The Great Reset of Pope Benedict XVI is about to be launched …

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


For nearly 300 years the Freemasons have plotted to destroy the Catholic Church. Their tactics have been infiltration, dissimulation, manipulation, and planned, coordinated disintegration from within. And their grand strategy, has been to take over the College of Cardinals so that they might elect one of their own, to be the Roman Pontiff, and thus seize total control over the Church so as to let these tactics run riot.

Warned by numerous Saints and informants, Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger, however, planned a coup de grace against these forces of darkness by inserting into Church law the keys to set into motion a plan to destroy the 300 year old Masonic project with a maneuver they could never foresee nor take measures against.

Against the plot to take over the Papacy, this plan consisted in an anti-usurpation maneuver. Drawing from the principles of Germanic Dynastic Right, in 1983 there was introduced by Pope John Paul II, with Cardinal Ratzinger’s advice, a novelty, in Canon 332 §2, whereby to renounce the papacy, the man who was Roman Pontiff would have to renounce the spiritual source and root of his power, the petrine munus, which is the charge he receives from Jesus Christ, in the Apostolic Succession of St. Peter, when he accepts his legitimate election as Roman Pontiff.

While seemingly an unimportant precision, that change altered the obligation from the realm of merely renouncing, to requiring him to renounce with precision that source and root of power. Since that modification, the man who is pope, if he be put under pressure to renounce, could perform a fait accompli, and renounce something which appeared to be the same thing but was in fact not the same thing, and thus deceive Ecclesiastical Freemasonry into thinking he had renounced, when he had not.

These two Popes bolstered and protected this anti-usurpation measure with Canon 17, which forbade any interpretation of Canon 332 §2 outside the terms of the Code of Canon Law and canonical tradition. They insured this interpretation via Canon 1331, §2, n. 4, by confirming that those who separate themselves from the power of the Roman Pontiff separate themselves from all dignity, office and munus in the Church, thus admonishing anyone from considering a renunciation of ministry from being capable of this.

And thus on February 11, 2013, his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, successor of Saint Peter, Vicar of Christ — pressured by the dictatorships of High Finance, which through Deutsche Bank and the Swift System had completely shut off the Vatican City State form all financial transactions, and by the dictatorship of Mass Media which had from the first day of his election viciously and unrelentingly attacked his person, and by world leaders, such as Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden, who plotted and planned his abdication, even to the point of sicking the NSA on him to push for it — launched the most brilliant, intelligent and unforeseen masterstroke.

He read a Latin Text, which contained all the elements to destroy the enemies of Christ, with the most cleaver substitutions, variations and elements.

For they had demanded his abdication in a juridical act of renunciation in accord with Canon 332 §2.  But in response, he reads aloud a Declaratio formulated in accord with Canon 333 §2, to announce to the world, that what he is doing, is not a juridical act of renunciation, but an administrative act of withdrawing from active ministry, so as to concentrate on exercising his vocation as the one sole Pope in a life of prayer and contemplation.

By this act, of a man of peace, which was aimed at no one, he put the entire Church to the test, trusting in the Holy Spirit who inspired him to enlighten those of good will with the understanding of what he had done in due time.

Thus, when on February 14, 2013 came, he met with the Clergy of the Diocese of Rome to hint to them what he had done, and to give them the key to understand it. For while it seemed absurd to the world, that he should spend that entire meeting talking about how Vatican II was misunderstood because it was misinterpreted by the dictatorship of the Mass Media, he called them to read Ecclesiastical Documents always in the Latin and to attend carefully to their meaning, and NOT to rely on what the Main Stream Media said they meant.

And thus it was he called the entire Catholic World to pay attention to the fact that he had not renounced in a juridical act the petrine munus (canon 332 §2), but had administratively declared that he would lay down the petrine ministry (canon 333, §2).

But furthermore, he was calling out attention to two other most important aspects of the text, which no other canonist or Latinist has ever been willing to admit, but which are undeniable. I have spoken of these before, but now I will summarize (see complete discussion here).

First, he make at the very start of his Declaration, a most stunning announcement

Not only for the sake of the three acts of canonization have I called you together for this Consistory, but also so that I may communicate a separation from you of great moment for the life of the Church.

By this he announces to the Catholic world, that the College of Cardinals is in schism from him and will lose its role in the election of his successor.

