Bergoglian Cardinals claim Benedict XVI’s resignation was confusing

Editors Note: This article is historic. It reads like members of the Mafia giving a press conference about a stolen Villa, where their Don lives, saying, the way the previous owner was shut away and kept claiming to be the owner, was confusing for everyone and such things should not happen again.

However, it’s hard to understand if they are referring to the past or present: because the obvious take-away is: They want Popes to drop dead, rather than retire. And if so, they are speaking like vultures, savoring a future meal of carrion.

From a juridical point of view, however, these Cardinals have condemned the entire College of Cardinals, and themselves, because if Benedict’s renunciation was confusing, they should have meet in Conclave already, to discuss the causes of that and publish a clarification. They have not done that. And that means they have no arguments to defend their claims.

Finally, the headline of this report is false. Both “Cardinals” are creatures of Bergoglio. Both have grave conflict of interests. Their only disagreement is really where to put the chairs in the Villa.

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8 thoughts on “Bergoglian Cardinals claim Benedict XVI’s resignation was confusing”

  1. Dear Br. Bugnolo,
    what do you think about this statement of Andrea Tornielli form 2/28/2014 in La Stampa:
    Here is the original letter:
    And how do you understand the words of Hans Küng a few weeks ago, which Pope Benedikt confirmed there as correct:
    “I’m grateful to be bound by a great identity of views and a heartfelt friendship with Pope Francis. Today, I see my last and final job to support his pontificate with prayer.”
    I ask you, because that confuses me.

    1. Read, The Ratzinger Code by Andrea Cionci. No one denies that his resignation of ministry is not valid. But a resignation of ministry does not make an abdication.

  2. They clearly had their feathers ruffled by Benedict XVI’s very astute declaration which they decided to interpret as a resignation, but did not fully understand the repercussions. It’s as if they want the process of a “resignation” to be managed by the Cardinals and not by the Pope.

    It is clear that they are uncomfortable with those of us who insist that Bergoglio is an antipope and we must now in the wake of Pope Benedict’s death elect a new pope.

  3. CRUX is one of many lay-led Catholic apostolates who are “controlled opposition” so it is no surprise that this article is both inaccurate & confusing! I would imagine that both the Vatican & the USCCB pay Crux handsomely to keep within the ‘mainstream’ Bergoglian anti-Church propaganda and not “rock the boat”?!

  4. These Cardinals who are alive did not repent, thus they do not want to push for a conclave for tomorrow. Rightfully so the late Pope Benedict XVI cut them off.

    Their souls and those that are in communion with them are already delivered unto Hell.

  5. The more they try to push the dirt under the carpet, the more Andrea Cionci looks like a genius.

  6. If they could understand what Benedict was doing they would’ve had enough intelligence to understand Christianity. They don’t.

    They have the cretinous intelligence of criminals and we all know very well that crime does not pay.

    Watch what happens in the next few months. The chastisement of the knuckleheads is about to begin.

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