Anti-Pope’s move to utterly suppress the TLM is confirmed by Archbishop

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8 thoughts on “Anti-Pope’s move to utterly suppress the TLM is confirmed by Archbishop”

  1. They will suppress the TLM and then they will try to suppress the Eucharist. I am positive that after the attempt to suppress the Eucharist something very important is going to happen: God will make His move. Destruction will rain on the thieves in a manner that will make the destruction of the Temple by Titus look like a walk in the park. The people of Rome will pay dearly for having done nothing to elect a new Pope after Benedict XVI, Pope and Martyr.

  2. Antichrist Pope Francis vs, The Immaculate Heart

    Antichrist Pope Francis will issue the decree  to suppress forever the TLM at least a couple of months ahead so that it will go into effect on May 13, 2023 on the 106th anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady in Fatima in order to declare s formal war against Her who predicted that ‘In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”  6 is the number of the Mark of the Beast and the 6M of you know who!

    Therefore he’ll issue the decree to give time for all traditional priests and churches to prepare themselves and their parishioners to bid farewell to the heart of Holy Mother Church before he delivers his final blow on her.  He will formally excommunicate all traditional groups and priests who will intentionally continue to say the TLM and all Catholics who will continue to attend the TLM.  This will be a total out war and tyranny against the Catholic Church.

    Perhaps he’ll decree it on on March 13 on the 10th anniversary of his installation as pope by the St. Gallen Mafia.  But it will be a historical date because numerology is part of his Talmudic religion.

    The final abolition of the TLM is the Armageddon in the Roman Catholic Church and the DeathVaxx is the Armageddon of mankind.  Armageddon is not some Hollywood spectacular noisy production but the silent murder of the Holy Mother Church and of humanity.  Satan Lucifer the devil is clever as the noiseless serpent in the Garden of Eden!

    Why evil-Pope Francis is the Antichrist.

    1. Pope Francis is the anti-Christ. I read an article from a priest who spoke to a Bishop who said that the “traditional” religious Orders that already use the Latin Mass, and were authorized to use it, can still use it for their own communities, but not in parish churches. They also must celebrate the Novus Ordo when called to do so ( like if there’s a priest shortage……..and with this ruling there likely will be an even bigger shortage), or to help out in a parish. But for themselves, they can use it. But no more in churches or parishes.
      I hope many traditional religious Orders and monasteries decide to affiliate to the SSPX or other tradtional groups, even sedevacantist, rather than give up and close down to obey despot Bergoglio and his people.
      For myself, if I could no longer go to the TLM at the church I use, I’ll go to our neighboring Greek Orthodox Church.

  3. Fr. Frank Pavone was the final warning of Antichrist Pope Francis

    When Antichrist Pope Francis laicized Fr. Frank Pavone, he was sending the biggest warning to all Catholic priests in communion with Rome at what he is capable of doing even to the innocent priest who is the most famous Catholic priest warrior for the unborn.

    Look at what is Fr. Pavone doing now in secular clothes almost daily in YouTube and social media that can also cancel him anytime for any reason.

    There was also Fr. James Altman who was cancelled by his evil bishop. Another warning to all priests and Catholics

    Antichrist Pope Francis will do everything he can to legally destroy the Church before his last breath. Satan is giving him all these powers that is why he is still alive.

    There is no Catholic law that will be left untouched by the time he is finished. There will be Gay Marriage and transvestite marriage in the Catholic Church and pedophilia and abortion will be legal in the Church.

    There will be the idol worship of Pachamama aka Gaia goddess of Mother Earth.

    The Vatican will be converted into a many-religions offices and hotel and the treasures will be sold in public auction.

    Satan is now sitting on the throne of St. Peter that he has usurped through the Vatican II popes since 1960 at the onset of the papacy of Freemason John XXIII.

    The Antichrist is not some tall Hollywood actor in costumes of Thor. Satan Lucifer the devil is always noiseless and almost invisible like the serpent in the Garden of Eden and he lets all the famous pundits do all the talking and the noise to divert your attention and your mind from the truth of Christ. Mankind will be killed not by noisy bombs and missiles but the silent needles of the DeathVaxx that can kill ALL of humanity instantaneously more than a World War III can!

    Wake up Catholics and stop watching and stop giving your money to your Catholic actors pundits who are all controlled-opposition like Michael Matt of the Remnant, John-Henry Westen of LifeSite, Diane Montagna, Taylor Marshall, Protestant converts, et al.

    Watch and read these articles From Rome,info and Ordo Militaris RadioTV

    Fr. Pavone has run into the Ecclesiastical Mafia — But what is that?

    Who is Vladimir Putin

    OMC RadiotTV Fundraise

    CIC Catholic identity Conference of The Remnant of Michael Matt is controlled-opposition

    1. Michael Matt of the Remnant, John-Henry Westen of LifeSite, Diane Montagna, Taylor Marshall are all great. They are mobilizing Catholics to oppose Bergoglio and even if they have faults, it’s better to organize to be against Bergoglio, than to bow down to him and say “We will obey, Holy Father”.
      As for Bergoglio excommunicating people if they keep using the TLM, who cares? Keep celebrating the TLM. Bergoglio’s “church” with people like CArdinal Hollerich and Fr. James Martin are not Catholic anyway, so the more he does things like that, the more will leave. And his Church will be down to just heretics and homosexuals.

      1. “They are mobilizing Catholics to oppose Bergoglio” is false and that proves you have also bought and fallen for their clever deception as the serpent’s Pied Pipers!

        Can you list what kind of “mobilizing against Bergoglio” have they done after all these years and after all the million$ Catholics have given to them?

        Michael Matt of the Remnant, John-Henry Westen of LifeSite, Diane Montagna, Taylor Marshall are all-talk-and-no-action and they keep Catholics subservient and perpetual slaves so that they continue to remain as obtuse sheeple under the slavery of Antichrist Pope Francis and always ready to lay their lives for the abattoir of Satan.

        Michael Matt of the Remnant, John-Henry Westen of LifeSite, Diane Montagna, Taylor Marshall, et al, make you “feel-good” about evil Antichrist Pope Francis because in the end all they ask you to do is “to pray” for “Our Holy Father Pope Francis.” See the 3-day CIC Catholic identity Conference of Michael Matt last October in Pittsburgh that was an all-talk-and-no-action conference. That is why hundreds of American churches are closing down at an alarming rate because Catholics consume the half-truths of these Catholic Pied Pipers and they are merely giving their gullible money to these hypocrites Catholic pundits. In the end all they do is sit there and do nothing​ as they watch their churches and parishes close down. There is more than one way to burn down churches with fire and that is to make them close down and sell them to the enemies such as the Muslims​!

        Catholics are nitwits​ that​ all they do is ​to ​feed on the half-truths of these famous Catholic pundit hypocrites. Diane Montagna is the worst serpent’s Pied Piper because she (she replaced bald head ​V​​aticanista ​John Allen and she is the Talmudic Opus Dei’s wily woman mouthpiece​​ ​of the Vatican​) with her free pass​ With her first-hand encounters at the Vatican all she does is gossip and make Catholics “feel-good” about evil Antichrist Pope Francis as if he was Mickey Mouse in Disneyland! You should watch her speech at the CIC ​conference in Pittsburgh last October ​where she was laughing throughout her speech. It was sickening to watch. And the audience kept applauding her because that is how deceived and blinded Catholics have become because of these serpent’s Pied Pipers. She was talking about the most evil man in Christendom but she could laugh on and on as if she was chatting about Mickey Mouse to her girlfriends! ​Go figure!​

        CIC Conference of​ The Remnant is controlled-opposition

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