Then, further down in his Declaratio, he declares that a conclave is to be called by those who are competent, putting the whole College of Cardinals on notice, that they are gravely obligated to follow the Papal Law on Conclaves, and that if they fail to be competent in listening to and taking heed of this Declaratio, they would lose that right.

By this statement he not only excludes from that future Conclave all Cardinals whom he and Pope John Paul II had not created, he warns them not to enter into conclave after his laying down of the Petrine Ministry.

But in the most brilliant strategem ever, by declaring that such a conclave be called in advance, he puts into action Canon 166 §1, which requires that the President of a college of electors convene that college from the place in which they are to be called and announce this to all the electors!

This declaration of a future conclave has appeared to all canonists during the last 10 years as one of the most bizarre aspects of his Declaratio, because they attempt to understand that text as an application of Canon 332 not Canon 333. For in an act in accord with canon 332, there is no need for such a convocation of a future conclave, as it follows by the law itself.

Thus, Pope Benedict XVI took into account beforehand, in this anti-usurpation maneuver, that after his laying down the petrine ministry, but not the petrine munus, that the forces of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry would come out of the shadows and proceed to an uncanonical election of another Roman Pontiff, even though he remained in life and had not abdicated.

Having become certain of this fact,  he declares from Castel Gandolfo on Feb. 28, 2013, that the next day the Cardinals would impede the Apostolic See (Canon 335) by calling for such an illegitimate conclave, saying, according to the ancient Papal reckoning of time: after 8 o’clock I will no longer be the Pontiff supreme. And by this he puts on notice the last measure which Pope John Paul II had included in the Code of Canon Law in 1983: for Canon 335 is the ultimate bulwark against all innovation in the Church, since it forbids it explicitly during an impeded see.

The Lord God Holy Spirit, Who is ever gentle with the children of God adopted in Christ through Baptism, then gave Pope Benedict XVI a long life, so that in the next 10 years all of us would have time to open our eyes and recognize what he had done.

And with the death of Pope Benedict XVI on Dec. 31, 2022, that time has passed. Those who understand these things have passed the test, and are now certified to proceed with the Great Reset.

Now, the Cardinals have until January 21st to enter into conclave. If they fail to do that, their exclusive right to elect the Roman Pontiff, successor of St. Peter and of Pope Benedict XVI, will cease. And that right to elect him will pass by apostolic right to the entire faithful of the Roman Church, which enjoys this right, which is comprised by the Dioceses of Rome, Ostia, Albano, Velletri-Segni, Palestrina, Frascati, Sabina Poggio Mirteto, and Porto Santa Rufina, and who number more than 5600 priests and nearly 4 million souls.

However, not all of these are competent, to elect this new Pope of the Catholic Church, because not all have paid attention, and many have been tricked by the dictatorship of the mainstream media, controlled by the masonic lodges through the intelligence agencies of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Italy, to name only a few, into thinking otherwise.

Thus, the Church of Rome is now in sede vacante and only those who are competent to elect the next Pope recognize it. The assembly to elect him has already been convoked by the president of the college, Pope Benedict, thus fulfilling canon 166. It remains now only that the assembly come together at vote, for the entire Church to have amongst Her once again, the man who is the holder of the petrine munus and who enjoys the OMNIPOTENT, INFALLIBLE, CONSTANT, AND ALWAYS VICTORIOUS PRAYER OF JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD!

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25 thoughts on “The Great Reset of Pope Benedict XVI is about to be launched …”

  1. Thank you Brother Bugnolo, for this magnificent peace.
    I have putted a link to this in the comments of an Irish friar, “Called to more”, I have been following lately on YT.
    I have commented on it before, via the lessons learned here, about the anti pope, but it was censored there.
    I wonder how long this new comment will hold.

  2. I am not surprised because the Holy Spirit guided Pope Benedict XVI, just like how Mama Mary guided Pope John Paul II.

    Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I give you my heart and soul.
    Jesus, Mary, Joseph, assist me now and in my last agony.
    Jesus, Mary, Joseph, may I die in peace with you. Amen.

  3. This is an excellent summary; thank you, Brother Alexis.

    As icing on the cake, Benedict pronounced his Declaratio on Rosenmontag, the Monday of Carnival week, a day that is famous in Germany for the playing of pranks. It was the also the day on which Karl Valentin died, a German vaudeville performer whom Joseph Ratzinger greatly admired; in fact Ratzinger was inducted into the “Order of Karl Valentin” in Paris in 1989. Valentin was renowned for his ability to use a “play on words” to face life’s most difficult situations with humor.

