of evil. Abolish all that is good in the name of an impossibility! This is way bigger than the agenda of the stone cutters.

    Man is the measure. All of the vile ideologies have that in common. It is the same exact temptation used to hook Adam and Eve. More than half of the world’s population seem to be choosing the apple.

  3. Phenomenal. So unimaginable for people to continue to turn their heads to the state of the Vatican and the Church…And those turning away from the reality of the Church seem odd in that they are also the ones in denial about the state of the United States and the endless attacks upon the people of the world by the Techno-Feudal Fascists.

  4. 2Peter 2:20-22
    20 For if after they have escaped the pollution of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning.
    21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the Holy commandment delivered unto them.
    22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again…

  5. I used to regularly watch Dr Taylor Marshall videos. It was thanks to his video with Dr Edmund Mazza that I learned about the canonical arguments of Pope Benedict’s declaration. Dr Marshall sounds like a prudent person, and it seems that he is slowly but surely getting close to recognizing Bergoglio as an antipope, and maybe even taking the side of the Impeded See thesis.

      1. From what I gathered from AJ’s exposé of his background it does not seem that he has any WEF backing or any other nefarious group. So that is a good sign.

        In the case of John Henry Westin, do you think his discussion of thr topic is honest, or is it more like a “limited hangout” strategy?

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