Anti-Pope who excludes Traddies, opens pulpits to Heretical Waldensians at Rome

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6 thoughts on “Anti-Pope who excludes Traddies, opens pulpits to Heretical Waldensians at Rome”

  1. Antichrist Pope Francis is the worm-ridden pope

    When Our Lady appeared in La Salette, She predicted that “Rome will become the seat of the Antichrist” and that there will be “two worm-ridden popes.”   Antichrist Pope Francis is definitely the worst  worm-ridden pope.  He will soon legalize gay marriage within the Catholic Church just like he has already brought in paganism of the pagan idol of Pachamama in the Vatican.  He laicized Fr. Pavone to pave the way to legalize abortion in the Catholic Church.  He is preparing the imminent abolition of the TLM.  He is a cold-blooded murderer by imposing the DeathVaxx on all Vatican employees and all who enter the Vatican for mass or the museum, and all priests and seminarians which will kill all priests within 10 years! He has already shut down the churches for the DeathVaxx and he is ready for the final Armageddon of killing all of mankind at the second lockdown for the FORCED Death Vaxx.  

    What other evil signs are the Cardinals and Catholics of Rome waiting for to elect the successor of Benedict XVI?

    BTW the distorted bible of those Protestant LGBTQ pastors is the fanatic Scofield Bible, read more about it here

    Our Lady’s prediction

  2. I think Mass Ordo Novus will probably suffer from it soon, too. The formula of consecration will be totally invalidated, through Bergoglio or his successor, who will be elected in a way that will not respect the canon of the Church. We are now seeing the punishment of those who claim to be traditionalists for not obeying canon law.

  3. His objectives are clear: NO MASS, NO CHRIST.

    Well, we have been given free will. The Church must go into the wilderness now and wait for the weight of the power of God to fall on this poor pathetic Peronist clown.

  4. And the other sacraments too, without validity. From this it will become evident the existence of two churches.

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