    It seems then that Benedict’s “play on words” in the Declaratio enabled him to pull an enormous Rosenmontag Carnival prank on the Masonic cabal within the Church.

    Thanks to Andrea Cionci for this extremely intriguing and detailed insight explained in The Ratzinger Code chapter “A Gigantic Carnival Prank.”

  4. Thank you Bro. Bugnolo for this excellent explanation. I only saw one typo (para 6. second last line, a ‘t’ is missing!) This is everything we need to know, reduced down to it’s clearest form. Wonderful! Thank you.

    The world we live in is so murky, I don’t know how this piercing truth is going to penetrate, but, like that luminous cross over St. Peter’s on the day of Pope Benedict’s funeral, pierce it will.

    1. The keys of Heaven and Earth returned to Jesus until the election of the next Pontiff.

  5. Here it is translated to Spanish:

    Durante casi 300 años, los francmasones han conspirado para destruir la Iglesia Católica. Sus tácticas han sido la infiltración, la disimulación, la manipulación y la desintegración planificada y coordinada desde dentro. Y su gran estrategia, ha sido apoderarse del Colegio de Cardenales para poder elegir a uno de los suyos, para ser el Romano Pontífice, y así apoderarse del control total sobre la Iglesia para dejar que estas tácticas se desborden.

    Advertidos por numerosos Santos e informantes, el Papa Juan Pablo II y el Cardenal Ratzinger, sin embargo, planearon un golpe de gracia contra estas fuerzas de la oscuridad insertando en la ley de la Iglesia las claves para poner en marcha un plan para destruir el proyecto masónico de 300 años con una maniobra que nunca pudieron prever ni tomar medidas contra ella.

    Contra el complot para apoderarse del Papado, este plan consistía en una maniobra antiusurpación. Partiendo de los principios del Derecho Dinástico Germánico, en 1983 se introdujo por el Papa Juan Pablo II, con el asesoramiento del Cardenal Ratzinger, una novedad, en el Canon 332 §2, por la cual para renunciar al papado, el que fuera Romano Pontífice tendría que renunciar a la fuente y raíz espiritual de su poder, el munus petrino, que es el cargo que recibe de Jesucristo, en la Sucesión Apostólica de San Pedro, cuando acepta su legítima elección como Romano Pontífice.

    Aunque aparentemente una precisión sin importancia, ese cambio alteró la obligación desde el ámbito de la mera renuncia, a exigirle que renuncie con precisión a esa fuente y raíz de poder. Desde esa modificación, el hombre que es Papa, si se le presiona para que renuncie, podría realizar un hecho consumado, y renunciar a algo que parecía ser la misma cosa pero que en realidad no era la misma cosa, y así engañar a la Masonería Eclesiástica haciéndole creer que había renunciado, cuando no lo había hecho.

    Estos dos Papas reforzaron y protegieron esta medida antiusurpación con el Canon 17, que prohibía cualquier interpretación del Canon 332 §2 fuera de los términos del Código de Derecho Canónico y de la tradición canónica. Aseguraron esta interpretación a través del Canon 1331, §2, n. 4, confirmando que aquellos que se separan del poder del Romano Pontífice se separan de toda dignidad, oficio y munus en la Iglesia, amonestando así a cualquiera de considerar una renuncia al ministerio de ser capaz de esto.

    Y así, el 11 de febrero de 2013, su Santidad el Papa Benedicto XVI, sucesor de San Pedro, Vicario de Cristo, presionado por las dictaduras de las Altas Finanzas, que a través del Deutsch Bank y del Swift System habían cerrado completamente al Estado de la Ciudad del Vaticano toda transacción financiera, y por la dictadura de los medios de comunicación de masas, que desde el primer día de su elección habían atacado viciosa e implacablemente a su persona, y por líderes mundiales, como Hilary Clinton y Joe Biden, que tramaron y planearon su abdicación, hasta el punto de enfermar a la NSA para presionarla, el Papa Benedicto XVI lanzó el golpe maestro más brillante, inteligente e imprevisto.

    Leyó un texto en latín, que contenía todos los elementos para destruir a los enemigos de Cristo, con las más astutas sustituciones, variaciones y elementos.

    Porque habían exigido su abdicación en un acto jurídico de renuncia de acuerdo con el Canon 332 §2.  Pero en respuesta, lee en voz alta una Declaratio formulada de acuerdo con el Canon 333 §2, para anunciar al mundo que lo que está haciendo no es un acto jurídico de renuncia, sino un acto administrativo de retirada del ministerio activo, para concentrarse en el ejercicio de su vocación como único Papa en una vida de oración y contemplación.

