George Neumayr just weeks after attacking McCarrick & admitting Benedict was ousted, dead at 50

Editor’s Note: It is very rare to die of Malaria in just a few days. Some cases do occur when one takes the malaria “vaccine” as it causes massive antibody priming. But since this courageous journalist was the only one to admit that Benedict was ousted and who attacked McCarrick and his cronies just a few weeks ago, that he has dropped dead without notice, seems as much incredible and ominous of the power of the Ecclesiastical Mafia.

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11 thoughts on “George Neumayr just weeks after attacking McCarrick & admitting Benedict was ousted, dead at 50”

  1. This could have been a vaccine issue, I was following his travel, his first & last podcast was “fire” in the direction of those corrupt people – may God bless him and give his soul rest! It’s dangerous to be a journalist today.

  2. Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem.

    Yes, it certainly seems as though Mr Neumayr’s dedicated efforts to exposing the corruption & filth within the Ecclesiastical Mafia have cost him his earthly life.
    But if that is the case, his immortal soul will certainly enjoy the Beatific Vision for eternity.

    “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”
    [St John 15: 13]

  3. Countries in Africa and the tropics give hydroxychloroquine over the counter which is the prescribed treatment for malaria, and an intelligent person like Mr. Neumayr would know that. So I doubt the malaria story is true. I don’t recall from his tweets just two days before mentioning that he had malaria.

  4. We all know what happened here. He prophetically knew, an ominous warning. He sacrificed himself for Jesus and the truth. We will see our dear brother again. Justice is coming rest assured 🙏😢

  5. A Faith Maririum,again! Please, LORD JESUS CHRIST, remind tis persecutors, they will also die and help them to repent as THY have done with Saulo, when a persecutor!

  6. I’m just starting to follow this case and I do t want to jump to conclusions on his death, but he tweeted about a month ago he feared for his life due to his research on the CCP Vatican and defrocked McCarrick connection. May he rest easy.

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