4 thoughts on “Don Minutella discounts his own candidacy, while declaring Br. Bugnolo’s efforts valid”

  1. I don’t speak Italian although I can understand some parts. Can someone elaborate on what Don Minutella said in discounting his candidacy? Does he consider himself as a candidate for the papacy?

    1. Your question is badly posited. Don Minutella has many fans in Italy and abroad and at Rome. Most of them would like to see him elected. He has never said he was a candidate or wants to be a candidate. But he has always sustained that he is a priest with a mission, inspired privately by Our Lady. There are those who love him and hate him, who think he is a saint or a charlatan. But since there has been recently new defamatory attacks claiming diverse persons want to be elected, in order to discredit them — Even Stevie, the ex CIA agent says I am among them — He has responded to clarify his intentions. In this video he says he feels his mission is to care for the souls who are served by the Little Remnant apostolate he has begun. And now he has purchased a new center in Tre Basiliche, Veneto, for this, and asks their support.

  2. Only a priest inspired by the Holy Spirit and Our Lady can be able to fight Bergoglio in his domain.

    The common result is a priest will fall into heresy and close their Churches and worse, sell them.

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