    Con este acto, de hombre de paz, que no iba dirigido contra nadie, puso a prueba a toda la Iglesia, confiando en el Espíritu Santo que le inspiró para iluminar a los de buena voluntad con la comprensión de lo que había hecho a su debido tiempo.

    Así, cuando llegó el 14 de febrero de 2013, se reunió con el Clero de la Diócesis de Roma para insinuarles lo que había hecho y darles la clave para entenderlo. Porque aunque al mundo le pareció absurdo, que se pasara toda esa reunión hablando de que el Vaticano II se malinterpretó porque lo malinterpretó la dictadura de los medios de comunicación en masa, les llamó a leer los Documentos Eclesiásticos siempre en latín y a atender cuidadosamente a su significado, y a NO fiarse de lo que los medios de comunicación en masa dijeran que significaban.

    Y así fue como llamó a todo el mundo católico a prestar atención al hecho de que no había renunciado en un acto jurídico al munus petrino (canon 332 §2), sino que había declarado administrativamente que renunciaría al ministerio petrino (canon 333, §2).

    Pero además, estaba llamando la atención sobre otros dos aspectos importantísimos del texto, que ningún otro canonista o latinista ha estado dispuesto a admitir, pero que son innegables. Ya he hablado de ellos antes, pero ahora los resumiré.

    En primer lugar, al principio de su Declaración, hace un anuncio asombroso

    No sólo por las tres actas de canonización os he convocado a este Consistorio, sino también para comunicaros una separación de gran trascendencia para la vida de la Iglesia.

    Con ello anuncia al mundo católico que el Colegio Cardenalicio está en cisma con él y perderá su papel en la elección de su sucesor.

    Luego, más adelante en su Declaratio, declara que un cónclave debe ser convocado por aquellos que son competentes, poniendo a todo el Colegio Cardenalicio sobre aviso, de que están gravemente obligados a seguir la Ley Papal sobre Cónclaves, y que si no son competentes en escuchar y tener en cuenta esta Declaratio, perderán ese derecho.

    Con esta declaración no sólo excluye de ese futuro Cónclave a todos los Cardenales que él y el Papa Juan Pablo II no habían creado, sino que les advierte que no entren en cónclave después de su renuncia al Ministerio Petrino.

    Pero en la estrategia más brillante jamás vista, al declarar que tal cónclave debe ser convocado de antemano, pone en acción el Canon 166 §1, ¡que requiere que el Presidente de un colegio de electores convoque a ese colegio desde el lugar en el que van a ser convocados y anuncie esto a todos los electores!

    Esta declaración de un futuro cónclave ha parecido a todos los canonistas durante los últimos 10 años como uno de los aspectos más extraños de su Declaratio, porque intentan entender ese texto como una aplicación del Canon 332 y no del Canon 333. Pues en un acto acorde con el canon 332, no hay necesidad de tal convocatoria de un futuro cónclave, como se deduce por la propia ley.

    Así pues, el Papa Benedicto XVI tuvo en cuenta de antemano, en esta maniobra antiusurpación, que tras su deposición del ministerio petrino, pero no del munus petrino, que las fuerzas de la masonería eclesiástica saldrían de las sombras y procederían a una elección no canónica de otro Romano Pontífice, aunque él siguiera en vida y no hubiera abdicado.

    Habiéndose cerciorado de este hecho, declara desde Castel Gandolfo el 28 de febrero de 2013, que al día siguiente los Cardenales impedirían la Sede Apostólica (Canon 335) convocando tal cónclave ilegítimo, diciendo, según el antiguo cómputo papal del tiempo: después de las 8 ya no seré el Pontífice supremo. Y con esto pone sobre aviso la última medida que el Papa Juan Pablo II había incluido en el Código de Derecho Canónico en 1983: pues el Canon 335 es el último baluarte contra toda innovación en la Iglesia, ya que la prohíbe explícitamente durante una sede impedida.

    El Señor Dios Espíritu Santo, que es siempre benigno con los hijos de Dios adoptados en Cristo por el Bautismo, concedió entonces al Papa Benedicto XVI una larga vida, para que en los próximos 10 años todos tuviéramos tiempo de abrir los ojos y reconocer lo que había hecho.

    Y con la muerte del Papa Benedicto XVI el 31 de diciembre de 2022, ese tiempo ha pasado. Aquellos que entienden estas cosas han pasado la prueba, y ahora están certificados para proceder con el Gran Reseteo.

    Ahora, los Cardenales tienen hasta el 21 de Enero para entrar en cónclave. Si no lo hacen, cesará su derecho exclusivo a elegir al Romano Pontífice, sucesor de San Pedro y del Papa Benedicto XVI. Y ese derecho a elegirlo pasará por derecho apostólico a todos los fieles de la Iglesia Romana, que goza de este derecho, y que está formada por las Diócesis de Roma, Ostia, Albano, Velletri-Segni, Palestrina, Frascati, Sabina Poggio Mirteto y Porto Santa Rufina, y que cuenta con más de 5600 sacerdotes y cerca de 4 millones de almas.

    Sin embargo, no todos ellos son competentes, para elegir a este nuevo Papa de la Iglesia Católica, porque no todos han prestado atención, y muchos han sido engañados por la dictadura de los grandes medios de comunicación, controlados por las logias masónicas a través de las agencias de inteligencia de los Estados Unidos, el Reino Unido y la República de Italia, por nombrar sólo algunos, para que piensen lo contrario.

    Así, la Iglesia de Roma está ahora en sede vacante y sólo aquellos que son competentes para elegir al próximo Papa lo reconocen. La asamblea para elegirlo ya ha sido convocada por el presidente del colegio, el Papa Benedicto, cumpliendo así el canon 166. Ahora sólo falta que la asamblea se reúna en votación, para que toda la Iglesia vuelva a tener entre Ella al hombre que ostenta el munus petrino y que goza de la ORACIÓN OMNIPOTENTE, INFALIBLE, CONSTANTE Y SIEMPRE VICTORIA DE JESUCRISTO, NUESTRO SEÑOR.

  6. They must come armed to Rome because the Euphrates River has dried up and it is highly probable that there would be a bloody battlefield across Europe in the coming years.

    The armies from the East are people of the desert. Their currency is bloodshed.

  7. How will this play out should Bergoglio announce his “resignation” before Jan 20? Such would “cover” the call to convene a conclave to elect a papal successor. This would leave things murky. B16 would have a successor, but Bergoglio’s cardinals would be voting. The matter of B16s munus would remain unclarified.

    1. No, the resignation of Bergoglio has no canonical consequences, because he never was the pope and nothing he does therefore has any consequence.

      1. I saw an article in the MSM today about Bergoglio being likely to resign due to the stress of internal opposition. He even spoke about stepping aside this past week. A time for fasting and praying. Thank you for your clear teaching and. courageous public stand these past two years. I accept with gratitude the canonical explanations you have explained as the basis of B16s decision to step out from public ministry while retaining his charge/munus as Peter’s sole successor. I do not have deep knowledge of canonical jurisprudence, but I have known intuitively that false shepherds abound, and have said with fear and trepidation that a false shepherd calls himself pope and surrounds bimself with heretics. May we be delivered of all deception and oncd again lead by a shepherd who bows before the Lordship of Jesus and worships in soirit and truth.

      2. Bergoglio would never resign out of stress, he is too much of a man of anger. As for the MSM they have been launching story after story to distract everyone from asking, WHY IS THERE NO CONCLAVE BEING CALLED.

  8. Brother, this is amazing. I am praying this week that God’s Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

  9. Brother, some prophecies claim an escape of the Pope of Rome, probably elected, bound for Balvária, Germany (who I thought was Benedict XVI of German origin), with some cardinals. Leornad de Butis says that an emperor of Germany influences the election of the new Roman pontiff. However, as you say, the canonical direction of the Church is the discernment to recognize a pope, through the munus he retains. My question, then, is this: is it possible that some cardinals chosen by John Paul II or Benedict XVI, although they are no longer voters, can also participate?

    1. Yes, of course the can participate. So can all the Clergy of all these dioceses. Obviously they would only do so, if as of the morning of the election, they recognize Bergoglio as an antipope. So we need to pray for them all!

  10. I forgot to mention that some cardinals are also shown by Leornad of Butis, but angry against this German emperor. And they elect a hermit. Yes, let us pray!






  12. St. Peter then Chose the New Pope
    Ven. Elizabeth Canori-Mora (d. 1825)
    “… The sky was covered with clouds so dense and dismal that it was impossible to look at them without dismay… The avenging arm of God will strike the wicked, and in his mighty power he will punish their pride and presumption. God will employ the powers of hell for the extermination of these impious and heretical persons who desire to overthrow the Church and destroy its foundation. ….

    “Innumerable legions of demons shall overrun the earth and shall execute the orders of Divine Justice… Nothing on the earth shall be spared. After this frightful punishment, I saw the heavens opening, and St. Peter coming down again upon earth; he was vested in his pontifical robes, and surrounded by a great number of angels, who were chanting hymns in his honor, and they proclaimed him as sovereign of the earth. I saw also St. Paul descending upon the earth. By God’s command, he traversed the earth and chained the demons, whom he brought before St. Peter, who commanded them to return into hell, whence they had come.

    “Then a great light appeared upon the earth which was the sign of the reconciliation of God with man. The angels conducted before the throne of the prince of the Apostles the small flock that had remained faithful to Jesus Christ. These good and zealous Christians testified to him the most profound respect, praising God and thanking the Apostles for having delivered them from the common destruction, and for having protected the Church of Jesus Christ by not permitting her to be infected with the false maxims of the world. St. Peter then chose the new pope. The Church was again organized…”

    (Prophecy of Ven. Elizabeth Canori-Mora (d. 1825) as recorded in Fr. Culleton’s book The Prophets and Our Times, 1941 A.D. Imprimatur)
    St Peter & St. Paul Come Down from Heaven
    Blessed Anna Maria Taigi
    “After the three days of darkness, St. Peter and St. Paul, having come down from Heaven, will preach in the whole world and designate a new Pope. A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal who is to become Pope. Christianity, then, will spread throughout the world.

    “He is the Holy Pontiff, chosen by God to withstand the storm. At the end, he will have the gift of miracles, and his name shall be praised over the whole earth. Whole nations will come back to the Church and the face of the earth will be renewed. Russia, England, and China will come into the Church.” (Prophecy of Blessed Anna Maria Taigi -1769-1837 A.D. – who was beatified by Pope Bendedict XV in 1920.)

  13. This was incredibly well put together Br. Bugnolo. Having followed for years, i was of course familiar with most all of this already, but it’s amazing how well written this piece is. I had thrills and goosebumps while reading it.

    Our view truly is the only one which can make sense of all the data points. How well all the facts fit together. No need to ignore or underemphasize any of the facts as the Bergoglians do.

    And our view, I am compelled to believe, is that which obviously gives the most glory to God. Ours is a narrative of a Pope whom the entire Church knew, understood, accepted and agreed was the Pope, who then – as you so beautifully presented – pulled of a Divinely inspired masterstroke against the satanic conspiracy against His Church. A plot so elegant and intelligent, one which only God could.

    Whereas, what is the Bergoglian narrative’s plot? One Pope was old and tired, couldn’t handle the difficulties facing him, decided to retire, new Pope is elected and proceeds to ravage and destroy. The previous Pope was impotent to do anything and took a coward’s way. The new Pope (who let’s not forget is a real legit Pope in this narrative), appoints a hord of Cardinals who stack the deck towards liberal modernist destroyers like himself as to guarantee a perpetual destruction of the Church from within. So far God seems silent.

    Sure, supposing their narrative – or something like it – were to be true, there could be some dramatic divine intervention later in which makes this story much better and bring glory to God. But so far, when I read a piece such as you wrote above, or just contemplate the entire matter myself, I can’t help but marvel at the coherence and elegance of it all and glorify God at how amazing it actually is to live in these times and be given the grace to see things clearly enough to be able to perceive the truth and beauty of “our” narrative (I.e. the truth).

    I was once on a long car trip with my unbelieving sister. She listened to me explain the whole matter and when I was done she said, with sincerity , “well, that would make for possibly the most entertaining movie plot ever written.”

    It’s much more than that of course, but let’s imagine some time in the next world, supposing some scriptures were to be written to recount the history of the Church, when it covers this era, doesn’t our narrative’s plot seem much more fitting of the riveting, not to mention sacred, story of God’s people? This is a subjective opinion of course, however while I can’t bring myself to see their narrative as plausible and while I imagine our narrative enshrined in some hypothetical future scripture or sacred history, i can’t bring myself to imagine their narrative to be preserved on anything cleaner than a men’s room toilet stall.

  14. Correction: the prophecy mentioned by me is of St. Celestine V, not Leonard of Butis. Thank you.

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